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The choice of photo wallpaper for the kitchen - An interesting solution for any design (185+ Photos)


Over time, such ideas are really outdated. Why today is the design of the kitchen again becomes relevant?

Very popular stuff

Modern photowall-paper in many respects differs from "sovdepovsky":

  • Quality. High computer resolution allows you to create an image as close as possible to a photo, so the result is not an artificial picture, but a photo that “comes to life” as much as possible. Do not see the dots, all the colors are bright, their range allows you to display all the variety of existing shades.
  • Dimensions. In the Soviet market, all the wallpapers were the same size, because the apartments did not differ in special diversity. Today, the image can be ordered in any format, depending on where you want to draw it - on a free wall, above the kitchen surface, on any other site.
  • Exclusive. The plot that will be captured on a roll, you choose your own. This may be a finished picture, found on the Internet, or maybe a photo from a personal archive. In the latter case, you can be sure that this will not happen in any other kitchen.

Drawing can be chosen individually under your kitchen

BoardSome for kitchen photo wallpapers choose personal photos, where they are depicted with their favorite food or the product itself. Fans of watermelons can capture the skirt of their favorite fruit, and someone wants to use a photo from a holiday in another country with an exotic fruit. Return to the menu

In the interior of a small kitchen

A small kitchen is present in many apartments, especially the old model, the layout of which makes it impossible to increase it. Usually, housewives get used to cooking in such a limited area, but the big kitchen is still their dream. Designers know how to at least visually enlarge the room, including with the help of photo wallpaper.

You can visually increase the area

They must be light shades. The main rule: the smaller the kitchen itself, the smaller should be the print on the photo wallpaper. Massive images will look ridiculous: enlarged large fruit, especially in dark colors. Small flowers are a good option; if these are products, they should be small, small in size.

Also for the design of a small kitchen is important to choose the right wallpaper on the other walls. The simplest design solution to increase the room - the use of bands, both vertical and horizontal. The first will make the kitchen visually higher, and the second - wider.

Stripes - a great option for a combination

BoardUsing strips for small rooms does not mean that there will be nothing on the roll except them. Many of the drawings contain the same flowers, geometric shapes, streaks with stripes. For a small kitchen, wall-paper on the whole wall will not work, it’s better to be limited to small fragments. You can use them for the area between the work surface (table, stove) and kitchen cabinets or ceiling. If you apply them to the entire wall, it will look ridiculous, in addition, in a small room there is hardly a whole free wall.

It is better to focus only on one wall.

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In the kitchen-living room

Combining the kitchen with the living room can be found in many houses and apartments, it is often used for the practicality of using two small rooms. When designing such a kitchen, harmony plays a special role, because both rooms must be made in the same color scheme, style, and have a holistic idea.. How to embody the idea of ​​using photo wallpaper for the kitchen in such a situation?

A good option for the kitchen-living room

Designers advise to focus on white color, adding only light shades, including in photowall-paper. A good solution would be to use white, beige, light yellow shades for furniture, walls. Then in the photo wallpapers other soft colors should prevail: light pink, blue, light green.

If the floor space allows, you can also use dark colors, then there are practically no restrictions for choosing photowall-paper.. You can use one of the options below, you can implement your ideas. The main thing is to combine the photo wallpapers with the overall design of the entire kitchen, furniture, in this case also from the living room.

We combine with the style of Provence

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Themed finish

Consider the most popular options that can beautifully focus on your kitchen.

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With decorative stone

Decorative stone is an element that not everyone can afford to use for interior decoration. This is due to the high cost of such material, and it is difficult to find craftsmen capable of putting it in high quality. Photowall-paper with a decorative stone - replacement to a stone.

There are ways to imitate many stones and other expensive finishing materials:

  • bricks;
  • wood;
  • bamboo, many others.

Decorative stone in the finish

Let us consider in more detail only two options, the first - an imitation of a brick. It is widely used by those who prefer minimalism, these wallpapers look restrained, strictly, elegantly. Especially well they are suitable for the wall, which is not free, but filled with certain furniture. If you place a full-fledged picture on it, for example, a fruit or a flower, the part will not be visible, so it is not at all clear what is depicted.

A brick is a monochromatic pattern, so if a cupboard hangs in one place, another partially closes the flower, and the third will not be visible because of the refrigerator, this will not spoil the overall impression. You should not think that a brick should be white or red, as we used to see in a building materials store. You can choose completely different shades: brown, gray, any other, combined with the decor of the kitchen.

Brick wall imitation

BoardPhotowall-paper with the image of a brick fireplace looks cozy, especially in those kitchens that are combined with the living room.

