Where to put the fridge if the kitchen is small? Learning to save space: 120+ Photo layout in design


Installing a refrigerator in a small kitchen should be thought out. After all, the room should be enough free space.

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  • Work Triangle Rule
  • Modified versions of the "golden" triangle
  • Kitchens in Khrushchev
  • Corner kitchen set
  • Where to install the refrigerator just not worth it?
  • Convenient locations
  • Corner installation
  • Refrigerator by the door
  • In the doorway
  • Installation in a niche
  • Refrigerator in the hallway
  • Installation rules
  • Is it possible to carry a bulky unit on the balcony?
  • Small kitchen with column and fridge
  • Furniture in the small kitchen
  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Original models
  • Work Triangle Rule
  • Modified versions of the "golden" triangle
  • Where to install the refrigerator just not worth it?
  • Installation rules
  • Is it possible to carry a bulky unit on the balcony?
  • Small kitchen with column and fridge
  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Original models
  • Work Triangle Rule

    The usual linear arrangement of pieces of furniture and household appliances is considered not too rational. The refrigerator must fit into the "golden" triangle "products-wash-cooking." In principle, linear layout in small kitchens is permissible, because the distance between work areas with this arrangement is minimal. But still the triangle is more convenient for work.

    Small kitchen with fridge

    Barriers in the form of a dining table or other furniture in its path should not be. The distance between adjacent zones is no more than 1.2 m, the minimum is 0.6 m. If you violate this rule, the cooking process will turn into flour - you will spend a lot of time and effort on it.

    Make a good distance between work areas.

    The process of working in the kitchen should look like this:

    • First, from the refrigerator, the products are delivered to the sink or directly to the worktop for cutting; with the distance between adjacent zones of 0.6-1.2 m, it will be enough to take one or two steps;
    • cutting from the desktop is sent to the plate, located next to the table top (finished products immediately to the dining table);
    • the cooked dish is laid out on the plates and sent to the dining area.

    Try not to litter the desktops in a small kitchen, the whole place should be used efficiently.

    BoardNext to the refrigerator is better to provide an area for unloading packages. This will make it easier and faster to work. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu ↑

    Modified versions of the "golden" triangle

    To withstand the sides of the working triangle (ideally isosceles) in a small kitchen is unlikely to work. In practice, modified versions of such a layout are often used:

    • g-shaped: the refrigerator is placed in the same row with the kitchen set so that together they form the letter "G"; Let's accept the option when the refrigerator is installed in front of cabinets, built in a similar way;

    L-shaped option

    • parallel two-row layout: the sink, stove and work desk are placed on one side, the refrigerator and the rest of the cabinets are on the opposite side; in this case, it fits neatly into the work triangle;
    • U-shaped with the placement of one of the zones (for example, washing) at the third wall;

    U-shaped kitchen in bright colors

    • insular: with the imposition of the desktop in the center; For a small kitchen, this option, unfortunately, is unacceptable.
    Between each of the zones (storage-washing-cooking) must be a tabletop. This is necessary not only for convenience, but for the separation of electrical appliances and washing. Return to the menu

    Kitchens in Khrushchev

    With a thought-out arrangement of furniture and equipment, even in a small kitchen, you can place everything you need. As a rule, in a compact room, if the width of the room allows it to be done, a two-row version of the layout is used. Along one wall a stove, a desk and a refrigerator should be located only as a last resort.

    For the right-handed hostess, the most convenient option is to place the devices from left to right: first a refrigerator, then a sink, and the last cooker. Left-handed people will be more comfortable if they go in the reverse order, from right to left: in the very left corner there is a refrigerator, etc.

    With a thoughtful arrangement of furniture and equipment, even in a small kitchen, you can place everything you need.

    Take into account the necessary and safety requirements. If there is a red-hot stove next to it, it will take more hard work of the equipment to cool the products to the desired temperature. This can lead to a quick failure.

    At the window next to the battery in order to avoid overheating it is also better not to place it. Plus, the installation of bulky equipment in this place will drag over attention to itself.

    Stylish option for a small Khrushchev

    If you do not divide the oven and refrigerator using a desktop or cabinet, the equipment must be moved to another place away from heat. You can put on the side of the front door.

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    Corner kitchen set

    Corner furniture with a built-in refrigerator is a ready-made workspace in which equipment can be easily placed according to the rules of the triangle. On the one hand is the working area, on the other - the dining area.

    When the refrigerator is located at the entrance, it can serve as an additional partition.

    A bulky refrigerator is better placed in one of the vertices of an imaginary triangle - in the corner at the window or at the entrance. If the unit is located at the door, it will be more convenient to unload the packages brought from the store.

    When the refrigerator is located at the entrance, it can serve as an additional partition, zoning the space. The door is dismantled. As a result, a wide, convenient for passage portal is formed.

