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For small apartments, the issue of space comes out on top. What to do in this situation? - occupy corners! In the article below you will learn about different types of furniture and find out what options are on the market. How to fit the corner furniture in the interior? - the article below will answer this and many other questions.

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  • Corner living rooms
  • Cupboard
  • Sofa
  • Fireplace
  • Location in the living room
  • In the office
  • On the kitchen
  • Shelves
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  • How to save space in a small apartment?
  • Corner living rooms
  • Mini living rooms
  • How to save space in a small apartment?
  • Production of corner furniture over the years has been popular in European countries. It all began with corner kitchens and living rooms and ended with the production of cabinets, tables and many other types of furniture.

    Corner furniture has created a real sensation in the field of interior design.

    In Russia, this species was not so relevant until the last few years. When people saw the opportunities and advantages in terms of the layout and the overall design of the apartment, corner furniture began to actively spread throughout all the houses. It is particularly popular in small apartments, where every free centimeter is important.

    Corner furniture created a real sensation in the field of interior design, because with its help you can change the layout and smooth the room, where there are many open corners.

    Corner living rooms

    Coming guests often appreciate the hosts for their living room and for good reason. Most of the meetings, according to tradition, is held in this room. In order for the leisure of the family and guests to not upset anything - you need free space and comfort. It is the development of space and comfort that contributes to the purchase of such a complex.

    Such a wall option gives the necessary free space and comfort.

    Saving space - the main feature of the corner walls. Seating complex is a complex of cabinets and shelves, where the installation of a TV and other equipment intended for the living room.

    Now that area of ​​the apartment, which was considered "dead", will be filled with comfortable cabinets, shelves, etc. - There are many options, depending on the selected complex. Now the places that were previously empty will be filled with comfortable furniture, in which you can put a large number of things.

    Despite the small size, the furniture accommodates a large number of things. Cabinets are mainly designed for large accumulations of clothes - there are linen shelves and even shelves for shoes.

    Saving space - the main feature of the corner walls

    Each cabinet is designed in such a way that it can hold as many things as possible. This can be understood if you start looking at each section. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the complex - cabinets, drawers and shelves, it became easier to store things and organize order.


    1Space saving

    The living room is an important place in terms of space. This is where guests and family members gather. However, it is very difficult to place a TV and a lot of things, and therefore many people choose to install a corner complex. Due to space saving, you can change the overall design of the apartment to the root, or supplement it.

    The living room is a place where guests and family members gather, it should be as comfortable as possible.

    2Variety of styles

    Provence, boho, modern - and this is not the whole list that appears to choose from. You can create in the living room something unusual, different from other rooms. With the right choice of color, the unattractive dim living room can play in a completely new way.

    Hi-tech style


    In a large apartment this type of furniture also looks appropriate. Due to the extended dimensional grid, you can install a complex of any size, which gives ample opportunities for the design of your own apartment.

    Corner living rooms are a great solution for transforming and changing the overall look of a room.

    In a large apartment this type of furniture looks appropriate.

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    Often space is “eaten” by corners. Due to the fact that they can not always be used, the place is trimmed and in an apartment or room can become very crowded.In this case, putting a wardrobe in the corner is the best solution.

    Such a cabinet gives plenty of storage space.

    Among the features of this furniture, we can distinguish the absolute variation of models. Now they are creating options resembling wardrobes, where you can store everything: shoes, small things, outerwear and underwear. You can buy a complex where cabinets are designed for the most necessary.

    Which room is better to put?

    Corner wardrobe will help to free up space, as well as dilute the "bare" corners. In some apartments, where there is little furniture, corners can become the main reason for not the most comfortable atmosphere. If you scatter the carpet next to the closet, then regardless of the room, the design and overall atmosphere will sparkle with new colors.

    Corner wardrobes are particularly relevant for the hallway.

    More often such a wardrobe is used for hallways. This is due to the fact that in the old houses hallways were made small and there is no opportunity to create a beautiful design because of this.

    Cabinets in this situation will be able to emphasize the already existing overall design, the main thing is to think out the layout to the smallest detail.

    It is important to select the furniture so that the wallpaper and all the surrounding furniture are in harmony with each other. In the case of ill-conceived design, it may turn out nonsense.

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    Similar sofas are used for almost any room. All because of them - their special ability to fit into any interior. Of course, without defining primary colors and style, it will be bad to harmonize with one another. Remember that the harmony of colors - the basis of a successful design.

    Similar sofas can be used for almost any room.

    How to beat?

    More often make installation in the living room. At first it may seem that the location should be strictly in the corner, but it is not. When the living room is large, it is often decided to put the sofa in the very middle, and hang a huge TV harmoniously on the wall or place a canvas for the projector.

