Balcony design with a wardrobe - save space for an apartment (165+ Photos). How to make a beautiful closet with your own hands?


Many install cabinets on the balcony to store various items. Such a decision to save space should be of interest to those who live in small apartments.

The content of the article:

  • Features of use
  • What to look for?
  • What is it made of?
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Rules of placement, taking into account the size and shape of the balcony
  • Varieties of cabinets
  • Built
  • Angular
  • From lining
  • How to do? Important points
  • We assemble the design
  • Summarize the calculations
  • Mounting construction
  • Features of use
  • What is it made of?
  • Varieties of cabinets
  • How to do? Important points
  • Features of use

    Depending on the area of ​​the balcony and its configuration different designs can be installed:

    • built-in;
    • wardrobes;
    • corner;
    • ordinary;
    • collected from lining.

    These can be collected by yourself or buy ready-made models and install.

    There are many things in the closet that fill the rooms:

    • outerwear, objects, construction tools and materials;
    • household appliances (iron, vacuum cleaner, washing mop);
    • remove warm blankets and bedding for the summer.

    To store different items

    BoardIf you do not have the skills necessary tools for surface treatment, it is better to entrust the work to people who know!

    Many leave the balcony empty, making finishing work there. Since its small area does not make it possible to install dimensional structures there. But if the apartment has an insignificant area and every centimeter of it is occupied with necessary things and furniture, the balcony turns into a landfill, where mops, buckets, things in boxes are taken down, empty bottles. In this case, a wardrobe on the balcony is the right decision.

    You can collect yourself


    • On the balcony there will be order, all things will be stored behind the door.
    • If you make it on the balcony this room will be cozy.
    • On a large number of shelves, you can expand all things so that they can be quickly found.
    • It can store things that are rarely used, but they are necessary.

    Any furniture item with positive sides has negative aspects:

    • Not always its depth can suffice for things.
    • Built-in furniture is difficult to transform and move.
    • Need to pick a style.

    Such a wardrobe will make the balcony more comfortable.

    When deciding to install, you need to weigh the pros and cons!

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    What to look for?

    Choose it on the balcony can be easily, quickly, given the number of companies and companies that manufacture furniture. However, before buying you need to take into account the points:

    • location. This room is not heated and there are drops in temperature, humidity, so you need to carefully consider the choice of material. It must be reliable. Models made from ordinary chipboard may eventually lose their original appearance;
    • the size. If the balcony is large, spacious, you still need to ensure that it does not block the flow of sunlight into the apartment. If the area is small, the finished model will not be able to buy;
    • configuration - models with hinged doors or sliding. Popular corner models - they are compact, roomy.

    Built-in furniture is difficult to transform and move

    Despite the variety of ready-made models that can be installed on the balcony, it is better to choose designs made to the size needed by the customer. They are created for the size of the balcony, can have the desired number of shelves and their width, drawers. Therefore, it is better to order it than to buy it in finished form.

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    What is it made of?

    Cabinets are made from different materials. However, not all of them are suitable for a balcony, because there are sudden changes in temperature and humidity. This must be considered when choosing a material. What is made of:

    Natural wood. This natural material has advantages. It is resistant to moisture, however, provided that the wood will undergo quality processing. It is durable, reliable. But there is a drawback - the high price, so for the manufacture of wood is rarely used.

    Laminated chipboard. This material has many positive properties and characteristics:

    • high strength of the product - it is difficult to damage the surface;
    • retains heat - in the models of chipboard can be stored in the winter conservation;
    • long service life - the material is not exposed to moisture;
    • from it you can make any options. It is easy to cut, drilled.

    Created to fit the balcony

    Metal plastic - universal option. These are characterized by high strength and reliability. They can even be installed on unglazed balconies. The material does not react to sunlight, heat, frost and moisture.

    Natural lining - this material is the best for all its indicators of moisture resistance. It is suitable for use as a base material when creating.

    Small, light rack

    The material is selected depending on the operating conditions, the stylistic features of this room.

    Laminated chipboard has: resistance to moisture, it does not crack, does not crack, does not swell from moisture.

    These characteristics are suitable to use the material in the construction of the cabinet on the balcony.

