Lime color in modern fashionable interiors: 185+ (Photo) Design combinations for Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom


Lime color in the interior is popular among decorators, as it is suitable for decoration of any premises. When interior design color plays an important role. It has a psychological effect on a person. It can change the mood, affect performance, relax or, on the contrary, create a very cheerful mood. Light green color is often used when decorating rooms. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • The psychological effect of green shades
  • Combinations of light green
  • Contrast shades
  • Style decisions
  • Rooms decorated in light green color
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Children's
  • Kitchen
  • VIDEO: Fill the interior with a variety of colors
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 185 photos)
  • The psychological effect of green shades
  • Combinations of light green
  • Style decisions
  • Rooms decorated in light green color
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 185 photos)
  • The psychological effect of green shades

    Green has a rich palette, and its shades are combined with almost any other. It is the color of nature itself, and most people associate it with a long and happy life. No wonder, according to eastern beliefs, it brings health, prosperity and wealth. Shades of this color raise mood and save from excessive anxiety. A person free from anxiety feels better, and therefore more successful.

    Positive effect on mood

    According to psychologists, this color gives confidence and adjusts to a calm, working state. A person contemplating shades of green is in good shape throughout the day. Do not forget, however, that if there is too much green in the interior, then it is too relaxing for people. Therefore, shades of light green are not recommended to be used in large quantities when decorating workplaces where people need vigor and high tone, rather than excessive relaxation.

    The main thing is not to overdo it with color

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    Combinations of light green

    The lime color is very intense. In order for the eyes not to tire, this shade must be “diluted” with other paints.

    It has been established that the lack of variability in the color design of a room has a depressing effect on a person’s thinking, which by its nature tends to diversity. Consequently, no matter how beautiful the selected tone of the light green color should be, it should be correctly combined with other colors.

    Combination with other colors

    For rooms designed for children, a competent selection of several friendly shades is very important, in combination with one or two contrasting ones. This is important for the mental development of the child, his mood, as well as for nurturing his sense of taste.

    Create harmony with the consonance of colors

    The table gives the possible color combinations and recommendations on the decor of the room.
    matching shadeEffectrecommendation for use
    pinktrue natural combination, associated with young plants in spring, creating a fresh and positive moodbedroom; room for girls
    shades of white (beige, off-white, cream)white tone softens and soothes the intensity of green, due to their use the room seems widerchildren’s kitchen
    gray tonesadvantageously shade lime, give the room severity, reduce brightness and intensitystudy; kitchen, moving into the living room in studio apartments; bedroom
    Orangethe combination of warm (orange) and cold (green) create an atmosphere of positive and at the same time calmliving room; kitchen; children's for young men
    yellowmorning combination, bright and warm, ideal for rooms with windows facing north; creates a positive attitudechildren's for girls; study; kitchen
    lilac / purplean exotic combination of tones, allowing you to perfectly divide the room into darker and lighter areas; noble dark shades of lilacs are refreshingly greenkitchen; bedroom; bath or shower room
    fuchsiaan unusual combination in which fuchsia tones should be either muted or added in a minimal amount; creates a sense of cheerfulness and optimismVacation home; bedroom; kitchen
    turquoise / bluea fresh combination of shades, giving a feeling of joy and tranquility, ideal for rooms with a marine themenursery for a boy or girl; bedroom in a country cottage; bathroom; kitchen
    browna combination borrowed from nature, calming, ideal for relaxation and successful mental workstudy; bedroom; room for a young man
    bluea strict combination in which the frivolousness of light green is extinguished by a noble dark shade; perfectly allows you to divide the room into zonesliving room; kitchen; bedroom
    redan unusual combination, in which a green one should prevail, and red should only create the necessary accent (for example, edging walls or furniture)kitchen; the kitchen in the studio apartment, combined with the living room, in which the red tones are enhanced; rooms in a country house.

    The combinations presented in the table give only a general idea of ​​how the shades of lime with other colors “work”. When choosing a decor it is necessary to take into account such nuances as the intensity of the shade.

    We take into account all the nuances

    Lighter tones "expand" small rooms, creating the illusion of space and freedom. Dark shades, on the contrary, create a feeling of cramping. When finishing the "top" of the room, for example, the ceiling, it is necessary to give preference to lighter tones, and vice versa.
    To visually not reduce the height of the ceiling, it is necessary to adhere to the principle "the higher, the lighter."

    You can draw only one wall

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    Contrast shades

    The decoration of the room, in which only two colors are applied, looks rather dull and monotonous. For the master it is very difficult to sustain everything in only two colors. Therefore, to improve the style of the room, it is necessary to correctly place the color accents in it, choosing for this contrasting shades.