    In classic style

    If the sofa serves as an addition to the loft-style, then adding a couple of unusual interior elements, harmony will be undeniable. In all other cases, the sofa can have any arrangement, the main thing is to monitor the harmony of colors.

    Choose size

    If the room is large, you can place the sofa in two ways - in the middle and in the corner. When cornering, you will save a lot of free space. Often in the living room put all the furniture around the perimeter of the room, and leave the middle free.

    Corner sofa in the interior

    BoardTo make the sofa look organic in the middle, it is important to make the right accent and not overload everything around with things. In this situation, the less decor there is around, the better. Do not forget about the already existing design! When set incorrectly, the sofa will seem cumbersome and will visually reduce the room. Return to the menu


    Fireplace - detail that adds comfort and beauty to the house or apartment where it is located.

    Corner fireplace can be:

    • built-in;
    • stand alone.

    On the market a large number of options with different installation. Regardless of the type of installation, the fireplace undoubtedly adds comfort and makes the house warmer.

    Fireplace - detail that adds comfort and beauty to a house or apartment

    More often under the word "fireplace", people mean facing. Corner chimney facings are now particularly popular in the interior. Cladding is the facade of the fireplace, which can be made in different styles. For example, in modern or empire style. They pay much less attention to the firebox, as they often do not use the fireplace for their intended purpose, but simply leave it for beauty.

    On the market you can find a huge number of options in various styles and from different materials. Corner fireplaces help:

    • place accents correctly;
    • smooth corners;
    • add zest to the interior.

    Stylish decor with corner fireplace

    There are several popular fireplace layouts:

    • in the living room;
    • the office;
    • the kitchen.
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    Location in the living room

    The most classic version of the production. In this case, it is important to take into account the height of the fireplace. A win-win similar setup will look in combination with other furniture. For example, if you put on both sides of soft chairs with large cushions, and in the middle - a small table, you get a cozy corner.

    The most classic version of the production

    In the evenings, you can sit by the fireplace and read, discuss something, or just sit and warm yourself.

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    In the office

    If you place the fireplace in the office where a very strict style is maintained, then adding such a cozy addition to the interior, all severity will be diluted and the atmosphere in the office will become softer and more relaxed.

    Location in the office

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    On the kitchen

    Fireplaces can hide corners, and thanks to the multivariate installation, you can create a kitchen in any style. With a fireplace, the kitchen becomes warmer and more comfortable.

    This fireplace can fit well even in the kitchen.

    Where to put the corner fireplace? - you decide. This element of the interior can organically fit into almost every room.

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    Corner shelves are a great option to smooth corners and save space. They can be placed books and any other little things that are often lying around the room and do not know their place.

    Corner shelves are an option to smooth corners and save space.

    Kitchen, bathroom and hallway - the places where the largest number of small things accumulate. Due to the fact that the place is often not enough, you have to remove the necessary things in the distant boxes, so that they do not interfere in the daily bustle. This is very inconvenient, as you have to look for the right things in distant boxes every day. Otherwise, you have to suffer from the abundance of things under your feet.

    Shelves - a good way to save space.

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    • Installation Easy to install, do not require special knowledge to nail them.
    • Design. You can beat the corner as you like, because there are plastic, metal and wooden shelves.
    • Strength. The shelves are strong enough to withstand almost any weight.

    Very original shelf model

    Corner shelves - the best solution for storing your belongings and expanding living space, because they can be hung in any part of the room. Return to the menu


    Corner sideboards can complement an existing ensemble in the living room or kitchen. Inside you can place small decorations and objects, as well as plates and any other dishes. Everyone chooses how to equip a sideboard, more often people make a choice in favor of the dishes.

    Corner sideboards will be able to complement an existing ensemble in the living room or kitchen

    From the point of view of saving space, the sideboard is not so relevant. Yes, it hides a corner, but still it is more made for beauty, so that you complement your interior ensemble with a beautiful display case with dishes or other small things. So in a situation where there is nowhere to place a large number of things, a sideboard will not help.

    From the point of view of design, you can recreate the Italian corner - furniture ensemble of light shades, white dishes and beautiful large vases around.

    Harmoniously similar furniture will look in a spacious living room, surrounded by the rest of the furniture. It is advisable to buy a sideboard in the ensemble, or pick up the rest of the furniture - from the same material in color and wood.

    Small sideboard

    The sideboard is traditionally loved to be placed in the living room, because there it will be most welcome to look:

    • expensive sets of dishes;
    • favorite photos;
    • books.

