Fashionable bathroom design without toilet. Beauty combined with comfort + TOP-15 expert advice and 100 PHOTO


The space of a bathroom without a toilet is often not only a corner for hygiene and privacy. For women, it is also a modern boudoir.

Therefore, the design of the room should be comfortable, functional. His concept to a large extent dictates the list of necessary and additional items, because later it will be very difficult to rearrange them.

The style direction is chosen on the basis of preferences, decor - taking into account the operational properties of materials, because the atmosphere of the bathroom is characterized by high humidity and temperature differences.

Content of this article:

  • Modern color palette criteria
  • How to decorate the walls and ceiling
  • Secrets of the device communications and lighting
  • The main question - a shower or bath
  • Plumbing options
  • Furniture - a pledge of functionality
  • Top 15 tips for registration
  • Variety of design
  • Bronze and copper faucets
  • Countertops thumbs and consoles made of natural stone
  • Compact plumbing models
  • VIDEO: Bathroom without toilet
  • GALLERY: The best solutions for bathroom design without a toilet
  • Modern color palette criteria
  • How to decorate the walls and ceiling
  • Secrets of the device communications and lighting
  • The main question - a shower or bath
  • Plumbing options
  • Furniture - a pledge of functionality
  • Top 15 tips for registration
  • Variety of design
  • GALLERY: The best solutions for bathroom design without a toilet
  • Modern color palette criteria

    Monotony is a thing of the past. The best solution is to choose two or three close shades and create a suitable interior on their basis. An excellent option would be to mix cold with a warm tone of one tone.

    With the help of bright colors, the bathroom turns into a cozy corner.

    Classic is the option with white color, visually expanding the room. The use of a single scale creates a feeling of holistic and harmonious space.

    In the trend of earthy, stone, woody tonality, giving the design a natural flavor. The bright palette is not excluded, if it is used correctly.

    Plain finish in the room

    For example, for a bathroom in the Japanese style. The design version in red colors looks epatagely, but it requires a lot of space.

    Light palette expands space, dark, on the contrary, visually reduces.

    Bright accent with floor tiles

    Color accents - a great opportunity for zoning space. For example, a corner with a bath or shower can be distinguished by green, blue, turquoise hues, and the place of the washbasin should be highlighted in a contrasting color.

    But do not get involved in the use of all colors of the rainbow. In small rooms, the color riot visually “eats” the area, and the multitude of shades violates the harmony of the composition.

    In a little everything is always at hand

    In the design of the room is better to use three shades that match each other. Bronze, gilding can emphasize any style direction. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    How to decorate the walls and ceiling

    Traditional ceramic tiles, mosaic, washable wallpaper on the walls in the fashionable design can be replaced by the original:

    • porcelain stoneware with a low rate of water absorption;
    • chemical resistant cork cladding;
    • plastic panels that are easy to maintain;
    • agglomerate with a high level of moisture resistance;
    • wood paneling impregnated with special formulations.

    We use non-standard solutions

    Opaque plates of porcelain tile possess high wear resistance, and polished - are more susceptible to scratches.

    Fashionable animal design

    Fashionable multi-level ceiling surfaces in a small room look bulky and archaic. The easiest option to finish the surface of the ceiling, but not the best - painting. The decor is more practical:

    • plastic panels;
    • drywall;
    • slats.

    Minimalism as always in trend

    These materials are moisture resistant. This is the main thing. Wear resistance for cladding the ceiling - a minor parameter, because it does not have any mechanical effect. At the same time, they do not interfere with the device proper lighting of the room.

    Classic reception in design

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    Secrets of the device communications and lighting

    To make the design harmonious, it is better to hide the communication with the help of design techniques:

    1 Sew stitches in the box, leaving access for water meters.2 To hide pipes in the grooves.

    Choose the right color combination for the tile

    The bathroom needs central and additional lighting. With high ceilings in spacious rooms, it can even be a chandelier, and in small-sized ones it can be a lamp-ball or in the shape of a bulb.

    Looks great option with parallel-located spotlights with halogen or LED bulbs, which are not afraid of water and more durable than simple incandescent bulbs. Particular elegance to the interior give flat ceiling on the walls.

    Stylish, bright and rich

    Additional lighting is required for the mirror. Small sconces on either side or a fluorescent lamp mounted above the mirror surface parallel to the washbasin do an excellent job with this.The play of light allows you to fill the space with depth.

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    The main question - a shower or bath

    When planning a design, you can use non-standard solutions. In spacious rooms, you can install both types of equipment for hygienic procedures.

    The use of one color will give the impression of integrity

    The choice is determined by preference. Indisputable plus bath - relaxing effect and low cost. Minus - water consumption, spills spills on the floor.

    The main advantage of the shower stall in saving space, water, time, the availability of modern devices - hydromassage, thermostat, filter, pressure compensator. The disadvantage is the price.

    The main thing is to get comfortable

    It is more profitable and more convenient to place along the wall opposite the entrance. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    Plumbing options

    You can take a sink, bath, bidet, oval or rectangular shape. They are compactly installed along the walls without cluttering the space.

    Rich mosaic design

    It is possible to install an oval-shaped sink-console of sufficient depth so that splashes do not fall on the floor. It can be connected with brackets to the wall. This design is airy. In addition, it allows you to install a washing machine under it.

    We equip practical

    An alternative option is a tulip sink, which perfectly masks parts of the water supply. A popular design is the sink on the cabinet, in which it is convenient to store a variety of detergents and hygiene products.

