Rolshtora on plastic and wooden windows: How to choose and hang? 220+ (Photos) in the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, balcony


Putting blinds on the windows is a good solution for modern styles. They look stylish, fit into a minimalist interior much better than bulky curtains or curtains, and also easy to wash - no need to wash them. Find out what blinds are and how best to fit them into the interior in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Features of use
  • What are roller blinds?
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Light transmission
  • The size
  • How to fit curtains in the interior?
  • Where to place?
  • What color to choose and how to care?
  • VIDEO: installation instructions for roller blinds
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Features of use
  • What are roller blinds?
  • How to fit curtains in the interior?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 220 photos)
  • Features of use

    Usually they are used in the following cases:

    • If required by style. For example, futurism cannot be conceived without rolling curtains of bright color - they add special chic to the interior. Something similar can be observed in minimalism - the usual curtains will seem too bulky. In general, many modern styles can be supplemented exclusively by rolshtor.
    • If the room is too small for regular curtains. If you have a kitchen of six meters, place on it the traditional curtains - waste. They will interfere with access to the window sill, purely visually reduce the space. Roll look much more compact.
    • If you have something on the windowsill that requires constant access. For example, pots of flowers. Pull-pull fabric next to them - it is guaranteed to catch sooner or later. With rolshtorami no such problem.
    • If there is a large window indoors and the budget is limited. To sew good fabric curtains, you need a lot of material - one and a half times more than the window itself. But the polshtor can be done exactly in size and they will cost less.

    Window blinds are a good solution for modern styles.

    And, of course, there is a situation in which the purchase of just such a design is necessary for you: if you just like roller blinds by themselves.

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    What are roller blinds?

    To go to the store and buy there the first design that came to you, let's say, by color, is, of course, a bad idea. You need to know what are the blinds, to be possible to adequately choose.

    In the interior of the living room

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    Their materials are not too diverse:

    • Tree. Do you have eco-style in the interior? Then this solution is for you. The canvas is made of thin wooden slats, which create the impression of a real mat. The tree is usually used naturally. It looks good, produces a pleasant faint smell, does not let the sun through and fits well with interiors that require natural materials. You can even find a model on which a drawing or an inscription will be applied - for example, wooden blinds with hieroglyphs will fit in well with the Japanese style.
    • the cloth. The most common material. Usually, it is not completely natural - special fibers interfere which make the fabric resistant to fading, to aggressive chemistry, to mechanical stress. Wash it is not necessary, a lot of colors. You can even find fabrics with different textures - for example, waves or spirals.

    Plain curtains for accent color

    Plastic cloths do not happen - if you make roller blinds from pure plastic, you get the most ordinary blinds.

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    Apparently the canvas blinds can be divided into two types:

    • Open. In this case, the fabric is wound on the rotary shaft directly in sight - the user can control the process and make sure that everything is going as it should, the canvas is not lost. They are beautiful in their own way, since the coiled fabric remains to stand out in a bright accent, even if the canvas is completely coiled. This solution is also the most budget and well suited for large windows - boxes are rarely made for them, they are expensive.
    • Closed. They are with a box. In this case, the coiled canvas is hidden in a special box, usually plastic. Good for minimalism, because it excludes bright accents as soon as you want it. It looks more neat, but also costs more.

    Bright element in the design

    BoardThe presence or absence of the box - interior detail, which is important only from an aesthetic point of view. Therefore, take a closer look at how the curtain will look and choose according to your taste.

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    Curtains, as the highlight of the interior

    By the method of control can be divided into three varieties:
    • Manual. This is how most of the blinds that you met work. The canvas just hangs loose to wind it onto the shaft, you need to pull the chain, in fact, with your own hands giving it the necessary effort. The mechanism is very simple, there’s nothing to break in it, especially if you don’t pull too hard. It looks quite aesthetic - you can buy rolshtora with a chain instead of standard plastic.
    • Spring. In this case, a spring is attached inside the canvas, which stretches and tightens it, and also fixes it in the desired position. To power the mechanism, you need to pull the special tab on the bottom. While you pull - the canvas is twisted. To stop it, just pull the ledge slightly. It is also quite convenient, no extra elements. But the spring is gradually stretched and after some time will fail.
    • Electric. In this case, a mechanism is installed inside the rotary shaft, which, under the influence of a small motor, raises it and lowers it. Control in this case is carried out from the console, which is quite convenient - no need to reach the window, just press a button.

    Room in black and white colors

    All possible methods for controlling roller blinds imply the possibility of fixation in an intermediate position. This allows you to adjust the illumination in the room as you like.
    According to the method of closing a glass unit, the designs also differ:
    • Top down. The most popular, common method. The curtain hangs down freely from the rotary shaft. When you need to close it, you simply drop it to the window sill. It looks like a standard blinds, no one will not be surprised. If you have other accents indoors or you don’t like original solutions too, this method will suit you.
    • Down up. This method is found only in roller blinds. The canvas is attached to the rigid guides, the rotary shaft is at the bottom. When you put it into action, the canvas moves along the guides and crawls up neatly. The impression of this remains rather strange.