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    Cabinet Doors

    Before making a decision on choosing a model, you need to think about the type of door opening. Depending on the area, different types of valves will be appropriate or not. Furniture manufacturers equip them with such doors:

    Coupe doors - the most popular option

    • swing - classic version. Built-in products with hinged doors can be seen on many photos. It will be easy to make such a model, but it is difficult to enter it in a small space. After all, for such a system will require additional space for opening doors;
    • harmonica door - this mechanism is based on the use of several shutters of the same width that, when opened, fold into one. When opening such a system takes up little space, but its cost is high;
    • compartment doors - the most popular option. Such a system saves space, it is reliable and easy to install.

    The dresser will suit both colors and tools.

    All these points must be considered when choosing a model for a loggia.

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    Rules of placement, taking into account the size and shape of the balcony

    The best place to install the built-in wardrobe is its location near the entrance door, that is, on the opposite side of the window leading to the balcony. If this place is occupied, then you can consider other options:

    • near the room window, if the angle is free - the design will have a non-standard shape, since this angle is always small. You can place a part under the window - it will be a kind of niche. And the rest of the part, which will have a small width, can be placed under the wall;
    • for balconies with angled corners - the best option. It can be mounted directly in the corner itself. Also, this is suitable if the entire balcony opening is glazed;

    A small library on the balcony

    • The largest, most spacious wardrobe is obtained if there is a deep niche on the balcony. There you can install the usual front design or a large corner.
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    Varieties of cabinets

    Next, we consider several options that are most often used on the balcony. All the nuances and features of designs.

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    Built-in models are made for the dimensions that are needed by the customer. This allows you to effectively use the allocated space. This model is made to the full height and includes:

    • the balcony can be used to store various things, including construction tools, materials, so it is convenient when the height, width of the shelves can be adjusted;
    • drawers - comfortable, practical. They can be put various things;
    • offices with a high height can be used to store the vacuum cleaner. Standard models lack such compartments;
    • the facade of the cabinet can be of any color, different decorative inserts.

    Book design

    Cabinets of mass production have the same content, which is not suitable for everyone. And the design, made to fit the size needed by the customer, is supplied with the necessary functionality.

    BoardThe built-in option, most often, is installed in one of the sides of the balcony. For ease of use mounted sliding system in the lower part. And at the top can be used swing.

    This is done so that it is convenient to open it, and some elements could be arranged next to it, for example, a chair, if an office or a laundry box and other items are made on the balcony.

    You can simply install the shelves

    There is another feature of built-in cabinets, made to the size needed by the customer - you can make irregular shapes. Sometimes the decision to install it on the balcony comes after the overhaul was done - a beautiful, large window sill was made, which stands a few inches from the main wall.

    There are two exits - to buy a built-in model on the balcony, but there will be a free space between the wall and the side wall of the cabinet, or to order a design that will protrude at the same place at the same distance. There you can make small drawers for small items or shelves for flowers. Variants of filling this space can be many.

    Built-in version

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    Corner has several advantages. The main thing is the rational use of space. The corner model is practical, it is easy to install. It may have a different shape, width and length:

    • trapezius;
    • L-shaped;
    • triangular;
    • five-wall.

    If the angle is symmetrical and the space of the balcony allows, you can purchase a triangular or five-wall design. For those who save space, it is better to pay attention to the L-shaped, trapezoidal models.

    The equipment of this cabinet may be different. For example, in the farthest corner the ironing board and vacuum cleaner will perfectly fit. On the side shelves you can conveniently put the conservation, if it is installed on the kitchen balcony or tools.

    You can order the manufacture of several drawers. Such models can have one or several doors. If it is a small variation in size, then it will be equipped with one hinged door. If it is a large closet, there is a choice between a swinging, sliding system. The facade can be chosen with the general interior of this room.

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    From lining

    Lining is a practical, reliable material. It is not subject to rotting or other damage during quality processing. Such models from lining look stylish, beautiful. It is distinguished lining from coniferous trees: spruce or pine.

    Lining of pine has an amber color, it is environmentally friendly, has a scent. Such a wardrobe will harmoniously look in any interior. The facade can be decorated with various options:

    Lining is a practical, reliable material.

    • make the edging - framing of a beautiful beam and install the wall panel at an angle;
    • wood can be painted with paint of different shades, colors or varnish, giving it any desired color;
    • from this material are made warmer;
    • It turns out beautiful, reliable.

    However, this material is rarely used for the construction of the cabinet, because it is expensive. In addition, you need to choose it by color, you need to pay attention to the quality of processing. Otherwise, lining quickly deteriorate.

