How to choose a mirror in the hallway? 235+ (Photo) Design Ideas for decoration (wardrobe, dressing table, dresser)


Mirror - one of the main attributes in the hallway. It helps to evaluate your appearance before going out and decorates the interior. It is very important to use the free space in the hallway in order to make room for a mirror in it. More detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Design choice
  • Design features
  • Mirror size
  • Backlight
  • Principles of placement
  • Cabinet in the hall
  • Cabinet width
  • Embedded models
  • Corner
  • Radius
  • Location in the room
  • Dresser with mirror
  • Table with mirror
  • Pier glass with mirror
  • Baguette mirror
  • Facet mirror
  • Fatset in the interior
  • Shelves in the narrow hallway
  • VIDEO: Only the most beautiful shoes in the hall
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 235 photos)
  • Design choice
  • Design features
  • Cabinet in the hall
  • Location in the room
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 235 photos)
  • Design choice

    The design of this room plays an important role, since the entrance hall creates the first impression of the house and its owner. The design should not be fanciful, and design - inconvenient.

    We use everything rationally

    Hallway decoration can be a problem for a reason:

    • Lack of free space.
    • A large number of items and furniture.
    • Low light.
    • Inconvenient room layout.
    • Lack of funds.

    The most common case is the lack of free space for furniture and interior items. In addition, a room in dark colors and with poor lighting looks ugly and cramped. To solve the problem will help a beautiful and stylish design, which must be properly positioned in the room.

    Beautifully selected furniture is the key to a successful design.

    A mirror is not just a decorative item that is used to decorate an apartment. In addition to the decoration, it also performs its main function - people look into it before going out to find out about their appearance.

    The choice is not the easiest task. There are many different types, they vary in shape and size. You need to choose a mirror according to your own preferences and the general style of the hall.

    The mirror is different in shape and size.

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    Design features

    The style of the mirror should coincide with the style in which the hallway is sustained. The design is chosen so that the purchase does not look ridiculous and tasteless. There are four room design styles:

    • Rococo.
    • Baroque.
    • Provence.
    • Country

    In the style of Provence - all under the style

    The form can be any: oval, square, straight, round or carved. It should be combined with furniture, the color of the walls, ceiling and other furnishings. The frame can be made of different materials:

    • Plastic.
    • A rock.
    • Metal.
    • Tree.

    Bright highlight of the interior

    The metal frame is suitable for the hallway in retro style (old style). The carved wooden frame will look good with a large chest of drawers.

    The choice of color room design depends on its size. If it is small, then it is better to abandon the dark colors. On the contrary, the furniture (with a suitable combination with the color of the walls) can be dark. For example, wenge furniture is suitable for light walls.

    The best style for a small room is minimalism. You can choose furniture in country style, high-tech, removing all unnecessary items. Not bad fit in a small hallway furniture-transformer.

    We equip in the style of minimalism

    For a large hallway, classical style with decorations is suitable (if appropriate). Do not be afraid of overflowing the room, otherwise it may seem empty.

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    Mirror size

    Those who use the mirror for its intended purpose, it is best to buy a large vertical. This option will be successful for the decoration of hallways with low ceilings. They visually raise the ceiling, pulling the room.

    In small corridors (most often in the Khrushchev's), the need to expand them necessarily arises. The mirror will help visually expand the space, and you need to hang it on a wide wall. Volumetric floor constructions will not work for such hallways, instead of them it is better to make room for:

    • Built-in shelves with sliding doors.
    • Mirror facade wardrobe.
    • Small shoes.

    Original mirror design

    The effect of expanding the area is based on reflection in the mirror surface. The greater the length of the surface that reflects, the more spacious the corridor will appear.

    For low ceiling you need to purchase a vertical mirror. Usually they are placed on the wall, but there is a more creative solution - to place on the front door. To achieve double expansion, they are placed at the corners of the corridor.

    You can also use a small mirror for decoration, in which you can see half of your reflection. Usually they have an oval shape, an interesting frame and are decorated with beautiful finishes. They also often have a backlight on the side and top.

    Oval model for your reflection

    There is another option - the acquisition of a cabinet with a mirror. On the door there is one or two mirror surfaces. There are also cabinets for shoes or dressing table with a mirror.

    Furniture can be floor, wall or even swivel. The last type of furniture can be tilted, rotated or moved to another place.

    Wardrobe for your things and shoes

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    In the hallway is often missing a natural source of light - a window. It is replaced by a lamp on the ceiling or a lamp attached to a wall located on a table or chest of drawers. Illuminated mirror - a very stylish solution. This design is not only practical, but also very comfortable and beautiful.

    Illumination makes the interior of the room more mysterious and interesting. You can primp in front of the mirror, not including the lamp. In addition, the atmosphere of the hallway will change due to such lighting. This option will look great in a small room.

