What should be Children's room (310+ Photos): Choosing wallpaper, floor, ceiling, cot


When you decorate a nursery, you have to think about so many things: which theme to choose - animals or boats, and much more. Although you want the room to be aesthetically pleasing for the child and mother, it is also necessary to ensure the functionality, safety, development. The most delightful furniture and decorations may not be safe. Below I have collected the most necessary basic tips that you can rely on when you make a child’s room.

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  • Paint
  • How does color affect your child?
  • Red - passionate, exciting, emotional
  • Orange - warm, comfortable
  • Yellow - lively, energetic, cheerful
  • Green soothes, refreshes, cares
  • Blue - healing, blue - soothing
  • Violet - majestic, mysterious
  • White - a symbol of purity, innocence
  • Pink - romantic, loving, feminine
  • Gray - introspective, intuitive, emotional
  • Brown-earthy
  • Black - official, convincing
  • What wallpaper to choose?
  • Ceiling
  • Thirst for research
  • Ability to focus
  • Assistance in the development of vision and brain
  • Everything fits even in a small room.
  • Interesting idea
  • Crib
  • Lighting
  • Avoid sharp lighting.
  • Set the dimmer
  • Creating a multi-layered light
  • Control of natural light
  • Make a statement
  • Creativity
  • Do not forget the night light
  • Floor
  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Corkwood
  • Laminate
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 310 photos)
  • Paint
  • How does color affect your child?
  • What wallpaper to choose?
  • Ceiling
  • Crib
  • Lighting
  • Floor
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 310 photos)
  • Paint

    The child will spend most of his time in the nursery, where he will sleep, play, so the room should be as chemically safe as possible. Paint is the largest potentially dangerous chemical hazard.

    Although it may cost more, choose a paint based on water that does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful gases or vapors emitted by various solids or liquids, many of which have short-term, long-term adverse health effects. VOCs are harmful to your baby, can cause headaches, dizziness, infections of the eyes, respiratory tract. Another option is to choose natural paint from milk, vegetable dyes or beeswax.

    Beautiful children's room

    BoardMake sure the room is well ventilated during and after painting, allow 2-3 days to dry completely before settling into the room.On a noteWallpaper, flooring can also be sources of VOC. Choose wallpaper that does not contain vinyl, and buy carpet made from natural materials.

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    How does color affect your child?

    How many colors do you need in the nursery? Should it be too bright? Will there be enough stimulation? Here are some of the most common questions we ask ourselves, trying to find out how color affects our child.

    While there is a lot of scientific debate about how color affects babies, there is evidence of its influence on adults — marketing executives have poured millions into this study. It’s not by chance that most fast food restaurants are red and yellow - these colors make you feel more hungry..

    Why not take advantage of all these studies and not use them in the nursery? While children may not perceive colors correctly for a while, when they get older, as marketing executives have proven, it will really influence. Here is a summary of the theory of how to choose a color for a nursery.

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    Red - passionate, exciting, emotional

    Red is bold, it attracts a lot of attention.. He can work in the nursery as an accent but necessarily in a minimum quantity. Red "hottest" may cause intermittent traits.

    Red children for a positive emotional nature

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    Orange - warm, comfortable

    Cozy orange is a very comfortable color. He has a friendly feeling, inspires interpersonal communication. He is friendly, makes the atmosphere relaxed. Use darker orange to increase the effect of coziness in the atmosphere or bright orange for a modern look.

    Comfortable color for comfort

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    Yellow - lively, energetic, cheerful

    Yellow is sunny and bright, but use it with caution. Too much or too bright yellow can excite children. Delicate yellow promotes concentration, expressive thinking.

    Sun room for concentration

    Try to combine gray and yellow in the nursery, this is the most popular combination among designers that looks good.

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    Green soothes, refreshes, cares

    Green is the best color to use in the learning environment. He has to calm thinking, concentration. It is also very warm, natural. Green color is one of the best for decorating a nursery, because it is the most natural, abundant in nature. With him you can not go wrong.

    Green tones for a rapprochement with nature

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    Blue - healing, blue - soothing

    Also as natural as possible, but be careful with shades. Blue-gray tones can lead to sadness. Blue increases performance, but should not be used next to food. If your child refuses to eat, avoid the blue plates! In the nursery, use a warm or bright shade and avoid excessive use of marine or dark shades. Blue also cools, which is good for children that are easily excitable.

