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Russian bath has three main objectives - to improve the body, relax the soul, plunge into the atmosphere of companionship. Not every facility will be able to meet the necessary criteria, but it’s worth talking about a comfortable and practical bath interior. Of course, the room should be comfortable, functional and at the same time stylish.


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  • The interior, made in the Russian manner, is a classic.

    Beautiful interior inside the bath

    In fact, all are provided with such familiar attributes as brooms, hats, buckets, gangs. Only by adhering to the integrity of the overall style, competently choosing the necessary accessories, you can make your sauna unique and its interior special.

    Design depends on the choice of material

    Interior room

    There is no more suitable place to relax at the same time after a busy work week, to be fed with harmony, to cleanse your body than a sauna or a bath, which is closer in spirit to the Russian spirit.

    For many, visiting it is a tradition that no generation supports, and is often inculcated in families from early childhood, so it’s not surprising that our compatriots want to have their own backyard bath.

    Great place to relax

    The atmosphere inside should give harmony, tranquility. This atmosphere is achieved by a combination of all parts of the interior. You should not think that the type of Russian baths is a standard steam room with a stove with the same type of shelves. Designer interior is always different original details, decor, only realizing the individual project, you can get a stylish room for a couple, rest.

    Stylish room in oriental style do it yourself

    Quality, well-designed finish and related accessories - three whales of internal content that will never cause you inconvenience. For information on how to equip the interior, I will tell you today. These ideas can be used at home, for personal needs, or for business.

    Sophisticated decoration is the key to success

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    What is a bath?

    I will spend a little excursion into history. Russian bath was originally a separate low building, with only one room. Inside, everything was poor, strict. In the dressing room only benches and hooks for clothes, gangs, brooms. The building was used only in the property of the steam room, and then you could dip and cool in the river, ice hole or snowdrift. How do you like this prospect?

    Russian bath interior

    Modern baths are a structure consisting of several rooms, each supporting its own functionality. There are various layouts, some offer large-scale construction, sometimes even in the perspective of two floors.

    Multi-room building

    But more often, they are settling in more familiar, middle one-storeyed buildings with three rooms:

    1 Steam room. 2 Shower room (sometimes, it’s a laundry). 3 A dressing room or, as it is also called, a rest room.

    Lounge or dressing room

    Inside each of the rooms you can create your own, exclusive style, although it is important to maintain a harmonious combination in the interior of the whole bath.

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    Russian style

    Mandatory rule of any harmonious structure - outside, inside you must adhere to a single style. The Russian-style bath houses are mainly made of wooden logs, and therefore even a modern building looks the same as our great-grandfathers - a structure made of untreated wood, measuring 4 × 6 meters, with a height of about 3.5 meters .

    We maintain a single style

    To be considered the original Russian style, pay attention to such elements as:

    • tiered shelves;
    • a large wooden table with benches around;
    • active fireplace;
    • huge tub of water, wooden buckets and buckets;
    • red brick stove heater;
    • wooden floor boards, brooms from different woods, towels and sheets.

    Russian style spirit

    There may be a lot of similar small and not so much details, but for them there is one common feature - all the design elements of the Russian bath have natural origin and consist of natural materials.

    Exceptionally Natural Materials

    It is dangerous to use synthetic or plastic material, when heated, such shelves can release toxic substances, provoke burns, poisoning.

    In the shower room, dressing room, use materials wood, boards, natural textiles, ceramics. All this will create a cozy atmosphere, and things made by hand will add warmth and sincerity.

    The unity of comfort and relaxation

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    Materials for design

    After the construction and insulation of the complex is ready, it is time for the rest of the finishes. Finishing works involve certain rules that have significant features when compared with the implementation of finishing in other buildings.

    Finnish Design

    Impeccable internal content provides not only external convenience, but also has an impact on the health of visitors. The style and practicality should be combined, and it depends on the materials used, which must meet the following characteristics:

    • durability;
    • fortress;
    • ecological cleanliness;
    • accumulation and retention of heat;
    • low thermal conductivity;
    • resistance to temperature changes;
    • high moisture compatibility.

    Ecological purity

    Traditional material that fully meets the listed requirements for the arrangement, of course, wood. In addition, the aesthetics of wood is pleasant in texture, has a delicate, healthy aroma, looks organic and natural.

    The interior, where natural material dominates, is beautiful in its own right. From him comes a pleasant warmth, serenity, which forms an atmosphere of peace. Pair can be made with use of one or several breeds, types of wood materials.

    The use of several types of wood is allowed in the steam room.

    Of course, the interior of a modern bath often coexists with other materials. Torn logs, lining or brickwork coexist perfectly with stone, brick or tile masonry. The combination of different textures in a special way distributes each of the bath rooms.