    Illumination - the convenient decision for a hall

    The most successful option is a high construction, because in it the person is fully reflected. In the store you can purchase various designs - from small to large.

    Lighting for the hallway with a large mirror is selected individually. For an illumination lamp, the upper part of the mirror's ream perfectly fits (but only if it is located no higher than two meters above the floor level). If it is wide, the backlight is placed on the side lamps (the same limitation with height is in effect).

    Model for full display

    You need to choose the backlight, taking into account some features:

    • Lack of color fixtures.
    • Unity with the style of the room.
    • Avoiding frosted and white fixtures.

    Be sure to combine with the style of the whole room.

    Lamps must be combined in their style with the design of the entire hallway.. You can make lights pendant eaves with spotlights. There are also models with built-in backlight.

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    Principles of placement

    Some designers install mirrors in the wall. Glass can be either on the surface of one wall or on two. Such a mirror corridor looks very impressive, but not everyone can afford it.

    Most often install one mirror on one of the walls of the hallway. You can also put a chest of drawers with a mirrored door. Placing an object in front of the entrance door is not recommended (with rare exceptions).

    The idea of ​​a light style with mirrors

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    Cabinet in the hall

    A wardrobe with a mirror wall performs several useful functions in the hallway: it saves space and stores things in it. Such an element in the interior visually increases the space in the room, making it more cozy and comfortable.

    The mirror in the hallway performs several important functions:

    • Visual expansion area. It reflects the light, filling them all the room, and also allows you to correctly beat the color scheme. White furniture is best.
    • No overloading of small things in the room. Cabinet with a mirror surface looks very compact. In addition, you do not need to pick up furniture separately, and it does not take up much space.
    • High comfort. To take the right thing, you do not have to go to another room - just push the door.

    Built-in wardrobe increases the area of ​​the room

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    Cabinet width

    In hallways with narrow corridors, narrow mirror cabinets that do not occupy too much free space look best. Reasonableness of such furniture will provide compactness, as well as its convenience and practicality.

    For this type of room will fit a narrow café, which has shelves for storing shoes and umbrellas. In addition, the reflection will visually expand the narrow corridor.

    In a square-shaped room can accommodate a wide closet. It is possible to store in it not only outerwear (jackets and raincoats), but also other items that have no place in the apartment - exercise equipment, ironing board, tents, vacuum cleaner, mops, etc. Such an item of interior and transform the hallway, and to avoid cluttering the house with unnecessary items.

    In the square hallway is better to use a wide closet

    Before buying (especially for a hallway with a narrow corridor), you need to take measurements of the area. For this you can use a tape measure.

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    Embedded models

    For smaller rooms, embedded models with a mirrored surface are most appropriate. They do not occupy free space and are in themselves very compact. Sandblast wardrobes are very common, as they look expensive and elegant.

    The main drawback of such furniture is its manufacture to order, since it must exactly fit the room parameters. Accordingly, the production takes some time. A model of about the size of a room can not be bought.

    Embedded model with a pattern

    If you have a niche, you can save on the walls of the cabinet, because instead of them there will be walls. You just need to order coupe doors, systems for shoes and other things, install them in the hallway and use them. If the cabinet must also perform a decorative function, there are different techniques - decorative film or sandblasted design.

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    Corner wardrobes are usually placed in hallways that have one free corner. This piece of furniture is very roomy, allows you to efficiently use the free space of the room. The cabinet is great for storing various accessories, clothes, bags and things that do not fit in the room (ironing boards, exercise equipment, etc.)

    Very convenient and practical model

    If the hallway is spacious enough, then fit furniture without side walls, which will be in contact with the walls. For small hallways, you can choose not a triangular, but a pentagonal cabinet.

    Outside there are various shelves, drawers, and inside it - long crossbars for outerwear. Even a small closet provides the user with an ideal room condition, saves space and decorates the interior.

    Rationally using space

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    Radial cabinets are designed specifically for those who love non-standard furniture. This piece of furniture is a model with convex doors that can be pushed sideways around the circumference. Such cabinets are not only roomy, but also comfortable, beautiful. DSandblasting, photo printing, etc. are used to decorate such furniture.

    Radial cabinet has an impressive dignity - it is safe for small children. If it is inscribed in a corner and does not have sharp corners, then there is no danger for preschoolers. The advantages of this furniture are compensated by the high price (compared to a standard cabinet).

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    Location in the room

    When buying it is very important to choose the right location. An improperly chosen cabinet can visually reduce the hallway, take up more space, or make it darker and more inconspicuous.