    Gorgeous blue interior

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    Violet - majestic, mysterious

    Luxurious purple has historically been associated with royal power, it still retains this meaning today. Precious purple hues bring a regal look. Pastel purple, such as the shade of lavender and lilac, somewhat more soothing, calm, but still contain luxury. Purple is rare in nature, so it is a more unnatural color.

    Luxurious purple room

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    White - a symbol of purity, innocence

    White is an angelic and affectionate color, but can also contribute to secrecy. Stay away from completely white decor, use patches of color to evoke emotion and openness. Be careful - white is definitely the brand!

    White design with accents

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    Pink - romantic, loving, feminine

    It is no coincidence that little girls love pink. This is the universal color of all things a little princess. ROzovy very soothing, especially suitable for children who are prone to excessive emotionality, hysteria.

    BoardDo not be afraid to go crazy with pink in the nursery of a girl; the only bad effect of this is turning into a princess.

    Real Princess Room

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    Gray - introspective, intuitive, emotional

    Gray is inspiring to contemplate - remember your lyrical mood in cloudy rainy weather (therefore, raincoats are yellow).

    Be careful with gray. Its advantages are that it enhances thinking and emotions, but at the same time includes sadness and loneliness.

    Many famous poets and writers are known for this reason to retire in overcast places to write. If you want to use gray, use a warm tone and blend it with brighter colors.

    Gray nursery for boys

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    This is the color of our land, which makes it a great choice for a nursery. However, brown is also the color of other natural processes, so use it with caution. Choose dark chocolate brown or light beige. Avoid any middle tones.

    Dark colors for the interior

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    Black - official, convincing

    Black is another color that should be used with restraint. He is overwhelming and gloomy.

    BoardBe sure to use in a room with large windows and plenty of natural light.

    Black should be used as an accent color, and black walls will be very difficult to repaint.

    Use more lighting for the dark room.

    There is an infinite amount of color information. If you are designing a nursery, take the time to familiarize yourself with this topic and do a little research. In the end, your child will live in this room until you decide to repaint it.

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    What wallpaper to choose?

    Children's wallpaper includes motifs with nature, dinosaurs, robots, geometric shapes and more. Children are inherently playful and easily excitable and should be encouraged to learn. For the youngest fit wallpaper with the image of teddy bears and kittens, small cars and toy clouds.

    With age, you will need more stimulating and personalized wallpapers for boys and girls, for example, fire engines, racing cars, robots, characters from the Middle Ages and much more. For girls, the most pleasant are the patterns with all kinds of hearts and flowers.

    There are also a lot of types of wallpaper for children’s room: the most comfortable and original ones are self-adhesive fabrics that are very easy to install and can be easily removed if necessary.

    Here are some design ideas:
    • Make a game approach with your decor, choosing bold wallpaper that will attract attention. Do not be afraid to use the drawing in the child's room - try to limit it to only one wall and colors to match elsewhere for the coordinating look.
    • For a newborn, use themes with a neutral background in shades of white and cream, then add more bright accessories with shades of pink and blue to the bedroom.
    • The soft shade of yellow on the walls and upholstered furniture looks fresh and cozy. A simple white wardrobe and rocking chair can be used for an older child.
    • Create a stimulating environment with a developing wall. Bright animal figures on the wallpaper create a strong contrast of colors on a white background.
    • If you want to add interesting details to the baby’s room, but want to avoid strong exposure, choose a shade in the color palette of the same color.
    • In the nursery, it is often better to use the classical scheme, which always looks advantageous. She does not look too childish, easily updated as she grows up.
    • Add color accents. Heat and light can be added with accessories and upholstered furniture. Bright lime, pink and blue with stripes add a playful touch to the nursery, combine well with light-colored furniture.
    • Try adult colors. If the pastel is not attractive, choose a more complex color scheme with small shades of gray. Colorful toys, decorative elements add a playful shade, the room is easily updated as they grow up.

    Bright wallpaper for the knowledge of the world baby

    When decorating the walls of a children's room, light objects are best suited. If you hang artwork, choose items made from fabric or other lightweight materials. Do not hang mirrors or heavy frames that have the potential to fall from the wall and cause bruising.

    On a noteThe mobile above the crib is safe, but only until the child can reach it, which usually happens by 5 months.

    Another way to revitalize any children's room is to draw funny, colorful paintings right on the walls with non-toxic paint or hang a picture made by other children for a younger brother or sister.

    Decorate the wall with self-adhesive stickers.

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    Here are 5 reasons why you should consider decorating the ceiling in your child’s nursery or even making it the centerpiece of a room.