    Raise the mood with bright tiles

    Any type of plumbing copes with the functions perfectly and provides the room with the necessary balance if it is installed in the right place.

    Cozy shades for different styles

    The sink must be installed in the opposite corner of the shower to balance the interior. Nearby you can install a washing machine to leave the middle of the free. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Furniture - a pledge of functionality

    All furnishings are different:

    • ease;
    • strength;
    • moisture resistance.

    Wooden cabinets, cabinets give the room the charm of naturalness, harmony. Products from MDF look no less stylish, and their price is much less.

    Refinement and Charm

    Metal furniture will perfectly fit into the hi-tech style. And forged racks, shelves complement the country and Provence.

    Stylish furniture made of glass create the impression of a frozen water surface. They give weightlessness, and the glare on its surface each time change the situation.

    Everything is only the most necessary, nothing extra

    It is easy to look after sets from plastic. They long retain the original beauty.

    Many pieces of furniture visually reduce the room, so their number should be minimal. A high pencil case will not take up much space, but will contain everything you need. The wardrobe with a matt stained glass looks almost weightless.

    We refresh the room with a bright green

    A hinged locker with a mirror door, located above the sink, shelves, at the eye level, provide the necessary storage places for cosmetics and hygiene products.

    A spectacular addition to the interior can be accessories of one scale - a rug, a curtain, a laundry basket, a hand towel.

    Minimum details - maximum free space

    The main thing is not to overload the space! At registration it is important to keep space, because in a free room it is easier to breathe. Excess of things will crush and is unlikely to relax during water treatments.

    Popular blue color

    Lack of free space can be replaced by replacing:

    • a washing machine for a small model;
    • standard sink at the corner option;
    • cabinet or cabinets for household chemicals hinged bookcase corner configuration.
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    Top 15 tips for registration

    1Rectangular tiles on low-ceilinged walls visually “pull out” the room. A beautiful eye-level pattern or pattern will visually expand the space. 3. Using glass and mirror surfaces, the room becomes more spacious. the ceiling, vertical stripes or patterns are applied to the walls. 6 One vertical matte tile not only zones the space, but also adds to the atmosphere of originality and charm. When installing a bath tub in a sitting or corner model. 8Saving space is provided by sliding doors. 9 Pastel shades of decorative tiles add space to the room. 10 more voluminous.13 The decorative role can be performed by wall decorations and bright accents in the form of floor tiles. 14 Transferring all the shelves above to the ceiling is a great option for functional STI and convenience vannoy.15Zerkalnye narrow racks and shelves to visually widen the walls pomescheniya.vernutsya menu ↑ Back to menu ↑

    Variety of design

    Designers argue that you need a harmonious combination of the interior of all rooms. Including the bathroom.

    We install a minimum of furniture

    For example, elements of the marine situation of the bathroom should be traced in other rooms. Maritime theme in the design involves the use of white and blue tones.

    It is distinguished by its expressiveness, decorativeness, because the pieces of furniture are only wooden, the decorative details are made of natural materials.

    Bathroom design is best done in bright colors

    With the help of a turquoise mosaic of glass, you can create the effect of sparkling sea waves.

    The main feature of the classic solution is sophistication and elegance, so the main attribute is an expensive bath made of brass, marble or cast iron on bent legs.

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    Bronze and copper faucets

    Framing mirrors - carved, gilded. The color palette of finishing materials discreet light shades with floral patterns.

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    Countertops thumbs and consoles made of natural stone

    Massive furniture in dark color. Luxury classics noticeable in every element and detail.

    Use of contrast

    For a minimalist design style characterized by a minimum of detail and maximum space. For small bathrooms it is perfect.

    All items are distinguished by a flat geometry and sharpness of the corners. An abundance of shades is unacceptable. The decor uses no more than two colors, glass and mirror.

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    Compact plumbing models

    In priority - hinged storage and niche. No lush items or accessories. Everything is simple, functional.

    Modern in the bathroom - it's bright colors, clear zoning of the space, multifunctional plumbing, non-standard forms of accessories.

    Small bathroom, but so spacious

    The winning options are black and white decor with mosaic zones or a brown-beige palette with a vertical floral pattern.

    Making in Japanese style will require a lot of money, because it requires expensive woods, bamboo and silk.

    Do not save on lighting

    This oriental design is distinguished by severity, brevity, appropriate accessories. The use of mosaic and bright floral prints, woodgrain tiles, bamboo curtains are part of the features of such an interior.

    The basis of the concept of country music is unobtrusiveness, functionality, harmony. For rural style pretentiousness, fake, artificiality is unacceptable.

    Simply elegant, decorated in gold

    The walls are simply whitewashed, and the doors are decorated under the tree. On the background of white surfaces, decorative elements of green color look charmingly. A modest set of simple furniture, plumbing provides the functionality of the room.

    High-tech style is determined by the conciseness of the lines, the purity of shades, the use of modern finishes.

    Convenient drawers under the sink

    For him, a corner or a shower is great. Shelves, furniture and sanitary equipment merges with the surface of the walls, thanks to the decoration of the same materials.

    Fusion style is distinguished by the combination of a variety of textures, textured materials. The unity of the concept is ensured by a single palette of rich colors, non-standard furniture, accessories.

    The bathroom must have a large mirror.

    Creating your own design allows you to comfortably take a bathroom for rest and relaxation.

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