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Bedspread on the bed in the bedroom: Modern design (+170 photos). Beautiful and stylish news


The final touch of any interior will be a bedspread on the bed in the bedroom. The purpose of bed textiles is to create a feeling of warmth, comfort and artistic perfection in the room. It is the bedroom that most should have to rest and relaxation, so you should choose a blanket competently, clearly understanding the ultimate goal of the task. More details about everything later in the article.


  • Material Features
  • Criterias of choice
  • Color and patterns of textiles for the bedroom
  • Purpose of the product
  • Characteristics of popular design styles
  • Plaid models
  • Products in the children's bedroom
  • Features of care and storage
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most beautiful blankets and bedspreads for your beds
  • Material Features

    Qualitatively tailored bedspreads are beautiful and durable. They do not lose their attractiveness and shape, even after many years of continuous operation. Ready-made kits and individual rugs from reputable companies always show signs of a clear focus, which guarantees each bedroom a unique atmosphere.

    Separate blanket for bedroom style

    Properly covered bed indicates the taste of the owners of the house, emphasizes their individuality and social status. For this reason, the decoration of the space with the help of fabrics must be approached thoughtfully, having carefully studied the furnishings placed in the room. It is important to focus not only on the furniture set, but also on the curtains adorning the windows, the prevailing color range of the walls and floor, and the design of the ceiling area.

    Classic bedspread in the bedroom

    Everything in a good bedroom must harmonize with each other, complement the image invented by the designer. Textiles for the bed boldly used as an accent in the interior decor.

    Complete the interior of the bedroom with a stylish rug.

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    Criterias of choice

    Bedspread in the bedroom - the purchase is not for one day. It will serve for years, so cheap synthetic models with uneven seams and threads sticking out in all directions should be immediately abandoned.

    Quality plaid for all family members

    The main points to be guided during the purchase:

    • size and shape of the bed and mattress;
    • the design of the bed, the style in which it is made;
    • bed material (metal, iron, chipboard, natural wood);
    • the composition of the cloth covers;
    • color and ornament of the product;
    • texture and texture of the fabric;
    • the style of the room.

    The size and composition of the bedspread fabric matters

    Before you go shopping, you need to decide for yourself which cleaning option suits you. So, some rugs are perfectly washed with washing machines, while others need treatment under dry cleaning.

    Harmonious blanket in the interior of the bedroom

    For families with small children or pets, light colors and excessive textiles should be abandoned, in any case, until the children mature and dogs and cats do not begin to show signs of good education. An ideal cover for a large young family would be such a cover that is easily washable, does not have beads or rhinestones on its outer side. It must not be sewn of silk or tapestry, but of viscose, satin, cotton, or combinations thereof.

    Practical cover for a young family

    Properties really high-quality things:

    • does not accumulate static electricity;
    • pleasant to the touch;
    • has no unpleasant odors;
    • does not lose color and does not "sit down" after washing.

    Comfortable bedspread in your home

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    Color and patterns of textiles for the bedroom

    In the recent past, most housewives, buying bed textiles, looked only at the color of window curtains. Today, however, many designers recognize that curtains and curtains are not the only selection criteria when buying bedspreads. Using the same fabric is not necessary at all, because even materials of different colors and patterns can harmonize perfectly.

    Beautiful bedspread to match the bedroom

    A good product partially duplicates the color, texture and patterns of some objects located in the room: modular paintings, floor mats, window curtains, throw pillows, covers on bedside ottomans. It may be similar to the walls of the palette or clearly contrasted with shades of surfaces.

    Contrast bedspread in the bedroom interior

    When choosing colors, it is important to adhere to the following rule: cold tones should be combined with cold and neutral tones, and warm tones with warm or neutral tones. Mix, for example, shades of blue with brown shades - a sign of bad taste.

    As for the patterns and drawings, in a small room, huge roses or lilies will seem inappropriate, since the room visually shrinks against the background of large images. Excessive saturation with different ornaments is also prohibited.

    Emphasis on bedspread

    In the ideal bedroom there are no annoying combinations of many patterns, when the walls are decorated with squares and diamonds, the carpet on the floor is made in ethnic style, the curtains on the windows are striped, and the bedspread is like a flower bed. Even if all these things are made in similar colors, the atmosphere of space will be ruined and completely devoid of the concept of comfort.

    Choose a plain blanket for all occasions.

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    Purpose of the product

    The bedspread for the bed located in the bedroom has several purposes:

    • to decorate the room, to emphasize its feature;
    • give warmth, warming in cold evenings;
    • protect the bed from prying eyes and dust.

    Emphasize the room feature - bedcover

    It is impossible not to agree that the bed, on which there is no rug, looks untidy, even if it is made with expensive and quality bedding. The cover, as part of the decor, is obliged to ideally integrate into the existing interior, emphasizing its originality.

    The cover should clearly blend into the interior.

    The plaid will help to strengthen the advantages of the bed and hide its disadvantages. With its help, carved furniture legs are emphasized or chipped and other defects that occur are hidden. A suitable product will bring a feeling of comfort and tranquility to the bedroom.

    Model covered bed style

    Without such an attribute, the room will lose on all counts: neither architectural and artistic methods, nor design decoration, nor stylish, high-quality furniture will save it. Covering the bed is a must-have finishing touch, without which the overall composition loses all its charm.