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    Thirst for research

    Your child will spend a lot of time lying on his back, looking at the walls and ceiling. Make them interesting and decorate the ceiling in such a way as to explore different shapes, colors, animals, etc. As the child’s vision improves, he will be able to see more, be happy to learn new things every day.

    Interesting ceiling for research

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    Ability to focus

    It is often difficult for children to learn how to solve problems on their own. Their brains are still developing, they are just learning to cope with their emotions. The presence of strong visual stimuli in the nursery, which your child can see from the crib, can have a positive sedative effect.

    He will have something interesting to focus on, distract, switch. Use the glowing stars in the dark, your baby will have something to see when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

    Ceiling to focus

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    Assistance in the development of vision and brain

    Decorate the ceiling in such a way as to aid the development of the brain and vision.

    BoardChoose bright, colorful elements, strong contrasts. Black and white or black and yellow are the most noticeable, attractive combinations for babies. Large, simple shapes, such as squares or stars, will speed up your familiarity with the shapes around you.

    This will help to better understand the world and what surrounds it. Duplicate patterns will contribute to the development of memory, as well as forecasting. He will learn to wait, count.

    Sky ceiling

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    Everything fits even in a small room.

    In small rooms, ceiling decoration can be a sensible use of space, especially if your ceiling is rather high. Keep the walls uncluttered, to give the room a sense of space, to make the ceiling your "art gallery."

    Make a panel for your baby

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    Interesting idea

    In addition to an entertaining, educational role, the ceiling can also be a unique, unusual way to give a child character, style and personality. It should be easy to place. Here are some ideas for you:

    • use stickers on the wall. If you buy a film, you can change the position of the elements to surprise the child;
    • paint it. This is the easiest way, and you can draw whatever imagination tells you. When a child gets older, he will appreciate your personal contribution;
    • use stencils and paint to spray. There are many stencils available for purchase, but they are quite easy to make;
    • decorate with wallpaper. Having trouble picking wallpapers that look best on the ceiling? Start with the color scheme you have already chosen for the room. Use the colors that are already in the nursery.
    • use the elements hanging from the ceiling. You can use a lot of different things that will cause interest. Balloons, paper strings, mobile toys and the like are great ideas. Create a three-dimensional decoration of the ceiling, full of colors, patterns, textures. This will stimulate your child's mind, inspire her imagination.

    Unusually decorated ceiling in the nursery

    Recall that what amazed you most in your childhood, use this idea to start a project to decorate a ceiling in a nursery.

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    The crib is one of the most important acquisitions in which the child will spend most of his time. The crib mattress should be filled with cotton or wool, and the cover should not be made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC has a specific plastic odor (for example, a shower curtain can contain toxic chemicals that cause organ damage, cancer and birth defects.

    In the decoration inside the crib, choose minimalism. Do not put anything in the crib, except the mattress (which should fit snugly on the sides) and sheets. Although you may want to give your child some friends — plush animals and other cute toys to entertain him — these items can be potential choking threats to babies.

    Minimalism in decorating the crib

    If you use soft sides inside the crib, make sure that they fit snugly to its perimeter, are tied or secured with velcro.

    BoardBumpers should be used until the child can stand up; after that they should be removed so that he could not get out of there. The sides can also cause choking and their use should be carefully monitored.

    Consider the position of the bed, as its proximity to other furniture or curtains increases the risk of injury or suffocation if the child wants to get out of the bed. Make sure that the cot is one step away from all walls, furniture, and cords. Never place a cot or other furniture near or in front of a window.

    Choose the right bed layout

    BoardChoose custom furniture. Instead of choosing furniture specifically that can adapt to your child. For example, a 2 in 1 bed will be lengthened with growth. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    You chose colors, settled on a theme, even chose the perfect crib. It's time to think about the lighting.

    Lighting is an important element of the design, but for the right decision you must not forget about the convenience for moms.

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    Avoid sharp lighting.

    The soft glow makes any room seem more warm and attractive, but this is not the only reason. Soft lighting reduces the contrast between light and darkness, prevents excessive stimulation, gives the undeveloped eyesight of the child the necessary rest.

    When lighting, avoid halogens and open lamps. Bright lights make children feel uncomfortable and anxious; they can be dangerous if a curious baby gets to them. Instead, choose lights with shaded or diffused light.