Another option is imitation of bamboo. Although he is not a stone, his addition to the design of kitchen walls is somewhat similar. By itself, bamboo is not only expensive material, but also "capricious", working with it is not easy. That is why in its pure form for the walls it is rarely used.

Apply wallpaper with imitation of bamboo is advisable for the same reasons as the brick - if part of the steppe will be forced, it will not spoil the overall look. Particularly well this option looks in the kitchen, which is dominated by wooden furniture.

A way to imitate bamboo

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Streets and Courtyards

No need to have special knowledge in the study of art, to understand the role of the streets depicted on the wall: they visually lengthen the room. Drawn road leading into the distance, fascinates the eye. It is not surprising that kitchens with such murals become a favorite meeting place for the whole family.

The path itself is usually made of imitation bricks, which looks expensive. What will be shown on its sides depends on your preferences, it may be the house of your dreams, along with other buildings, there may be trees, behind which the roofs of houses are barely visible. With the help of such ideas it is easy to choose a picture that fits the overall kitchen design.

Courtyards are especially popular with residents of multi-storey buildings who dream of having their own house with a courtyard, a gazebo in which you can gather on summer evenings. Create an imitation of such a dream with the help of the image of the courtyard on the wall.

Courtyards and streets - create reality with your own hands

BoardUsing wallpapers with streets, courtyards, you need to think about how the furniture will be arranged. To create coziness, it is necessary to arrange the table with chairs so that they touch the wall with photo wallpapers, if the image is forced by a cupboard or a stove, the expected effect will not be.

Some have a different idea of ​​comfort, they choose the image of crowded streets, courtyards. Sometimes they can be black and white, with the image of the silhouettes of people, reflecting the real situation in the city. It is necessary to use such options when the kitchen is made in restrained colors, monophonic, then the drawing on the wall will not look sticky.

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French charm in the design of any room gives it a romance, sophistication. Photowall-paper with the represented elements of Paris will help to glance there where you already visited or, perhaps, while only you plan to visit. And you can do this every time, going into the kitchen, over a morning cup of coffee or an evening dinner with your loved one.

Paris in the kitchen - nice and cozy

The first thing that comes to mind lovers of Parisian romance - the Eiffel Tower, known throughout the world. In fact, there are many attractions of the city, which cause guests no less delight: Notre-Dame de Paris, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre and many others. Any of them, if desired, can please your eye, decorating the kitchen.

Still, many of Paris is remembered as a city of love, so photo wallpapers with Parisian themes can contain not only the sights of the city, but also signs for lovers. The silhouette of a couple in love, a sophisticated female profile, two under an umbrella - all these elements of the image against the background of the Eiffel Tower, will look elegant.

BoardThe original look of the image of the Eiffel Tower close-up, from the bottom up. A kitchen table with chairs is located as if in a cafe under the "tower", so looking up at breakfast you will present yourself in the famous Parisian restaurant with a view of the landmark.

Nice landscape with a cup of coffee

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Designers say that the most suitable place for the realization of the Provence style, beloved by many, is the kitchen. Moreover, the tendency to decorate your house or apartment in the old theme is still relevant. Create a cozy country house will turn out even in the apartment metropolis. Literally the name of this style translates as "French village".

What exactly will be shown on the Provence photo mural in the first place depends on your idea of ​​rural life. Someone prefers drawings describing the atmosphere itself: a village house with a low fence, a front garden, a bright flowerbed, in the background of which the front door to the house can be any options.

For others, the concept Provence is not associated with the very conditions of life, but with the characteristic nature of such an area. Lavender field, flowering fruit trees, wild flowers with bees - any idea of ​​a quiet country life can be realized. How to add to any of the proposed plots rustic charm characteristic of Provence?

A bit of Provence in the interior of the kitchen

Designers advise doing this by adding a time stamp. On the wallpaper can be added various effects, scuffs, scratches, bumps, but by doing this, you can not overdo it, so as not to get a scruffy look.

It must be remembered that the image on the wall is only part of the decor. Therefore, if the kitchen is made in a secular style, with a predominantly bright orange tint, you should forget about Provence. In this case, lavender field with scuffs will look inappropriate. Return to the menu


Venice - an ancient town, attracting fabulousness, it is not surprising that many dream to go there. Quality wallpapers in the kitchen are able to convey all the flavor of the area, it is only important to choose a picture. Wall mural with the image of Venice necessarily consist of bright, sunny colors, so if such a touch blends into the til of your kitchen, it is worth trying.