    BoardIf possible, it is better to expand the doorway - the space will visually increase, and the refrigerator on its background will be perceived differently.

    Most large stores have the opportunity to choose the right amount of cabinets made in the same style. This will be problematic only if there are non-standard projections or recesses on the walls.

    Corner furniture is roomy

    Corner furniture is not only compact enough, but also roomy. After all, all angles are used that are not counted in standard kitchen units. Additional space can be obtained when using the swing-out shelves.

    It is difficult to select such furniture only for small kitchens of non-standard forms. To completely close the wall, you have to select the manufacture of a pair of cabinets of the required dimensions. It makes no sense to buy a corner kitchen set for a narrow room of great length. It is better to build furniture in one line.

    Compact corner furniture

    BoardFor hostesses of large build, a sink located in the corner may be inconvenient. Be sure to check before buying how comfortable it will be to work with her. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Where to install the refrigerator just not worth it?

    So, briefly list the most unfortunate options for its placement:

    • in a straight line alongside the sink or stove (we have already described this option in detail);
    • too close to the stove and other powerful electrical appliances (washing machines, sinks) due to possible overheating of the cooling device; the minimum distance from them is 15 cm;

    Try to place the refrigerator farther from the stove.

    • too close to the battery and close to the wall - the back panel of the refrigerator should be well blown, otherwise the heat exchange will be disturbed;
    • at the sink: placing any household appliances near the water source is fraught with moisture ingress on the contacts, short circuit, and, as a result, electric shock or fire;
    • at a great distance from the front door: unloading products brought from the store would be inconvenient in this case;

    Try not to place home appliances too close to the sink.

    • too close to the dining table: to open the refrigerator, you will constantly have to move chairs close by;
    • separately install the unit is in a pinch - this placement makes the space heavier.

    When the island placement of the refrigerator it is better to visually associate with the kitchen. To do this, the empty space above it and on the side is closed with a small cabinet or shelf. But this option is valid only for models with vents from the ends.

    Visually link the fridge to the kitchen

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    Convenient locations

    It makes sense to place such a large unit:

    • in the corner: merging with the walls, it will seem less bulky and not so striking; this installation option is probably the most common;
    • at the entrance to the kitchen: with it, you can even zone the space, in this place it will form an additional partition;

    Option location in the corner of the kitchen

    • in the same plane as the kitchen unit: when the refrigerator is embedded in furniture by creating a uniform color surface, the kitchen visually “expands”; naturally, this takes into account the "rule of the triangle";
    • in the doorway (in detail about this method, we will describe below).

    Refrigerator hidden under the facade

    Habit is important too. For someone it is more convenient if the refrigerator is located closer to the cutting table. Someone prefer close proximity to the sink. However, when choosing the most rational option, you will quickly get used to innovations.

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    Corner installation

    Such an installation option is acceptable if the length of the wall is at least 5 m, so that in one row you can install not only a sink, a worktop, a stove, but also a refrigerator. It must be separated from the plate at least by a small table.

    This arrangement is suitable if the length of the wall is at least 5 m.

    To save space and install the stove near the sink is impractical. Water splashing on the hob will cause burns. Plus, as we have already noted, this option is also fire-hazardous - if moisture gets on the contacts, a closure is possible.

    Most housewives use in cooking only a couple of rings. The rest are used only on holidays. Therefore, to save space, you can install a 2-comfort oven, separating it from the sink with a small work desk. In case of unforeseen situations, additionally purchase a light 2-comfort tile. With this arrangement, the place for the refrigerator in the corner by the window will also be free.

    It is not advisable to install the stove near the sink

    If there is not enough space for simultaneous placement along the wall of the kitchen unit and refrigerator, it is better to refuse this arrangement option and install the unit at the entrance to the room or in the opposite corner.

    Another option is to install the refrigerator in the corner under the tabletop.. This will help increase the surface area. A small compact unit at the bottom of the table absolutely will not interfere with work.

    Stylish kitchen in retro style

    BoardWhen buying, choose a model with a removable door. Such a refrigerator can be installed anywhere. By the way, it will be more convenient for left-handers to open the door hanging on the right, and for right-handers, respectively, on the left. Return to the menu

    Refrigerator by the door

    When the unit is located to the right or left of the entrance, at the adjacent wall, it will not be evident. So that it interferes with the entrance-exit from the kitchen, the door will have to be removed. It is desirable to expand the doorway itself - due to the resulting open portal, the space will look visually more spacious.

    The location of the unit near the door

    BoardThe unit installed at the door, it is better to choose in bright neutral shades - this will help to minimize the effect visually. Externally, the entrance will look more spacious. Return to menu ↑

    In the doorway

    To equip this piece of equipment can be in the former doorway, if you close up the old, and cut a new door in the partition between the living room and the kitchen. This technique is often used in the Khrushchev for expanding the space of a tiny kitchen.