    Correct color accents

    The table gives shades that are successfully combined with a light green color. It also lists those colors that can serve as the perfect contrast for some combinations with light green.

    friendly tonescontrasting tones
    yellowgolden, red, fuchsia, burgundy
    Orangemustard, brown, black
    goldenturquoise, graphite
    fuchsiawhite beige
    pinkwhite, black, brown
    beige, creamred, fuchsia, purple, brown
    emerald / blue / turquoisepurple yellow
    redwhite beige

    Successful contrasts in the living room

    Proper combination of light green with friendly and contrasting tones will create a unique decor of the room, highlighting all the advantages of the room.

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    Style decisions

    There are a variety of room decoration styles. For some of them, combinations of lime color are very suitable.

    The table shows the styles of interior decoration. It also lists those combinations of colors that can be used to decorate the premises in a particular style.

    Colonial style in the interior

    With all the apparent stylistic versatility of green color, there are a number of areas in which it is completely unacceptable and can even spoil the whole impression of the design.
    stylecolor combinationmaterialsadditions
    ecostylecombination of natural colors - brown, dark gray, terracotta, chocolatecork wallpaper, wood, natural stone, bamboo, marbled tile, rattan canvaslarge-leaved indoor plants, landscapes with images of natural landscapes, bamboo mats
    Japanese minimalismwhite, pink, fuchsia, dark graylaminate, porcelain, painted wallpaper, bamboopictures of hieroglyphs, edged weapons on the wall, bamboo stalks, dead wood ikebana, floor vases
    romanticism, retro, countryyellow, orange, red, blue, celadon, pinkwallpaper with stripes or small flowers, laminate, granite, woodwood furniture, pillows with embroidery, handmade imitation, curtains with ties, patchwork bedspreads, soft fabric toys, removable furniture covers
    eclectic, avant-garde, futuristicwhite, lemon, blue, fuchsia, golden; the richer the color, the smaller it is in the compositionceilings, perhaps with a shiny surface, laminate, granite, wallpaper of different but related shadesfurniture of the original form, built-in lights
    These styles include:
    • baroque;
    • Empire;
    • Renaissance.

    Bright design of your interior

    When making a room in classic styles, lime color is appropriate only as a slight accent, for example, curtains or tapestry. In a more saturated version, it is able to spoil the impression of a strict interior, bringing in it frivolous notes.

    Lime apron in the kitchen

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    Rooms decorated in light green color

    This color is suitable for almost any room. He is able to revive any room and give it a new, completely unrecognizable view.

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    Living room

    Since the living room is a place where the whole family gathers in the evening and receives guests on holidays, it should be spacious and cozy at the same time.

    Lime shades are great for living room design. They are combined with almost all colors. Now it is very fashionable to decorate living rooms in light green tones.

    Cozy living room in bright colors

    They perfectly refresh the room:

    Light green

    Since the lime color is cold, the matte, warm milky shade of white is more suitable in the interior of the living room. Brilliant and cool white surfaces will give the room a somewhat official appearance. Since the contrast of white and light green is very strong, it must be “diluted” with softer tones, for example, light brown furniture or sofa cushions. To soften such a sharp combination, it is possible to decorate one of the walls with flowers, in case the other walls are monotonous. Curtains are also allowed in the middle flower, which will enliven the interior.

    The combination of white and light green

    Light green

    This combination of shades will look great lightweight cabinet furniture brown shades. From the excesses of the decor in the form of drawings or flowers should be abandoned in favor of striped wallpaper. It looks very good in this version of the living room electric fire near one of the walls, around which will be created an artificial niche, trimmed with natural stone. You should choose plain accessories and household items. A large indoor plant will look great.

    Chic tandem light green with brown

    Salad Pastel Classic

    This option is perfect for living rooms that are located on the shady side and are distinguished by insufficient lighting. Lime color in combination with milk and beige tones will create a feeling of lightness. A crystal chandelier with candlesticks will be useful in this interior, which will give the room an atmosphere of antiquity. Wallpapers for such an interior are possible both in green and pastel colors. If the choice is made in favor of the first, it makes sense to pick up light curtains to balance the base tones. Furniture for this interior is better to choose a light, with cushions to match the tone, but more saturated colors.

    Light combination of shades

    Salad Pastel in Rustic Style

    For this living room option, it is necessary to choose appropriate furniture, for example, unpolished from wood, imitating rough handicraft work. In this case, in the decoration of curtains and sofa cushions, you can use fabrics in a small flower.

    Light green

    This variant of the living room decor is very strict and excludes the use of unnecessary decorations and accessories. Black color, as a rule, is used to a limited extent so as not to make the room dark. Basically, for such options choose black furniture in a minimalist style. Curtains, upholstered sofas and chairs, sofa cushions - everything has a single shade.

    Choosing black in a minimalist style.

