Doors to the toilet and bathroom - Which is better? 170 Options for your choice (glass, plastic, sliding)


The doors to the toilet and bathroom are almost the same as other interior types, but they have important differences. Buying the best design, determine its reliability, resistance to steam and water. The door should be suitable for the design of other interior systems, bathroom interior. Selection rules, materials, installation - everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Rules for the selection of structures
  • Sizing
  • Materials used
  • Glass doors
  • Plastic
  • Wood types
  • Constructions from MDF and chipboard
  • Moisture-proof models
  • Designed with ventilation
  • Install slopes
  • Necessary accessories for sanitary doors
  • Choosing the best design
  • VIDEO: How to choose the door to the bathroom?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Rules for the selection of structures
  • Sizing
  • Materials used
  • Install slopes
  • Choosing the best design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Rules for the selection of structures

    At the preliminary stage, select the material and type of door. First you need to take into account the specifics of the room, constantly increased humidity. In second place is a sufficient noise and heat insulation (if the slopes were sheathed, repairs were carried out). The materials used should be coated with protective compounds that increase resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.

    The door must be suitable for the design of other interior systems

    Sliding views they will look stylish, save corridor space, but to install them, a free wall near the opening is required. Another disadvantage of such doors is low sound insulation and reliability. Opening, closing is performed by a pair of metal-plastic doors. It is better to install them if there is free space on both sides of the opening.

    Additionally, you can put a reliable latch. Coupe doors are hidden, similar to the cassette design. Sliding systems save usable space, but you cannot choose them for the bathroom. They serve as a screen than a door, do not have a threshold, are not able to create a decent sound and heat insulation.

    Sliding option

    Swing constructions that are more reliable, easy to operate, provide noise insulation, can be used in any placement of the opening are considered a popular option.. They are available in standard sizes, so the dimensions coincide with the installed box. Installing a swing door with a threshold, you can eliminate inflation. But in comparison with other analogues, more space is required to open them.

    Also for the bathroom can be used folding systems in the form of an accordion, for the operation of which does not require much space.

    Their main advantage is the additional installation of panels, creating the optimal width of the opening.

    There are also pendulum structures, swinging open in both directions.

    Glass, stylish door option

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    In many standard apartments, door systems have the same dimensions, 60 cm wide. But this is not always the case, therefore, accurate measurements should be taken before purchasing the product. If the house has installed doors, then it is better to remove them from the platbands.

    The height of the opening is determined from the ceiling to the floor. The width is measured between one and the second wall. When determining the thickness of the opening, it is necessary to take into account that the wall will be trimmed with tiles or other material.

    Many shops sell standard canvases with fixed dimensions: 55 * 190 cm, 60 * 190 cm, 600 * 200 cm.

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    Materials used

    Due to the fact that the humidity level in the bathroom and toilet is high, you should choose designs from moisture-resistant materials. The door must be practical, resistant to the negative effects of moisture. More suitable materials are glass, plastic, wood, MDF and chipboard.

    In classic style

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    Glass doors

    Glass products do not change the original characteristics, the parameters of the influence of moisture. This material is hygienic, does not require complex care. Clear glass is optional.

    Beautifully designed tempered glass with a matte or tinted surface that is suitable for any bathroom design. Advantages of glass products are:

    • Environmental friendliness.
    • Making canvases of any shape thanks to modern technology.
    • Take up little space.
    • Resistance to deformation from high temperatures and vapors. Tempered glass has high strength properties, its thickness is 7-10 mm.
    • Good noise and heat insulation (if observed during installation).

    Glass option

    • Resistance to damage and mechanical stress. The production uses high-strength material, past thermochemical, chemical, combined processing technologies.
    • Different shades and product options. The stores feature models with embossed, matte, tinted coating with a different level of transparency. Mirror doors are popular. Among the additional decorations, you can choose plastic, metal or mosaic details.
    The disadvantage of this option is the high price of doors, the production of which is complex, lengthy and costly. For additional decoration will not be able to install slopes.

    Any glass door has unique properties: regardless of the design and functionality, the sash can have a flat or curved shape, repeating the configuration of the walls. These are radial doors with any bends.

    This design saves space.

    Products may have standard parameters. They are distinguished by the absence of a box on which the length or width of the web can depend.. Their sizes are the same as for simple interior options, but take into account the size of the box (61, 66 cm, etc.). The height of the glass sheet is 198 cm. The minimum width of the radius types is more than 100 cm.