    Stylish product for striped windows

    BoardThe bottom-up method is good if you live somewhere on the lower floors and you need to turn the light in at the same time - and protect yourself from possible attention outside. Raised by half the curtain will hide you from your eyes, plus miss in the room exactly as much light as you need.

    It may be interesting to combine these two methods in one window. Structures are placed side by side, and when you need to restrict access to daylight, some of them go down, while others go up. It looks very impressive, especially if you paint them in bright, contrasting colors.

    Option for a panoramic window

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    Light transmission

    The fabric from which roll constructions are made can be very different in terms of the amount of light transmitted. There are:


    Such a canvas is usually frosted - it looks as if the window was covered with some kind of not too bright light. It should be used in rooms where you are not going to sleep - especially true if you live on the lower floor. They simultaneously prevent access to the views from the street and provide almost complete illumination. They are usually placed in the kitchen or in the office, but not in the bedroom.

    Translucent option rolshtor


    Such a canvas is usually of different colors, from the most subtle shades to bright, screaming. It does not miss the eyes, and with them most of the sunlight. It is cheaper than a completely impenetrable fabric, because if you do not live in the most lighted area - or not in the area of ​​St. Petersburg with its white nights - you should take it, even for a bedroom. Also well suited if you like twilight, and live in the southern region, where you are constantly faced with the sun's rays.

    The dimming option barely passes light


    If you omit such curtains, you get complete, impenetrable darkness - unless, of course, you turn on the lights in the room. They usually have a bright color, thick fabric. Well suited to you if you live in an area with white nights or if you have insomnia, which is aggravated by at least some lighting. They are used mainly for bedrooms or for rooms on high floors, where it is really necessary to lower the curtains only during sleep.

    If you omit such curtains, you get complete, impenetrable darkness.


    They are "day-night." The canvas is made of translucent and impermeable strips. If you twist the appropriate regulator, the bands move so that you get completely impenetrable curtains - or translucent. It is quite convenient if you have a bedroom on the lower floor, and during the day you prefer to shade it a little, and at night you sleep in complete darkness. It works "day-night" on the principle of ordinary blinds and looks pretty impressive.

    BoardTranslucent curtains fit even in the most modest budget, but the "day-night" already requires some consistency. Therefore, it is worth weighing well whether you need a complete blackout, protection from outsiders or the ability to switch between these states.

    The canvas is made of translucent and impermeable strips.

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    The size

    There are different sizes of roller blinds:

    • Mini. This kind of narrow, placed in one casement of a plastic window, straight inward, fixed guides. It looks simple, but beautiful, allows you to use the sill with the greatest benefit, because it can not be anything to knock down. Good for minimalism.
    • Standard. They are placed on the whole window, and the rotary shaft is fixed on top, either on the frame or on the wall, and the canvas hangs freely from it. The use of a window sill is somewhat difficult, but the result is more similar to traditional curtains, it looks impressive, it is cheaper.
    • Large. Such curtains are either bought in the store, or made to order, if the window is very large. They need a specially fortified rotary shaft, otherwise it will sag, quickly crack, will become unusable.

    Option mini curtains for high-grade sill

    BoardThose who need to curtain a large window are usually advised to buy several sets instead of one big one - this way they will last longer, they will be an interesting addition to the design.
    Curtains are also:
    • Embedded in the opening of the window to the glass itself. This is usually a mini and they have a main minus - daylight can penetrate through narrow gaps that remain on the side. But you can put anything on the windowsill, without fear of dumping.
    • Hinged. Usually they are attached either to the frame or directly above the window. They should have a width of three centimeters more than the window - three centimeters from each side. Then the light will be closed hermetically. Impermeable canvases are usually made that way.

    In a bright, purple color

    An interesting design trick is to attach the pivot shaft not directly above the window, but under the ceiling. So that the cloth went down by a wide tape. It can look very original and will look great in the interior of the nursery.

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    How to fit curtains in the interior?

    When you have chosen what construction should be in curtains, how transparent they should be and how much more windows, it remains to choose where to hang them and how to fit into the interior so that they become its decoration, and not destroy the entire carefully created design.

    Cozy living room in a country house

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    Where to place?

    Rolshtora relevant relevant in almost any room - the main thing is to pick them up so that they look good.

    • Bedroom. In the bedroom, it should be a dense, wide canvas that will completely close the window and provide you with night darkness. The colors are usually chosen discreet, combined with the main interior, try to ensure that they do not get out. The flowers placed on the window sill look good - a kind of personal garden, which can also be a supplement.
    • Kitchen. There is usually a translucent canvas, delicate, light shades - unless, of course, the kitchen itself is not dark. Usually they use mini, on the windowsill they put either all the same flowers, or a small vase with a bunch. It is important to remember that it is for the kitchen that the blinds are best suited - it is easy to wipe off the fat, soot and small stains that will appear on them. Fabric wipe is not so easy.