    Salat Blue

    This is a very bold combination of colors for the decor of the living room. By choosing it, you must clearly decide which of these cold colors will dominate and which one will remain muted. Equal in intensity, blue and light green colors are too tiring. The ideal would be a combination of muted blue furniture and a small amount of bright lime. In this case, dark brown furniture will serve as a good contrast. Such a strict combination of tones eliminates frivolous patterns in the interior. In this case, textiles with a geometric pattern will look good.

    Good contrast in the living room

    For the sunny side, it is wiser to choose more saturated and dark shades, while the northern side, on the contrary, requires greater lightness and transparency of the selected color combinations. Return to the menu


    When making a room of the bedroom, you must remember that the room is designed for relaxation, therefore, the use of too bright, "acidic" shades is unacceptable. It is necessary to choose such shades, looking at which, a person will relax and adjust to a healthy sleep.

    The use of bright colors is unacceptable

    For the decor of the green bedroom there are various options and approaches:
    • Light green. This combination allows you to create a very delicate and light decor. The ideal solution in this case would be the choice of white furniture, bedspreads and pillows in pastel colors and light green wallpapers with golden accents. Beige wallpaper with beige and mustard stripes will look very advantageous.
    • Light green. A very delicate combination of shades can create a beautiful design for the bedroom of a young girl. In this case, allowed color ornaments on wallpaper or textile. In a bedroom with a similar design, it is recommended to choose dark pink curtains, and some accessories - cream.
    • Light green. This is a more strict bedroom option. It is appropriate combination of brown furniture, light green wallpaper, perhaps with floral ornaments, and brown curtains. This solution is suitable for those rooms with windows facing south.
    • Salat Blue. For the bedroom, blue should be selected in a more "marine" version. The color of the sea wave will greatly refresh the bedroom, and the accents of yellow will help to create an optimistic atmosphere. In this case, the shade of the sea wave should be more intense than the light green one.
    • Light green. Anthracite tones could not be more suitable for the decoration of a large area with high ceilings. Salad in this case is only an accent, occasionally "appearing" in a geometric pattern on the bedspread, pillows. It makes sense to choose a lime-tone tulle and combine it with gray jacquard curtains. In a similar design, one of the walls can be green, in case the color of the other walls is gray.

    Green bedroom, in terms of psychology, a good option

    Combinations of red and any shades of green are not recommended for decorating the interior of bedrooms, since such a combination irritates the nervous system. Return to menu


    Registration of children's rooms requires a creative approach. It is necessary to carefully select color combinations for the design of children, as the color affects the psychological state of the child.

    Carefully select the color combinations for the nursery.

    For the design of children's rooms, different options and approaches are possible:
    • Light brown. This option is preferred because it allows you to combine almost any furniture and floor covering with a basic shade. For one of the walls, you can choose a plot drawing depicting, for example, a jungle or a map of the world. As an accent, milk-white is perfect, as is the color of the ceiling, tulle, chairs and bedspreads on the bed.
    • Light green. Choosing this combination, you should avoid banality. Pink and light green should be “diluted” with beige shades, while avoiding screaming, acid tones and floral patterns on wallpaper or textiles. The stripes on the bedspread or curtains will be appropriate, while the walls should be made uniform. You need to choose muted shades of pink. It will be fine to be combined with lime color of the stuck rose.For the design of children's rooms can not use flashy tones.
    • Light green and turquoise. This combination looks advantageous in the nursery. If you combine lime green with yellow, orange or mustard tones, you can create a unique interior in a nautical style.

    Cannot use flashy tones only.

    All combinations of colors in children should be calm and somewhat muted. The choice of shiny surfaces should be avoided, giving preference to matte. Return to the menu ↑


    Lime becomes an incredibly fashionable shade when interior design kitchen. Lime color can give the kitchen both a strict and frivolous appearance. It enlivens the interior, visually expands the space.

    Kitchen in light green color

    Lime has many combinations with other colors that are appropriate for the interior of the kitchen:
    • Light green. This decor option is very calm and discreet. It allows you to choose a few bright colors, which will undoubtedly become a highlight of the design, for example, tiles with bright ethnic patterns, an unusual chandelier, an interesting pattern on the ceiling or curtains. The combination of light green, milky and beige colors is suitable for kitchen decoration in vintage, rural or even ultra modern style.
    • Light brown. Noble brown tones are able to somewhat muffle the lime shade. White strict furniture, for example, from eco-leather, will look great in this combination.
    • Salad-Turquoise. This version of the design of the kitchen looks very advantageous. You can decorate the kitchen in the colonial style. For this style, you must choose cork wallpaper, curtains made of bamboo or other natural materials. In such an interior, wicker rattan furniture looks great.

    Think through every detail.

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