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    With a limited budget for repairs, you can put plastic products with moisture-resistant properties. PThe eraser does not rot and is not deformed by moisture or hot steam, and the doors from it will be light, easy to install and operate.

    Plastic does not rot and is not deformed by moisture or hot steam.

    Also, PVC designs are hygienic, do not allow heat, are comfortable, isolate noise and go well with any tile. Also, this material can be suitable for the manufacture of the door of the shower or curtains under the bath. The texture and shade of plastic is selected in accordance with the finishing of the room.

    The use of PVC film allows you to simulate any shades, textures, combined with interior designs. In a variety there are paneled, deaf products, combined versions and with glass inserts. Plastic sheets are made in various shades.

    Plastic sheets have a hollow structure, stiffening ribs are located inside them, which reduces the structural mass. The design minimally loads the fittings and the box, which prolongs its use. This is a worthy choice for parents with children.

    PVC construction is hygienic

    Plastic is very durable, as for the bathroom manufacturers offer a profile in which the side panels are thicker. However, it does not hold shock loads, it is easily damaged by strong blows.

    Modern PVC products are fire safe and will burn only at temperatures above 1000 degrees. At ignition the cloth slightly melts. They have high sound insulation, along the contour are equipped with a special sealing stroke. Therefore, the person in the bathroom will not hear anything from the corridor.

    Plastic is very durable material

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    Wood types

    Plumbing solid wood doors are also suitable for wet environments, despite their fragility. A prerequisite is the installation of a powerful ventilation system that quickly dries the room, removes moisture from it.

    In the manufacture of wooden products should not be used low-grade wood (pine, cherry or aspen). The best choice is to use a pre-dried beech or oak.

    Products from the array are ideal in the design of the classical style, complement the strict interior, giving the room a luxury. The decoration can be metal hooks and latch, matched to the composition.

    Plumbing solid wood doors are suitable for wet environments.

    Their positive properties are:

    • Natural aesthetic design. The array has an original and elegant texture that will decorate any design.
    • Long term use (subject to certain rules, the use of special antiseptics and varnishes, resistant to the action of moisture).
    • Ease of restoration. Conducted a rapid elimination of mechanical damage by sanding, puttying, treatment with protective compounds.
    • Reasonable prices for restoration (in comparison with the purchase of a new wooden cloth).
    • The ability to install hooks for clothes and towels.
    • Environmental safety in the application in the production process of natural protective compounds.
    • Large assortment of wood species, the ability to choose the color of the canvas for any interior
    • Design slopes with the use of sheet materials.

    Provence style

    According to many people, the doors for the toilet and the whole array of bathroom will look better and last longer. In general, this statement is correct, but there may be difficulties with mechanical deformation with frequent changes in temperature. It is advisable to stop the choice on an array of glued bars.

    The main disadvantage of the wood leaf is the large weight, cost, complexity of installation and high requirements for the installed accessories (handles, hinges and hooks).

    Products from the array are perfect in the design of a classic style.

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    Constructions from MDF and chipboard

    In the construction market, these models are in demand, are notable for availability, modern design, high resistance to moisture (they have a laminate coating). They can be decorated with various fittings and elements under mounted shelves, hooks, installed furniture.

    Veneered canvas is not suitable for the bathroom, as it is not resistant to moisture and hot steam, it can be stratified, deformed. In the manufacture of structures used formaldehyde resin released into the environment and causing an allergic reaction.

    MDF material has a high fire risk, poorly withstand mechanical stress.

    MDF material has a high fire hazard.

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    Moisture-proof models

    You can install moisture-resistant laminated products that will ideally be combined with the design. This is the most durable, practical and wear-resistant option. Laminate is a synthetic material whose structure is similar to natural veneer. It has an exterior finish under natural wood, giving the canvas aesthetics and luxury.

    In comparison with products from an array, laminated versions are easy to care for, resistant to various negative effects.. They are not afraid of moisture, can be used for a long time in adverse conditions. Democratic prices of such doors increase their popularity, and the service life and attractive appearance will please the owner for a long time..

    In their composition may be formaldehyde, which are bad for human health.

    Harmonica option

    In order to avoid difficulties in installation, it is desirable to purchase sanitary doors in a complete set with fittings and a box.