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    How to do? Important points

    Planning to assemble a wardrobe loggia, you need to study all the installation and installation. Here are some recommendations of experts:

    To store a large number of things

    • need to check the evenness of the walls. Significant drops can significantly complicate this process. Therefore, if the floor or walls are not even, you need to level them with a screed or plaster;
    • Before starting work, you need to make an exact drawing in which everything will be calculated: width, height of shelves, their number, presence of sliding structures and other elements. It is necessary to accurately calculate the height, length, width of the product;
    • It is recommended to make the shelves removable. So it will be possible, if necessary, to organize a place to store dimensional things;
    • You can make several shortened shelves, so it will be possible to hang some long objects on the door, for example, fishing rods;
    • if it is planned that there will be non-seasonal things in this closet, then it should be divided into two halves, one of which will be for outerwear, the other with shelves;
    • if canned vegetables and fruits are stored in it, shelves should be made in accordance with the height of the cans.

    That is, when creating a drawing, all these details and nuances need to be thought out and transferred to the floor plan. You also need to explore the characteristics of materials that can be used in the manufacture of structures.

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    We assemble the design

    We install the wardrobe on the loggia, which is insulated but not heated. If the width of the opening is very large, you can make two sections: one is large and has two hinged doors, the other is small with one door. Otherwise, if you make large doors, they will sag over time due to the fact that the hinges will not be able to withstand their weight. If the width of the balcony is insignificant, you can install the design with two doors.

    It is impossible to close the wall close to the outer wall - it is cold. If you do not leave a small space over time there may form a dew point. That is, the wall will fog up and eventually become moldy. One and a half centimeters is enough for a technological gap.

    Provence style

    The back wall should not touch the wall of the balcony, only one side can fit snugly to the building board. This is the side that borders the room.

    Between the ceiling and the top of the need to leave a gap of 1.5 centimeters. For air ventilation. When you install a large cabinet, you can hide it with the plank.

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    Summarize the calculations

    This will require a pencil, a sheet of paper and a tape measure. Three basic parameters need to be defined:

    • width;
    • depth;
    • height.

    At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that a cabinet of 1.5 centimeters will already have an opening and as much less.

    After all the readings and you need to draw a drawing on paper. It must comply with the size of the structure, that is, you need to make a scale. For example, 1: 100. That is, if the height of the cabinet is 2.5 meters, in the drawing it will look like 25 cm.

    The back wall must not touch the wall of the balcony

    The drawing must include all shelves, drawers and other mechanisms. After the cabinet is placed on the drawing, you need to think about the material. It can be purchased at the store with whole canvases or you can buy it in the required sizes.

    BoardIf you are not a professional, it is better to entrust this work to the masters. They will not be mistaken in size and make accurate blanks.

    A wardrobe on a balcony or loggia can be assembled using several options:

    • on screws;
    • corners;
    • with the help of furniture dowel;
    • screws.

    It will be easiest to use furniture screws and dowels.

    To assemble the structure you need:

    • screwdriver;
    • self-tapping screws;
    • furniture key;
    • PVA or furniture glue;
    • level;
    • hammer;
    • accessories - handles, awnings.

    Small, cozy office

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    Mounting construction

    If a joint system is to be installed with the help of furniture shafts, then the places should be well lubricated with glue. First, the shtak is inserted into the grooves of the lower part, and then the side walls are mounted on them. On the one hand, such an assembly system simplifies installation, but on the other hand, makes it unreliable. Since the structure is installed in a room where humidity and temperature fluctuations are observed, the glue may lose its properties.but. Therefore, it is better to collect with the help of corners and screws.

    On the prepared floor, the lower part of the cabinet is installed, then with the help of the corners and self-tapping screws it is attached to the side walls. Then, the ceiling is installed. On the back wall with small screws and a screwdriver you need to attach a sheet of plywood. After assembling the frame, you need to install it in place and check the level of evenness. If the front is tilted forward, the cabinet doors can spontaneously open.

    Female corner

    After assembling the frame, you need to start assembling the internal parts:

    • by means of self-tapping screws the bar for clothes is fixed;
    • set doors. Fittings need to check that the doors are smooth, if something goes wrong, it is better to set it up immediately;
    • then the holders for the shelves and then the shelves themselves are installed in the holes made.

    The upper gap left for ventilation can be covered with a decorative strip.It is cut from the same material as its main parts. It is better to treat it by impregnation, which increases the resistance of the material to heat, frost and humidity. So the design will be protected.

    The wardrobe for the balcony is assembled and installed!

    Easy do it yourself