How to make a fireplace out of cardboard with your own hands (+90 Photos): Step-by-step instructions and workshops


It is difficult to find at least one person who does not think about how to make your home more comfortable. One solution to this problem is to create a fireplace made of cardboard with your own hands. Find out how to make it more detailed later in the article.


  • How to choose a cardboard
  • How to make a fireplace in honor of the Christmas holidays
  • How to make a wall fireplace
  • Create a corner option
  • Making a solid foundation
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Original ideas for creating a fireplace with your own hands
  • How to choose a cardboard

    To collect it, you need to pick up materials and allocate for work about 5-6 hours. It’s not necessary to do this yourself, it’s not so difficult to do it yourself, so the whole family can take part in the process.

    Make a fireplace with the whole family.

    The quality and appearance will depend on the material and type of the cartons. If you take the packaging from under the TV, the "false fireplace" will be narrow without much indentation in the place where there is burning firewood. Therefore, most often used wide boxes, at least 50 centimeters deep. It is also desirable to use the most durable cardboard, in this case, from above you can make a stand made of wood.

    Choose durable cardboard

    If there is a desire to make a more complex structure, it is recommended to prepare another 2 boxes of different sizes. This will expand the possibilities for a creative idea. Still it is worth taking care that on paper drawings were easily put. They should be well viewed, as in case of an error, you have to look for new material.

    Complicated multi-box design

    Often used 3 types of "falsekamina", namely:

    1Christmas card with Christmas decorations. 2 Corner hearth.3 Standard wall.

    For each of them it is necessary to select a certain amount of materials and types of cardboard boxes. To make the structure more stable and reliable, you can put a wooden frame inside. This will be true in a family where small children grow up.

    Christmas fireplace

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    How to make a fireplace in honor of the Christmas holidays

    To make a Christmas hearth, you need only 3 cardboard boxes, one of them should be big and 2 others smaller, but the same. The first is set to cent, and the other at the edges. Next, the items are glued together with adhesive tape or a reliable glue.

    Creating a frame for the future fireplace

    If there are no boxes of the same height in the house, they are trimmed. At the same time, the upper part should not have failures.

    The room where the fireplace will be installed, it is desirable to use the same where the fir tree will be, this will create more comfort and a festive atmosphere.

    The first thing to do is to remove the front part of the wall of a large box, which is in the middle, there will be a furnace hole. The fireplace can be put on a previously prepared curb, so it will look much more impressive.

    Fake fireplace with curb

    If you want to make artificial bricks, you can use thin foam. It needs to be laid out and cut out rectangular shapes, slightly smaller than a standard brick (if the value allows, you can use the original dimensions of the stone).

    DIY decorative brick

    Now you can start gluing foam. Bricks must be placed in a checkerboard pattern so that the brickwork is as close as possible to the real one. After the work done, the glue should harden, only after that the work can continue.

    Glue the foam to the fireplace

    Now you can start painting. It is desirable to primer in several layers, so that all parts have the same color. Border is usually painted in yellow, and the bricks in red or golden. If the owner wants to make a hearth not only for the New Year holidays, you can buy brown paint.

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    How to decorate New Year's fireplace

    To decorate the Christmas hearth use a variety of toys and natural materials, for example:

    • The branches ate.
    • Cones.
    • Balls.
    • Rain
    • Christmas socks for gifts.
    • Fruits.
    • Candies.
    • Bells.
    • Figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
    • Paper snowflakes.
    • Garlands illuminated.

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    Toys and decorations for the Christmas hearth

    You need to apply the appropriate colors. It is recommended to use ornaments of green, red, golden, blue or white color, as well as their shades.

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    How to make a wall fireplace

    This species is common among people living in apartments. It does not take up much space and fits well with any interior. To make the hearth of cardboard boxes, you will need the following tools and materials:

    • stationery knife;
    • sponge, brush or other tool for precise painting;
    • reliable glue (recommended "Moment" or glue for plastic products).
    • construction tape;
    • putty or aqueous emulsion white paint;
    • cardboard boxes (if there is an opportunity, large packages from under the refrigerator, widescreen TV or washing machine are more suitable for the fireplace).
    • paper;
    • pencil or thin marker for drawings;
    • ruler;
    • foam to create a stand and other decorative items.
    When creating a drawing on paper, it is desirable to designate not only the main building products, but also decorations.

    Sometimes the host does not have a pair of large boxes, but there are a lot of medium ones. In this case, you can glue them together neatly and do almost the same thing.

    When the sketch is ready and printed on paper, you can begin to transfer it to cardboard boxes. For convenience, the main and auxiliary lines are applied with different colors of pens or markers.

    Think through each stage so you don’t miss anything.

    Next, do the furnace hole. To do this, take a knife and cut it in the center of the box. It is very important not to forget to leave a part of the front wall on top and on the sides in order to glue it to the back and close the empty space.