    Use lighting rationally

    BoardCalculate the position of the child. Bell-shaped ceiling lights can look beautiful from all corners of the room, but the effect will be less pleasant if you lie directly under them. Return to the menu

    Set the dimmer

    Dimmer is regularly used in daily sleep mode, help calm down and fall asleep. He can create a calm atmosphere, adjusts the body to the regime, reminding him when it is time to rest. The dimmer is also suitable for night feeding, changing the diaper, helping to keep the baby drowsy while you are working.

    Install a chandelier with adjustable light

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    Creating a multi-layered light

    Soft lighting is a great idea, but in the nursery sometimes bright lighting is needed - for example, during cleaning. To do this, create different intensity light layers. Instead of relying on a single, too bright ceiling light, use a few lamps and fixtures to light up the room if necessary..

    BoardMake a direction of at least three points, such as a ceiling lamp, desk lamp, and reading lamp.

    Thus, you will always have enough light where it is needed.

    Several levels of light in the children's room

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    Control of natural light

    Natural light is a beautiful thing - unless it contributes to a premature awakening. Keeping the nursery in darkness and coolness will not only help the baby sleep longer, but also prevent overheating, contributing to the development of SIDS.

    Natural lighting for the health of the child

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    Make a statement

    Expressive ceiling light looks good in the nursery. Why not replace the standard lamp with a fun, oversized suspension or even an elegant chandelier.

    Fun chandelier to complete the look

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    Lighting does not always have to be practical. Use imagination! Install ceiling light with led lights. Bring a magical shine with the help of sruun with twinkling lights. Use the light also to enhance the thematic direction of the room. The main goal here is to have fun and create something truly unique!

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    Do not forget the night light

    Even the cutest children's rooms can seem scary at night. The newborn may still not be afraid of the dark, but here you will need lighting for the mother during night hikes.

    Night lighting for the children's room

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    Regardless of whether you are planning a new room or renovating an old one, choosing a durable, comfortable flooring is a good idea.

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    Soft, comfortable, practical, carpet can protect against blows, bruises, making it a seemingly obvious choice for a new repair. But before you buy, be careful. Wall-to-wall carpeting is difficult to clean, these places can quickly become a haven for dust mites, mold that is not suitable for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Moreover, new carpets, especially those made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester, often contain VOCs and other toxic chemicals that can affect health.

    Beautiful themed rug

    If you can't imagine your nursery without a soft, comfortable carpet, you're not alone. Many prefer the carpet, there is nothing wrong with that. To ensure a healthy start, pay attention to carpets made from natural materials that are free from volatile organic substances such as wool, cotton, sisal, or jute. They will prevent exposure to most, if not all, chemicals found in cheaper, synthetic carpets.

    If natural fiber carpet is not available, choose other low VOC alternatives, such as low VOC synthetic carpet, that cost less than natural fiber alternatives. No matter what you choose, be sure to set your carpet well before moving to a room to give it time to fade.

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    Reliable and easy to maintain, hardwood floors have a classic look that never goes out of style. Although quite durable, all wooden floors are subject to wear, which is a definite disadvantage given the cost.

    Depending on the type of wood and the chosen finish, the cost per square meter of flooring can easily reach three-digit numbers. You should also plan to buy a large area rug to protect the floor from damage and provide a more comfortable play surface to cushion your child’s fall.

    Large fall cushion mat

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    Popular among the environmentally minded public, bamboo provides a solid, durable and significantly cheaper alternative to wood. Bamboo can be one of the cheapest safer flooring options.

    Safe and warm flooring

    Bamboo is resistant to pests, does not contain hazardous pesticides, is a completely organic product, it is the most versatile.

    On a noteBamboo fibers are also obtained from soft fabrics, but as a material for the floor, it is harder, scratch resistant and less susceptible to deformation than solid wood.

    In other words, fully meets all the requirements for the nursery. Moreover, bamboo flooring has a range of colors and textures depending on how the material is processed, which makes it suitable for any room.

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    Natural, anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, cork is another excellent choice for children's rooms. Warmer and softer than a wooden floor, the cork provides a comfortable and safe surface for the baby to play, softening his falls and steps - a function that you will appreciate more and more as your baby grows.

    Antiallergic and antimicrobial coating

    Like bamboo, cork is a great choice for parents looking for environmentally friendly flooring solutions. It is produced from the bark of cork oak. The bark, which is harvested without harm to the tree, grows from 3 to 4 years, making this practice very stable. Organic cork does not emit harmful VOCs and is even energy efficient, providing excellent insulation of the house.

    Environmentally friendly material, safe for health

    If you have never seen a cork floor before, it may seem like it is too soft and porous, but the cork is much stronger than you think.

    While the cork is bole