    Small option in light green tones.

    Before starting work, it is necessary to clarify in the architectural department of the management company whether the wall is capital. After all, its dismantling is fraught with consequences up to the appearance of cracks in the building and even collapse.. Therefore, even partial demolition of the main wall is strictly prohibited.

    Any redevelopment with respect to the original plan issued by the BTI, including the dismantling of the curtain wall, must be coordinated with the local administrative authorities. We recommend to do it right away - there will be less trouble. Otherwise, according to the Code on Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, you will be obliged to pay a fine and force you to fully restore the destroyed wall or legitimize the redevelopment.

    Hi-tech style

    In the absence of the necessary permission to run, there will be a lot - a technical conclusion about the security of the changes already made will be needed. Such a document can only be obtained from the author of the building project or in the architectural department of the city. Inspection and drafting of the act will cost a round sum.

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    Installation in a niche

    When you insert the refrigerator in a special niche of drywall, mounted on metal profiles, the unit will look as one with the wall and less noticeable. This option is most practical. In a niche on the fridge will not get direct sunlight and dust. To do this, you need only a few sheets of drywall and aluminum or wooden profile (rail) to assemble the frame.

    This option is considered convenient.

    Before installation, it is necessary to carefully measure all dimensions and calculate them so that the door can open without difficulty. In a niche, even above a high fridge, there are several small shelves for small items. If there is enough space, narrow vertically arranged lockers are attached to the side.

    Installation in a niche

    BoardWhen making a niche, you should leave enough space for air circulation. As a rule, manufacturers in the attached instructions specify the minimum size of indents. Return to the menu

    Refrigerator in the hallway

    In some homes, the size of the kitchen simply does not allow the installation of even a small-sized refrigerator in it. In this case, it is carried to the nearest premises - most often to the corridor. If there is an interconnecting door between the living room and the kitchen, you can also install it in the next room.

    Unit installed in the corridor

    When moving the refrigerator to another room, it is necessary to remove the interior door; otherwise, opening and closing it with products in hands will become a real problem. You can not remove the door, but always keep it wide open.

    If there is a spacious storage room in the hallway, it can be installed in it. Do not just forget that it is forbidden to install a refrigerator close to the walls - you must leave some free space for air exchange.

    Option for a very small kitchen, combined with the hallway

    But to transfer this item of household appliances to another room is only as a last resort - because you have to constantly go there for every little thing. Yes, and the crumbs of products will fall to the floor, and after cooking you will have to engage in cleaning not only in the kitchen, but throughout the house. Plus, even the most modern refrigerator is unlikely to decorate the living room.

    Unusual option for storing food in the hallway

    BoardWhen transferring the old-style unit in the neighborhood of living rooms, note that when working, they make loud enough sounds that can interfere with your sleep. Consider this option - if you can easily fall asleep to his buzz.

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    Installation rules

    In order for the refrigerator to serve as long as possible, you should heed the following tips:

    • for uniform cooling of the equipment, the distance from it to the wall is at least 2-3 cm; the distance from the rear panel should be more - 15 cm;
    • near the furnace or the heating battery in order to avoid overheating of the equipment should not be; the minimum distance to them is 50 cm;

    For uniform cooling of the equipment, the distance from it to the wall should be 2-3 cm.

    • for the same reason, the refrigerator should not be exposed to direct sunlight; if the kitchen is on the sunny side, it is not recommended to put it by the window;
    • in order to avoid short circuit it is forbidden to locate the unit in places of high humidity;
    • the floor at the installation site must be flat, without drops;
    • it is necessary to connect the refrigerator directly, without extension cord or adapter;
    • the socket (it is desirable to ground it) should be located nearby so that at any time it can be disconnected from the network;

    Do not locate the unit in high humidity areas.

    • Do not place the socket near a sink or stove in order to avoid shorting.
    BoardTo make the door of the refrigerator easy to open and close, you should not have it close to the cabinet - you must retreat at least 10-15 cm. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Is it possible to carry a bulky unit on the balcony?

    Unfortunately, only residents of the southern regions of the country, where the temperature does not fall below 10 ° C, can do this. He is afraid of the refrigerator and elevated temperatures - with frequent overheating of it in the sun above 30 ° C, it will fail, not having worked for six months.

    Storage on the balcony is only suitable for residents of the southern regions of the country.

    Not afraid of cold only models of a special climate class. Slightly less capricious and units with the system No frost. But even in these cases, the balcony needs to be warmed, protected from the damaging effects of moisture with the help of air vents. To protect against direct sunlight on the windows adjacent to the equipment equip blinds or curtain them with thick curtains.