    More often, people buy such furniture when they maintain an apartment or a room in the Biedermeier style; however, even without a clear style, a sideboard can successfully fit into any room.

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    Mini living rooms

    Mini-living rooms are a furniture complex consisting of shelves and cabinets. The main feature of this complex is space saving. As part of the shelves is located on the wall, space is saved.

    There are furniture complexes, which are made in the form of a single wall. There are those where at least the shelves and the complex consists of only 3 cabinets. In the 21st century, in the design of home interiors, more and more people become minimalist.

    The main feature of this complex - space saving

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    This type of furniture appeared in the era of classicism, however, later, showcases became relevant among many styles, including modern. Among the features - an amazing style, because it is the right placement will give room for the creation of any design.

    In such a display case you can put the dishes, a vase or small decorated objects.

    Making a choice in favor of oak dark shades and relatively small size, you get close to the Empire style.

    The main thing - to arrange a beautiful set of porcelain inside or any other utensils. Making a choice in favor of MDF, you get closer to the modern style.

    What can be placed inside the window and where to put it?

    Most often there place the dishes, also often place vases and small decorated items:

    • figurines;
    • figures;
    • busts.

    You can put the showcase in the office or living room, and if the place is too small, you can show imagination and create a working area from a small corner of the living room or bedroom.

    Corner showcase will be able to smooth the corner, giving the room an unusual highlight.

    If you save space, then buying a shop window may not be relevant for you. One way or another, shop windows are rarely roomy. Basically, there is a set of dishes and some trifles.

    Corner showcase will be able to smooth the corner, giving the room an unusual highlight, pick up material that is in harmony with the existing furniture and fill it properly. With a harmonious distribution and staging, the showcase will greatly decorate the room.

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    Curtains add comfort and coziness to the interior. Without them, the apartment looks defective. Now the layout can be very different - in one room there can be more than 6 corners and now this is normal for modern houses.

    Curtains add comfort and coziness to the interior.

    The corner curtain should look with the bends of the window, however, it can be difficult to do. Designers are strongly advised to beat and put emphasis on corner windows through unusual eaves and curtains.

    Consider all the details of the interior listed below to create a harmonious look.

    • Cornice. Try to eaves was a single line. For this, you may need to make a cornice to order.
    • Curtains. Do not opt ​​for bright and unusual curtains, if the rest of your interior is significantly different. It is necessary to carefully consider the color scheme of the room, as well as the general style, the choice of window textiles will depend on it. Watch for harmony between curtains and other interior items.
    • Angle. Correct corner filling is part of a good design. Do not clutter the corner near the window, but place elegant furniture with smooth curves there. Otherwise, leave the area blank.

    The corner curtain should look like with window bends.

    Corner curtains do not differ in quality from any other. The main problem when choosing - material, density and color.

    BoardIn order not to be mistaken, it is better to invite the designer, or to independently determine the dominant colors and buy window textiles in similar shades.

    Advantages of corner designs

    • Space saving. Corner structures save space in the apartment, allowing you to fit as much as possible things.
    • A large number of styles. Classic or boho? - you will find any style to translate your ideas. Corner furniture produces a large number of companies. The variety of sizes, colors and designs will help create the perfect corner.

    Corner structures save space in the apartment

    • Different dimensions. You can choose options for both small and large apartments. Corner installations come in a variety of sizes and are appropriate to look for any living space.
    • Fit into any design. Corner complexes, with proper selection, harmonize well with other furniture, creating one common composition.

    Beautiful Mediterranean style terrace

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    How to save space in a small apartment?

    If for you the design of the apartment is not in last place, and the apartment has a small area, it is important to properly plan the place and use light shades. The greater the variegation, the more emphasis on small dimensions.

    BoardUse white wood shades. In order to accommodate as many things as possible, fill the corners with shelves and corner cabinets.

    Colors should not be too bright, it is better to choose light colors

    When planning, consider the colors, light and opinion of other family members. Pay attention to the light - the more of it, the better.

    Colors should not be too bright, watch for harmony.If your whole apartment is bright and variegated, then the same should be the furniture. In case you visually want to add space, then pay attention to the light shades of wallpaper and wood from which you will buy furniture.

    Option with a sofa

    To significantly save time and place, talk to each family member to figure out what furniture and where you need to put. Perhaps someone dreamed of a private office and a corner window will be a smart addition to the implementation? Maybe someone wanted a spacious living room and a corner wall would be the best solution? Remember that it is better to act together. Taking into account opinions and choosing the right style and colors, you can create a house that you have dreamed of all your life without even having a huge area for it.

    Corner installation of furniture in the best way fits into a small apartment