Venice Streets for a Vivid Effect

On the images can be transferred to different scenes characteristic of this sea city:

  • countless channels;
  • gondolas crossing them;
  • arches;
  • ancient castles.
If the interior of the kitchen is dominated by a style that is characterized by minimalism, restraint, Venetian themes of fun will be inappropriate. If you want to embody the joy and the overall design of the room allows you to do this, this option will be suitable.

The main thing is to combine the photo wallpapers with the general style.

In contrast to the Parisian sights, known to the whole world, Venetian is not so popular, so in the kitchen it is better to have something else that reminds of the city. This may be an ornament on the dishes, various souvenirs, other "hints" on Venice. If you yourself were lucky enough to visit this city, a great way to capture the memory will be applying a print with your personal photo on the wallpaper.

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Photowall-paper with the nature still remained actual from the Soviet samples, the big difference appeared in quality and format of images. The latest trends have become a close-up image of the elements of nature. At the same time, lovers of standard landscapes, drawings of mountains, waterfalls and forests also really find modern design solutions.

These wallpapers help to create a good, soothing mood, with their help, you can ensure yourself an eternal spring or summer. After urban working days, to contemplate such beauty over a cup of tea in the kitchen is a real pleasure. High-quality high-resolution printing will create the most vivid, rich images.

For lovers of nature and landscapes

BoardSome choose autumn or winter landscapes. Before that, you need to think carefully, as pictures suitable for the cold season can cast off discomfort in spring and summer.

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The development of printing technology allows you to create an approximate image of a single element. Many people choose tulips, which can be several, and maybe a huge bouquet. Detailed images and high quality color can be obtained only by contacting a professional store that uses innovative methods of applying prints.

Psychologists say that the presence of flowers in the house creates indoors a positive energy that extends to all family members. Moreover, it concerns the huge quality image of tulips on the kitchen wall - a place where everyone spends enough time. After all, it starts with breakfast every day, in the evening everything also goes there.

Tulips create positive energy

Tulips can be represented growing in nature, while you can select only a few buds, bringing them closer. You can also choose a picture with a whole flowerbed. A good addition will be the image of the sun's rays over the flowers and / or dew drops, iridescent under them.

If you want to make tulips on the whole wall, but worry that it will look too nalyapisto, you can not make a floral print on the entire wall. The upper part of the wallpaper can be left empty, made in a delicate shade so that the background matches the color of the buds. One of the options, when several colors can come out from one lower corner, in the opposite upper one there will be sunshine, and the rest - just a background.

The color of the tulips themselves is chosen from their own preferences. They will not necessarily be red, yellow or white. In nature, there is a variety of these flowers, in many cities a tulip parade is held regularly in the spring, proving it.

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Sea theme

Contemplation of the water element in all its manifestations brings peace to the person, they say that one of the things that you can watch forever is the flow of water. Photowall-paper on a wall with the sea bright, expressive therefore will suit not far for each kitchen. Usually they look appropriate when the room is made in such design directions as minimalism, Mediterranean.

In order for the image of a marine theme to look bright, the coating must be of high quality. Clear graphics should be complemented by saturation of the color gamut, so it’s best that the image be smaller but of high quality.

Original marine interior

The fusion of the top of the photo wallpaper with the ceiling looks favorably, the marine theme allows you to do it. Usually, a part of the firmament is visible from above the picture, which can be made in the same shade as the ceiling. The effect of a smooth transition will be obtained, which will visually expand the room, make it bulky.

A non-standard version of the image of a marine theme will be drawing not just a seascape, but pictures of the sea bottom. You can also perform a close-up plot with pictures of seashells, pebbles, beach sand. If the wallpaper is used to revive memories of the rest, you can depict a bungalow on the beach, other elements, reminiscent of their own experiences.

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Animal world

Animal wall mural is one of the most striking design accents that can be realized. Each beast causes its own associations to the person looking at him, therefore one cannot do without a psychological factor.Few people decide to stick a picture of an animal that he does not like on the wall.

Revitalize our walls with animals

Often there are African-style cuisine that does not become less popular over time. Often it is used in those that are combined with the living room. For such rooms, safari-style wallpapers will be a good option: images of desert inhabitants, wild predators.

However, images of animals are not suitable for every kitchen. Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories, each of which is suitable for different styles:

  • Photo. Real shots look original, exciting, they are suitable for kitchens, made in classic styles, to dilute the overall picture. Also, photos of animals look favorably in the premises, made in minimalism, techno styles.
  • Art. These wallpapers are not a real snapshot, but a drawing, in its appearance it is immediately obvious that it is artificial. There are more restrictions on the use of such options; they do not fit every design. They can be used for modern kitchen, made in the style of panels, in the styles of Provence, Baroque, many others, they are not valid.
BoardArt photo wallpaper is better suited for decorating business premises: modern offices, classrooms.