    There are several location rules to help position it in the room:

    • If the corridor in the hallway is long and narrow, then you need to install the cabinet at the shortest wall. Often in such situations, he is in front of the front door, but that is not scary. This arrangement of furniture is quite successful.
    • In square rooms it is best to place it along the wall, and all along its length. Sliding wardrobes are suitable for hallways with a niche.
    • If the hallway has a lot of doors that are directed to other rooms, a narrow and high closet will fit, which is placed right at the entrance. So he will not interfere, touching open doors.

    Create a design with a single item.

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    Dresser with mirror

    There are several options for the dresser: models that have not connected to each other elements and monolithic with built-in mirror. The first option is different in that the mirror is hung directly on the wall.

    Before choosing a dresser model, you need to realize the purpose for which it is purchased. From this will depend on the appearance of the furniture, its design. For example, if a chest of drawers is bought for outerwear, hats and scarves, then it is better to choose a traditional model.

    Option when the mirror is hung on the wall

    Chests that have compartments with shelves are suitable for storing keys, glasses and sponges for shoes. It will look very nice furniture with many asymmetric relative to each other drawers for storing small and medium things. In the lower part of the dresser there is usually a shelf for shoes. There are also models created exclusively for storing small items.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The mirror is one of the most important elements in the hallway, which is why furniture with reflective surfaces is so popular:

    • A light chest of drawers helps to expand the small hallway, to create in the apartment the illusion of freedom. White color fits in almost any style, suitable for hallways of various types.
    • There are many different types of mirror dressers. To decorate the hall will help the frame with the original decor.
    • The chest takes less space, does not obstruct the passage, and things are stored in a convenient place.

    White chest of drawers - create the illusion of freedom

    The disadvantages of such furniture are:

    • Difficulty in care. The surface must be cleaned with a special detergent so that the chest of drawers looks neat.
    • Necessary dismantling. To rearrange the cabinet, you have to drill holes for screws in another place.

    It is more difficult to care for such a dresser.


    The hallway is the dirtiest and passable room in the house, so all the furniture and fixtures in it must be durable and reliable. The material of the dresser should not get very dirty, afraid of moisture or deteriorate from sharp objects:

    • MDF and chipboard. Of these modern materials, hallway furniture is most often made. Laminated surface is best suited for the manufacture of comfortable and practical furniture. Finishing veneer facades suitable for the hallway with a classic interior.
    • Natural arrays. To create luxury furniture in the production using expensive wood. It is made from such breeds as beech, alder, ash or oak. The facade of such furniture is usually decorated with hand-painted, carved, precious or half-precious stones.
    • Plastic. It is simple to look after such furniture, it does not demand expensive cleaners. For cleaning, the usual tool is suitable. The color range of plastic is large (unlike wood), so it is easy to choose the desired shade.

    Chest material should not get too dirty

    Size and shape

    The size of the dresser should fit the size of the room. In the chest should be a convenient storage system for small items. There are different types of dressers:

    • Corner. This type of furniture put in the corner of the room. Consider the fact that a roomy chest of drawers is best suited for square shaped rooms. For a small hallway, you can pick up a chest of drawers with sliding doors.
    • Narrow. They are usually placed along the wall, due to the small size they do not interfere with moving along the corridor. Often have many shelves for storing small items.
    • Thumbs. They combine two pieces of furniture at once. They can be used for storage, and instead of the stand. Keys, bags or combs may lie on the tabletop.
    • Dressers. Models that combine several types of furniture are common because of their practicality. They make the most profitable use of free space hallway. The cost of such kits is low.

    Narrow chest of drawers for easy movement

    How to place?

    The hallway should be comfortable and practical. For storage of small things, outerwear a chest of drawers with a mirror is perfect. He might be:

    • Wall mounted. These are classic dressers with a large reflective surface in a beautiful framing frame or models with chrome fittings.
    • Suspended. Usually these are small dressers that store various small items. Compact dressers are better located closer to the exit, so that everything you need is always at hand.
    • Corner. This type of furniture will fit perfectly into a square-shaped room with correct angles. In them you can store and brushes for shoes, and outerwear (coats and jackets).

    Suspended option for the hallway

    In the hallways with an architectural niche you can arrange a closed or open dressing room.

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    Table with mirror

    On the wall you can hang not only paintings and various decorations, but also shelves, panels, posters. Also on the wall you can have wall furniture. One option is a wall table or console. It should be combined with a mirror in the hallway. Such furniture is usually made of wood:

    • Calvados.
    • Beech.
    • Pear.
    • Alder.
    • The Red tree.

    Table with mirror for small hallways

    This wooden table is great for small hallways. The choice of wall consoles is now huge.