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    Installation Tips

    When installing the door you need to pay attention to certain details:

    • To eliminate the risk of flooding, a low threshold of 5 cm is made, preventing water from entering the hall. Therefore, the size of the door to the bathroom is small, and their installation is carried out above the level of interior options.
    • The size of structures is determined by the thickness of the walls.
    • Sliding doors must be installed using insulating spacers.
    • Assembling the box should be done on an even basis to eliminate distortions, improper opening or closing of doors.
    • A gap of at least 3 mm must be left between the leaf and the box.

    Usually the wall thickness of the bathroom is small. Therefore, the door frame should be thicker by 1.5 cm, so as not to increase the wall.

    Change the door in the toilet and bathroom on the same principle as in the other rooms. Install a box in the opening, the formed cracks are blown with foam. Also between the wall and box placed spacers. After the foam dries, a canvas is hung on the hinges.

    Interior in high-tech style

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    Designed with ventilation

    For natural ventilation and drying of the bathroom, you need to put the door with ventilation. There are several options for doors with installed ventilation:

    • With rings. PVC ventilation rings in the amount of 4-5 pieces are placed in the lower part of the canvas, painted with a metallic or white shade. With an unlimited budget, you can purchase more modern models with noise-absorbing mesh.
    • With grill. Placed flat curtains at an angle, so through them will not be able to pry. For the manufacture of ventilation models used PVC, metal. They can be of any design.

    Designs with installed ventilation are wooden, plastic and laminated moisture resistant.

    Rustic style

    Ventilation is necessary for poor ventilation of the room, the constant appearance of condensation on the walls. If this method is not effective, you will have to install forced (artificial) ventilation, which will ensure the movement of air in the bathroom, constantly mixing hot and cold layers. For such purposes, a fan is often placed in the vent.

    It is started manually, in conjunction with the lighting of the bathroom or at a certain time when the model is equipped with a timer. This method of eliminating humidity is called exhaust when the warm air is drawn from inside the room to the street, and a new one comes from the corridor.

    In case of a problem with air exchange, forced ventilation is established when air is pumped into the room from outside, and then due to the pressure difference circulates naturally.

    Bathroom in black and white

    In special situations, when there is no possibility to ensure the natural movement of air masses, create mixed ventilation. In this case, the air intake will be made from one ventilation channel, and the removal of exhaust - from another. If it is necessary to put mixed ventilation, it is not necessary to put special hubs or grilles in the door.

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    Install slopes

    The slopes are the end part of the wall surrounding the laminated, wooden and other doors. Their design affects the entire design. Therefore, during repair work, the slopes are made under the tiles with the use of special sheets or plastered. This is a complex system consisting of numerous layers (insulation, reinforcing mesh, putty and decorative elements). A simple alternative is to install door trim from the hallway.

    Stylish bathroom for a country house

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    Necessary accessories for sanitary doors

    For a living room to put a handle with a lock is not necessary, but in the bathroom or toilet it is necessary. There are several options for locking mechanisms, which must be selected on the basis of their own preferences and the raw materials used for basic structures. There are the following types:

    • Built-in latch. For the price of installation and configuration, it is an economical option. The retainer includes a simple handle with a built-in latch, which in one position will prevent the mechanism from turning. To install the fittings in the door, you need to make the holes with a drill (one from the end, and the second - through the canvas).

    Wooden, classic door

    • Separate latch. In such a situation, a pen and a latch are purchased, which can be invoice and mortise. In the first case, the lock is often replaced by a bolt (bolt), the service life of which is almost unlimited.
    • Sanitary lock. In essence, this is a regular mortise lock with a simplified design, one tongue. At the same time, it locks the door closed and is locked with a latch located inside the lock mechanism. The principle of its work, like a device with built-in latch. But its mechanism is more reliable, it needs great efforts to be installed in the canvas.

    In the bathroom set the latch to prevent accidental opening of the door. Often they are equipped with a special hole that allows you to open it with a pin.This measure fits; in the room, the child will accidentally close the door.

    Classic design - never goes out of style

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    Choosing the best design

    When buying a door design, you need to select its harmonious combination with the interior of the bathroom. For example, laminated products are almost identical in pattern. This is convenient when installing such doors in each room. Often, manufacturers decorate these canvases under a tree or stone.

    A diverse palette of different plastic doors that allows you to choose the right shade in combination with other parts of the room.

    Designers also pay attention to glass by making opaque canvases with multi-colored glass, stained glass, silver or gold paint, using sputtering or sandblasting materials. Glass models are:

    • relief;
    • mirror;
    • matte;
    • supplemented with plastic, metal or wood inserts.

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    VIDEO: How to choose the door to the bathroom?