    In recent years, balconies or loggias are often insulated and combined with living rooms or kitchens. In this case, it is possible to achieve a significant expansion of space.

    Balcony combined with kitchen

    Please note that heating with a central heating system of balconies and loggias is strictly prohibited. As soon as the operating organization finds such an innovation, it will immediately force you to dismantle the accumulated batteries. If you have firmly decided to combine the kitchen and loggia, the latter will have to be heated with electricity, and the cost of it will increase significantly.

    BoardTo make the refrigerator last longer, it is necessary to clean it more often (at least once a year) with a vacuum cleaner or wash the grille located on the rear panel. It will consume less power. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Small kitchen with column and fridge

    The geyser takes away precious space from a small kitchen. In this case, literally every centimeter will have to be calculated. And close to the refrigerator next to it, as, however, and with other electrical equipment and furniture, it is forbidden to install it. According to safety rules, the distance to them should be at least 40-50 cm.

    Geyser takes away precious space from a small kitchen

    Independent transfer of the gas column is also prohibited.

    It can be made only after obtaining permission from the management company. And all the work is done by the specialists of the gas company.

    It is much easier to shift the column by no more than 1.5 m. If this distance is longer, this will no longer be considered a normal transfer, but a complete replacement of the gas pipeline. Approval of this action will require much more effort - it will be necessary to collect signatures in more than one instance.

    But under the gas water heater a low fridge can be placed. In modern models, the burner is located in the upper part, and the bottom does not heat up. Plus a large space to access it is not required - because it is equipped with an automatic ignition system.

    Installing the column in the cabinet without walls and bottom

    Closing the column completely is not allowed. In order to avoid gas accumulation, it is only possible to install a cabinet without walls and bottom. In fact, you have the right to install only the door.BoardWhen repairing, teach that in a room with gas equipment in order to avoid the penetration of gas into the living quarters it is prohibited to remove the door. However, you can easily replace it with a sliding option, thereby saving space.

    Dedicated speaker area

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    Furniture in the small kitchen

    So that after installing all the necessary furniture and a refrigerator, the room does not seem too crowded, You should use the following tips:

    • standard cabinets with heavy facades in such a kitchen would not be the best choice - it would be better to stay on prefabricated modules with glass doors; glass will reflect light, visually expanding the room;
    • pay attention to the niche under the window sill: there will fit dishes or small appliances: coffee maker, juicer, etc .;

    Use the niche under the windowsill

    • it is better to dismantle the door, replacing it with an arched opening, this will help to gain a few dozen extra centimeters;
    • pick up bright colors - they are able to visually add more space to the room; large drawings that make the space heavier should be completely abandoned;
    • dense textiles in a small kitchen are of no avail - it is better to choose light tulle or roman blinds going up as curtains.

    Choose light finish colors

    BoardIn order for a large-sized unit to stand in a single line with a kitchen unit, when leveling the walls with drywall, it is necessary to provide for it in the wall a small niche. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Built-in refrigerators

    For a small family, it is better to buy a compact mini-fridge that fits easily even in tight spaces. It will be possible to store in it only the most necessary, and to buy in addition other products.

    Kitchen set with built-in refrigerator

    For example, you can stay on a narrow, 45-55 cm wide, but high (up to 170-180 cm) refrigerator. Above the vertical model will fit the shelves or wall cabinets. It will easily fit under the countertop in the same way as, for example, a dishwasher or a washing machine. However, for all its aesthetics, the built-in models have a smaller internal volume, and this option is suitable only for a small family.

    The box of furniture into which refrigerators are embedded must be strictly sized. It may have to be made to order. There is no back wall in such cabinets - it is replaced with a grid. The facade of the furniture is hung on the door using a special system of fasteners.

    Provence style kitchen set

    Excellent, but, unfortunately, not the best option - the use of suspended built-in refrigerator. It will fit perfectly into the empty niche at the place of the hanging cabinet, and its facade will be closed by a door and will not be visible. However, such models are rare, they have to be ordered. Commercially available units do not always have dimensions that coincide with those that are needed.

    There are also compact models without a freezer, only with a cooling chamber. It will easily go under the tabletop. Freeze at any time, you can buy in the store, the benefit of a shortage of products in them.

    An interesting option for a mini fridge

    If the freezer is still required, it is better to purchase it separately. Such models are more compact as they have a smaller compressor and an insulation layer. In this case, a small cooling chamber can be placed in the kitchen, and the freezer can be moved to another room - after all, frozen food is needed less often. Such a device can be easily integrated into any of the cabinets, similar in design with furniture installed in a living room.

    BoardOn sale there are special models with ventilation holes in the ends. When buying, be sure to pay attention to their location.