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    Finishing work

    Once the work on the creation of the main frame is completed, you can begin to finish. Here you can use anything, depending on the idea. Usually it is pasted over with original wallpaper or with tracing paper. If there are people in the family who draw well, you can apply beautiful patterns or draw thematic drawings in honor of a holiday.

    Use your favorite material to trim the fireplace

    If you want to make a standard fireplace, you can use foam bricks, as well as in the case of the Christmas hearth. Remember that artificial stones can be glued not only from the outside, but also inside, where the flame usually burns.

    To decorate the front, in the store you can buy special figures in the form of flowers, angels and others. They are made from lightweight material, so they never fall away, even when using conventional PVA glue.

    Decorate the fireplace with various decorations from the store

    To install the shelf on top, you must first glue the baseboard along its edges. In this case, it is desirable to use as original products as possible. As a shelf you can use a wooden sheet of plywood or other material, as long as it is not too heavy. If the frame is not further strengthened, there is a risk of structural failure.

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    Almost 90% of people who make a fireplace for an apartment from cardboard with their own hands, paint it with white water-based paint. But if you approach the issue more creatively, you can betray the hearth of vintage and apply an ordinary putty for drywall (after its application, you must dry the coating with a building dryer).

    If you still decide to just paint a homemade fireplace, you can use a simple brush, and a sponge is needed to paint the most hard-to-reach places.

    The easiest option is to simply paint the fireplace white.

    The wall is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it. Inside you can install a photo of a real flame, and add real or homemade firewood to the firebox. Sometimes people put candlesticks on the shelf, it looks very impressive and gives a sense of antiquity.

    Decorate the fireplace with all the festive attributes.

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    Create a corner option

    The layout of some apartments involves the formation of the corner part in a prominent place. As a result, the family thinks for a long time how it is possible to decorate or hide this defect. One solution is to make a corner fireplace. The design is not overly complex, so all family members can take part in the work.

    Corner fireplace do it yourself

    First you need to prepare the following materials:

    • Transparent adhesive tape.
    • LED strip, festoon or candles on batteries for decoration.
    • Construction knife and large scissors.
    • Film self-bonding or wallpaper with a pattern of bricks.
    • Cardboard box, above average size.

    The first step is to measure and determine the amount of cardboard that will be needed to completely close the corner. If the fireplace is smaller, you will get the impression that it is pressed into a corner. If the problem part is on the transition from one room to another, the design will not only create comfort, but also allow you to avoid strikes on the doorways.

    Calculate the measurements for the future fireplace correctly

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    How to decorate

    When the triangle is ready, you need to firmly glue it together with scotch tape. If the design allows, the center is covered with a film of self-adhesive. To decorate the homemade fireplace, you can use wallpaper with different designs.

    Make a tough frame for stability

    Now it's time to start making shelves. If there was no plywood or other suitable hard material on hand, the remaining cardboard will do. The only condition - to make it more durable, you need to use several layers. To finish the stand is usually used samokleyka wood.

    Feel free to glue themed wallpaper and decorate

    Next we do the decoration of the inside. To make a homemade fireplace glow from the inside, previously prepared electronic candles, garlands or LED strips are used. They can be folded inside and covered with artificial firewood, which will create a burning effect. This hearth can also function as a night light.

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    Making a solid foundation

    The lower part of the home-made fireplace, which serves as a stand, must be strong and rigid, since, in addition to the entire weight of the structure, it must withstand all the objects installed on the hearth for a long period.

    It is possible to strengthen the lower border with the help of additional inserts, they will be fixed inside the cardboard frame. Such "edges" can be placed along the entire length at certain intervals or simply stick randomly across the bottom.

    Strengthen all parts for robust design.

    Reinforcing inserts must have the same height, otherwise the weight will be unevenly distributed, which will affect their holding capacity.

    The lower part in the form of a stand should always be longer and wider than the main structure of the hearth, approximately 100–120 mm. To make a support, you can use the 2 most simple and effective ways:

    1 Cut two identical sheets of cardboard (bottom and top). On one of them are glued "ribs" to support the fireplace. Here you can use double-sided tape or glue; 2find a flat box with sides and install reinforcing inserts inside.

    A simple way to make a fireplace with your own hands

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    How to decorate the stand

    Like any other element, the stand needs decoration. The simplest thing you can do is to choose for her the original side panels, glue the cardboard with a self-adhesive with a pattern, wrap it in wallpaper or paint it. But there are other, more original ideas.

    Self-adhesive with a picture in the design of the fireplace

    If the homemade fireplace was made in honor of the Christmas holidays, the base can be painted in red or white and wrap with a garland.

    Step by step create an imitation

    For the standard, people often use wide baseboards with beautiful patterns. They can be bought at any hardware store and installed in the lower and upper part of the hearth, it always looks very beautiful and complete.

    Elegant fireplace with a wide plinth

    VIDEO: The most beautiful fireplace with their own hands