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    Pier glass with mirror

    Many convenient shelves - an important criterion when choosing furniture in the hallway. One of the convenient options is a mirror with a mirror. The most expensive are made in Italy, cheaper - in Russia. The dresser is suitable for an entrance hall in the style of:

    • Country
    • Classic.
    • Provence.

    Popular model for this room

    The pier glass is combined with a mirror of any kind. It can be inexpensive if made from laminated MDF. Wood models are much more expensive, so not everyone can buy such furniture.

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    Baguette mirror

    Such a mirror is used not only in apartments, but also in private houses. It is used for lovers of bold decoration of the room, it looks bright and modern. Often used in rooms in classic style.. In addition to hallways, it may also be located in the bedroom, bathroom, hall or study.

    Framing mirror for a classic interior

    Great combination - white frame or forged baguette. Replace the framing mirror can be trellised with a wooden table.

    The baguette mirror has certain advantages:

    • Different design options. You can make the design of fur, clay, silk, rhinestone, ceramics, wood, paper or bronze, and even cutlery.
    • Easy to replace. If desired or necessary baguette is easy to repair.
    • Own flight of fancy. Creative individuals can show their imagination on it. You can use glue and cloth, ceramics or wood as scrap materials.
    • Damage protection. Baguette protects against scratches, chips and cracks, does not cut on sharp edges.

    There are many design options.

    Unfortunately, framing mirrors also have disadvantages:

    • Product weight. Such a frame often weighs a lot, making the whole mirror heavier. This does not allow fixing on drywall.
    • Special care. If the baguette is made of wrought bronze wooden carved frame, it will have to be cleaned with special means.
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    Facet mirror

    In French, the word “facet” is translated as “faceted plane”. The technology of bevelling is used to create unusual mirrors used in modern interiors.. The technology began to be used by the French, and it was thanks to this country that it was widely recognized in many countries.

    Facet mirror

    Faceting is produced along the entire length of the product at the same angle (from 100 to 550 degrees). Visually, such a mirror becomes more voluminous and reflects much more light than usual. It is suitable for dark and small rooms - it will help to visually expand them.

    There are several ways of bevelling, the technology is carried out:

    • Bilateral cut. In the process a small facet is superimposed on a large one. This mirror does not require special design and unnecessary details. It is used to create compositions or the production of special panels that transform the interior.
    • Curved Cut. Such a facet can be made with a thickness of from 0.05 to 0.15 cm. The slope of the face can be 0.4 cm, and the size of one part should not be less than 45 cm.
    • Rectilinear cut. Such a facet is suitable for small mirrors, its minimum size should be 25 to 25 cm. The bevel of the product borders is from 50 to 450 degrees. The mirror should be no thinner than 0.04 cm, for wider canvases polishing is required.

    It has a variety of faceting.

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    Fatset in the interior

    This mirror surface can be used when finishing different surfaces or as a separate decoration. It can decorate, for example, the floor or ceiling, as well as arches, doorways or pillars. This allows you to hide small defects, visually increase the free space in the room.. Because the placement of mirror tiles in a small hallway is a great solution.

    Facet mirror can be hung in the living room. This will help in a new way to beat the familiar interior. To enhance the positive effect of the mirror tile, you can position an additional light source next to it. You can use a spotlight that fills the room with glitter.

    Use the bevel to decorate the ceiling

    Using a facet mirror in the bathroom is an excellent solution, since this room is usually small in size. In such a room you can place a lot of such decorations, as it will be difficult to overdo it. Mirrors create the effect of depth and infinity. To strengthen it, you can lay tiles on a diagonal and alternate ceramic with a mirror. It is very important to choose the right angle, as it affects the perception of the entire space as a whole.

    The kitchen is also a great place to position the facet mirror. Cooked dishes will be reflected in it, which will help increase your appetite. According to Feng Shui, it is believed that such mirrors attract wealth to the house.

    Often used in the kitchen

    In the bedroom, either you should not use reflective surfaces at all, or you should do it carefully. In the room for rest, nothing should strain, so if you want to buy a mirror, you need to stop at a small one. It should not be visible from any part of the room, irritating the eye with reflections. Return to the menu

    Shelves in the narrow hallway

    For a narrow corridor in the hallway is best suited narrow shoemaker. When choosing stay on high and roomy obuvnitsu. In narrow cabinets most often have many shelves, and they fit many different little things. These shoes have a wide range, so pick it up is easy. In comparison with cases and dressers, the shoemaker costs cheap. However, it is not inferior to them in their parameters.

    There are also shoes with a seat. In addition to shelves for storing small items and shoes, such dressers are very convenient to use. Now you do not have to wear boots or tie shoelaces while standing.

    Popular models of shoes with a seat

    You can put bright cushions on the seat of the shoemaker to diversify the design.. In addition, it is not necessary to purchase standard black or brown furniture.