    Combination of different textures

    However, you should know that paintwork materials are not used for interior decorating. Such a coating when heated becomes a source of toxic substances, because they are not able to withstand significant temperature changes.

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    Steam room

    The steam room is certainly the most important of the rooms, and in the Russian, the steam room is generally the main one. Most often it consists of burnt red bricks, but you can use other materials, even ceramics. Increased temperature, humidity in the room dictate specific rules to accurately pick up the material.

    We decorate and arrange

    For the steam room, only hardwoods are suitable, which have been able to maintain their qualities over the years (alder, linden, aspen). The floors are made of wood, so with the use of tiles. If possible, preference should be given to tiles, as the wooden floor will slowly deteriorate.

    Use the tile on the floor

    The steam design recommends a minimalist tone, because the texture of the wood itself is a beautiful decoration. In the steam room you can use the window, which ideally dilutes the interior and is useful for ventilation.

    Steam room with window inside

    On the slab lie natural boulders that accumulate and retain heat. Water pouring hot stones provoke the formation of wet vapors, without which the whole essence of the steam room will be lost. The area of ​​the room, its height must be small in order to reach warming up quickly and evenly. Install a water container near the stove.

    Another attribute of the steam room are the shelves. Install them in corners or near walls. If possible, shelves are placed in several tiers. It is considered to be the easiest way to withstand hot steam at the bottom, and not everyone can linger on the upper tier. In the end, it is under the ceiling that the bulk of the hot air accumulates, and it is very hard to breathe there, but this is the main benefit of the procedure.

    Shelves - an attribute of each bath

    If the dimensions are small, then you can make the shelves narrow, with rounding. Strict sharp corners will take the usable area. The best material in the preparation of bath shelves is preferred to linden, larch, which is justified from the standpoint of a practical approach - boards of these types of wood are resistant to moisture, rot, so products from them can be operated for more than a decade.

    The best material for the shelves - linden

    The most accessible type of wood is pine, which, alas, is not at all suitable for arranging shelves; it cannot be used in the steam room, because when heated it produces resin that can ignite and cause a burn. Return to menu ↑

    Shower room

    Shower - this is an innovation inherent in the modern bath, demonstrate how you can retire from prying eyes. It is preferable to tile the room with tiles, adding colorful elements to the design, such as mosaic and stained glass. A special requirement for floor covering, it must have a rough texture. The range of equipment for washing room is large enough. Installation of a shower, a jacuzzi, a pool is allowed.

    Installing a shower stall

    If you build on the pattern of your ancestors, then a huge tub filled with water, set on top, will look more harmonious. Naturally, the height of such a home-grown soul must exceed the height of an adult. To get a "shower", you must pull the rope, then invigorating waterfall is provided to you.

    Huge tubs filled with water

    Well, if the shower room will be equipped with shelves and cabinets, for storing clean towels, felt hats, sheets, brooms and other paraphernalia, without which the steam room is not a steam room.

    The walls inside the shower can be painted or made of wood, but in this case the tile will be functional. Ceramics on the wall will prevent mold and mildew, and in addition, it is easy to keep clean and disinfect.

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    Dressing room - the first room that a person sees when he enters the bath. This is the most spacious room, which may surprise the visitor with its originality, often in the dressing room there is a window. Unlike steam rooms and showers, the creation of designer lounges can be expanded to allow guests to be treated with an extraordinary approach.

    A room with everything you need

    This inner space is necessary for rest in order to make a comfortable break between "steam sessions". In the hall often place the table to make it convenient to drink herbal tea, remember that hot drinks in the bath are contraindicated. The room has extra sofas, chairs or benches.

    Table for soulful tea

    If there is high humidity in the waiting room, it is better to install wooden furniture. Woven sofas and armchairs will "pick up" mold and fungus over time.

    The design and nuances of the sauna room depend on the preferences of the owners. This is a kind of room with a multifunctional purpose. The current baths often have an entrance hall, mini-kitchen, toilet, swimming pool.

    An important element and a constant component of the rest room in the bath are dishes. It is worth paying attention to the original cups and plates with traditional folk notes in the ornament. To decorate the table in the bath, the popular favorite of the people is a colorful Russian samovar.

    Bath pool

    Accents of the dressing room decoration in the bath, put on soft wood, for example, pine or Nordic fir. You can diversify wood elements with stone, brick, tile or plastic. Modernist notes in a rarer style for our places, like Eastern, English, will complement the corresponding furniture, mirrors, paintings, chandeliers, fabrics and other accessory details.

    Bath accessories

    A living room in a bath can be considered as a guest bedroom if it is equipped with full beds and equipped with bedding, slippers and bathrobes.

    Bath planning

    Bath planning

    Bath planning

    Bath planning

    Bath planning

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