    Bedspread - the final touch in the bedroom

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    Characteristics of popular design styles

    The choice of a plaid in the bedroom should be made according to the style in which the whole room is decorated. Most often, night-time facilities correspond to one of the following styles:

    • Provence;
    • classic;
    • ethnic;
    • romantic;
    • eco;
    • minimalism.

    Choose a blanket according to the style of the room.

    The selection of suitable for each style of design elements begins with the selection of finishing materials for the design of walls, ceiling, floor, and ends with the purchase of a suitable cape on the bed. The owner of the perfectly furnished bedroom will receive as a result an excellent place for a good rest. An important role in this is assigned to the share of textile interior.

    It is necessary to choose a bedspread for the bed deliberately, carefully, without haste. In this matter, you can not rush or chase the next "fashion squeak".

    Distinctive features of popular styles in design and decoration:

    1Provence are pastel shades of bourgeois France. The style is characterized by a small fabric pattern (polka dots, a flower). A prerequisite - the absence of conspicuous contrasting spots.

    Beautiful blanket in Provence style

    2 Classics like gold-embroidered purple, glitter of precious metals and the correct lines, but does not tolerate pretentiousness and eye-catching ornaments.

    Classic gold-covered bedspread

    3Ethnic - national color in all its originality: a blanket on the theme of "savanna" is suitable for African motifs, and traditional patterns and cross-stitch embroidery on the front side will suit the Russian interior.

    Ethno style bedspread

    4 Romantic style - delicate shades of pink, peach, blue, as well as an incredible number of folds and ruches.

    Delicate rug with ruffles

    5For eco-style bedspread should be selected from natural fabrics: cotton, linen. Colors and patterns of products are close to those found in nature.

    Eco-friendly Plaid

    6 The cover in the style of minimalism has simple geometric shapes, made from inexpensive but natural materials. Its shades are light natural, black and white.

    White blanket in the style of minimalism

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    Plaid models

    Any bed needs its own, tailored bedding for her. In addition to these distinctive properties, bedding should be suitable for the room on the basis of model features.

    A plaid matched under the bed will make the interior harmonious

    Bed textiles can be a standard canvas with carefully processed edges, can have decorative flounces and other elements on the outside, can simply be put on the mattress as a cover. An increasing number of customers prefer ready-made kits, where in addition to the main part there are decorative elements-pillow cases on pillows.

    Ready set on the bed in the bedroom

    If the bed is a non-standard size, for example, round or very large, it makes sense to order in a sewing studio. Another advantage of sewing on the sketch is the ability to make a large number of covers for rollers of the most different sizes, sew capes on ottomans.

    Non-standard blanket for a round bed

    Ready-made bedding from industrial sewing associations with a good reputation are carefully thought out by experts and are the product of the work of qualified designers and tailors. For example, no one will suggest using a jacquard fabric to make minimalist bedspreads or cotton in the classic bedroom.

    The perfect combination of color throughout the interior

    High-quality textiles have a specific artistic idea, thought out to the smallest detail. Given the rich selection of models, those who do not have time to search for a good seamstress, you can advise to choose a cover from the range already on sale.

    Choose a plaid from the available range.

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    Products in the children's bedroom

    For the children's bedroom, the blankets are practical, from fabrics that do not cause allergic reactions and have no foreign odors. The product must be well and firmly sewn, have a certificate of quality.

    Choose certified products

    The color of the bedcover fabric for a baby bed is important enough. From overly bright colors must be abandoned. Such textiles in bed will excite the child's psyche, and in the bedroom the baby needs not to play and frolic, but to sleep soundly and gain strength.

    Calm shades with bright spots

    Buying a bedspread for a baby bed is a responsible matter. Here one should be guided not only by common criteria, but also by the gender of the child. Girls will not be very appropriate to make out a bed in a military theme, and the boys should not make a bed with a flower blanket.

    Bright blanket for girls room

    For children of preschool age, it is impossible to purchase too heavy blankets, as well as models with lace patterns, embroidered with beads. The simpler the blanket, the safer it is: the baby’s legs do not get tangled while sleeping, the child will not choke on a button, wanting to taste it.

    Easy plaid for the boy from natural fabrics

    Older children, who understand what can be done and what cannot be done, can buy models of covers like adults, but strictly according to the size of the bed. Bed textile should not hang down to the floor, must have tightly sewn around the edges of the border. Models for children need frequent washings, so you should buy those that can be put in order at home.

    Bright children's blanket on the size of the bed

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    Features of care and storage

    Durable, stylish and high-quality bedspreads - this purchase is not cheap, so every owner wants the purchased item to please him with its original appearance for as long as possible. To extend the life of the purchase will help proper care for her, compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations in matters of washing, storing products in suitable conditions.

    If the blanket cannot be washed at thirty degrees, then the rule should be observed; if it cannot be ironed, it means that instead of an iron, folds on the bedspread must be steamed.

    Proper care will increase the lifespan of the bedspread.

    In order not to be nervous about the inconvenience of exploitation, you need to decide in advance for yourself which care is most preferable. It will be more practical for people living in big cities or comfortable localities to take the product to dry cleaning, and for those who live in the provinces, it makes sense to choose models that do not need excessively scrupulous care and careful cleaning.

    Take care of plaid fabric

    Removable bedding sets are stored in a dry closet or chest of drawers, away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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