    Translucent canvas delicate shades

    • Children's. It is usually used "day-night", because the child spends a lot of time in the room, unlike an adult who goes to work in the morning to return with her in the evening. During the day a lot of light is useful to him, which will provide a translucent side - it is convenient to do the lessons, it's nice to play. At night, complete darkness is good - it has a beneficial effect on the fragile nervous system. The colors for the canvas are usually chosen bright, perhaps with a funny print or an image of the hero of your favorite cartoon.
    • Bathroom. If you have a window in the bathroom - roller blinds are exactly what you need. It will completely block the review to everyone who could theoretically have it, but it will not affect the daylight, which is so useful for the skin. Here are usually used blue, green shades, pictures of fish or algae. Of course, the canvas should be combined with the overall interior, so if you have bright warm colors - it is not too wise to make it greenish.
    • Entrance hall. A window in the hallway is a rarity, but if you do have one, the roller blind is perfect for it. She is not afraid of the fine dust, dirt and debris that people bring into the hallway, looks good, provides adequate lighting. Usually take a translucent model.

    Roller blind is exactly what you need in the bathroom.

    If there is a person in the house who is difficult to get up - a disabled person or a pensioner, for example - the curtains must be equipped with an electrical opening-closing system, otherwise it will be inconvenient.
    In other cases, you can choose to taste, as well as the visibility of the rotary shaft, as well as design features.
    BoardIf you have a minimalist style, modern or futurism - do not hesitate for a long time, take roller blinds. They fit you well.

    In the style of minimalism

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    What color to choose and how to care?

    To make the blindshackers approach the common interior, you can use different approaches and take:

    • In tone main color. Suppose you have a bedroom decorated in pale blue color, which is contrasted with orange orange. The curtains of the same blue, only a slightly darker shade will look pretty decent in the room.
    • In tone auxiliary color. In the same bedroom, orange curtains will look quite good - they have something to combine with.
    • In tone to the main focus. If such an accent in the bedroom serves bed, the curtains can be to her in tone.
    • In the role of emphasis. Then the color of the curtains is usually bright, albeit combined with the rest of the interior, plus an interesting design. You can choose those that will open from the bottom up - they themselves will be interesting enough that in a small room did not need anything else.

    In the interior of the nursery

    And, of course, different colors leave behind a different impression:
    • Whites. They are highlighted by a bright spot, unless the base color is very light or white. They look clean, do not attract attention, are associated with the first snow. The light passing through them will not change colors especially, but will become softer, more diffused. Of all the bright colors, white is the most difficult to care for. It is noticeable any dirt, and therefore have to wash them often.
    • Black. They can only act as a contrast, an accent, because otherwise they will look a bit mournful, they can make an unpleasant touch of excessive gothicness into the interior. However, they lose all their severity if they buy a canvas with a pattern. Pure black is dark.But with bright stripes, with flowers, polka dots, with a pattern - it already looks interesting, can be perceived as a picture. The main thing that the canvas looked good and in an intermediate position.

    Visually expand the space

    • Light colors. Visually expand the space and merge with the walls. They are hard to wash, but in some interiors, where there are no dark colors, and there is no need for an accent on the windows, they are best suited. You can buy with a simple print - dots, flowers, stripes.
    • Dark. Usually used in addition to the bright interior, where the dark contrasts. They see dirt worse, but better - the dust, because they will not have to wash, and fan the whisk. It is important to remember that dark colors affect the light - it will take on a certain shade when it passes through the canvas.
    • Bright. Well suited for modern daring interiors, for children's rooms. They can accent, also change the color of the light - it can even be beautiful if you like, for example, warm orange or, on the contrary, cold green.

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    To make the curtains last a long time, it remains only to properly care for them:
    • In rooms where the level of pollution is not too high, cleaning can be done every few days - just sweep away the dust with a brush. Larger canvas is not required, since it is impregnated with special solutions.
    • In the hallway cleaning should be done every day so as not to accumulate dust and dirt. You can shake off with a whisk, more stubborn dirt wash with a cloth. You can also use a wet cloth, if you can not lift dust into the air.
    • In the kitchen, cleaning should be done every few days, but at the same time it should always be wet - always suspended in the air due to cooking, it needs to be cleaned. A good solution would be to wrap the curtains when something complicated and fat is being prepared - for example, brawn or a large pan of borscht.

    For washing, you can use a simple soap solution that is mixed with warm water and dishwashing detergent. But bleach and similar aggressive chemistry can not be used - it negatively affects the fabric.

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    VIDEO: installation instructions for roller blinds