Art wallpaper is not suitable for everyone

Some are so used to their pet that they want to capture it on the wall using a photo from a personal archive. This practice has come to us from American countries, where pets are treated like family members. Especially love these wallpapers in families where there are small children.

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3D wallpaper

Why today, many apartments continue to look the same, like "stamped on the model", as in Soviet times? Some do not like to experiment, choosing monotonous models of wallpaper offered on the market. Others simply do not know about the existence of innovative printing techniques.

3D wallpaper - the most affordable way to emphasize the sophistication of the kitchen, which does not require high costs. Using the technology of applying a volumetric image, you can apply any image. They will:

  • create a three-dimensional reality visible to the naked eye;
  • look volumetric;
  • give a distinctive look, clear contours of the entire kitchen;
  • make it more visually.

Maximum effect from wallpaper

BoardAn important condition for the beneficial use of 3D photo wallpaper is the presence of a sufficient amount of lighting in the kitchen. In a small dark room to achieve the effect of three-dimensional image will not succeed.

For small kitchens they use 3D images with an imitation view that opens from an open window.. Ie in the picture you should see the opened doors or balcony door, overlooking the street. Even for the design of small spaces can be used images with geometric figures of regular and irregular shapes.

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Creating a backlight is a great way to add raisins to photo wallpapers. LED lamps are most often used, which are attached to the surface of either the pattern itself or its part.

The backlight is the perfect complement to the interior.

For example, consider a design made with a picture of streets and courtyards. The most banal parts of such an image will be street lamps, which are also often used in the Provence style. In order not just to draw them, but to revive the atmosphere, you can use LED backlighting.

However, this is not the only way to create a highlight. An alternative to LED light bulbs is fluorescent wallpaper. When printing, a special paint is used, which is not visible in daylight, but it is well manifested at night.

The starry sky, pictures from space, the night megalopolis can all be revived on the kitchen wall, thanks to the use of either LED or fluorescent lighting. Some people like the result so much that they decide to apply this technology in other rooms, especially bedrooms. The backlight to the picture on the wallpaper always gives the picture of mystery, mystery.

Backlight to the picture - a great idea

There is an easier way to create a backlight - do it yourself. To do this, you can attach to the wall any additional light source: lamp, sconces, directing it to the desired image detail. The lighted element will look volume, produce a realistic light, the room itself will become much brighter.

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Features of sticking

Some decide to entrust the sticking of photo wallpaper to construction professionals, but an increasing number of apartment and house owners are engaged in repairing their own. It’s quite possible to do it yourself; many cope with sticking, doing it for the first time. But to get a quality result, you must adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

It is advisable to entrust the sticking to the professionals.

BoardIn the manufacture of photo wallpaper to order, the master must provide detailed instructions for sticking and operation.

First you need to carefully prepare the walls for the application of the material. Any residue of glue, previous wallpaper, mud stains can be an obstacle for applying a perfectly smooth roll. If for ordinary wallpaper it does not create a big problem, then a small defect on the photo wallpaper will distort the picture, so that the effect can be completely lost.

If the drawing consists of several rolls, be sure to lay it out before sticking to avoid mistakes. If you choose the wrong roll, you will most likely have to completely change it, which will take time.

First, be sure to view the canvas at the time of error

The process of gluing itself is standard: first, the glue is mixed, it is applied to the wall and wallpaper using a roller, then the canvas is applied to the wall, right next to the previous one. The edges must be smoothed immediately so that lumps and creases do not form. For this, a plastic spatula is used.

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Care rules

Care for kitchen photo wallpaper depends on their quality and material. Consider the main types:

  • Paper. These options are the most short-lived, therefore, require special care. The absence of PVC films makes them vulnerable to external stimuli, so they can only be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Vinyl. They are of higher quality; only a vacuum cleaner and wet wipes can be used to take care of them. If the manufacturer allows, you can also wash them with soapy water, but not often.
  • Textile. Fabric options look more expensive, luxurious. Their structure is durable, the presence of a special film protects the paint from the sun's rays, so that such wallpaper will last a long time, which justifies their cost. Each manufacturer provides its own instructions for the care of such material.
  • Self adhesive. This wallpaper is the easiest to use. To scrub the stain from them, you can use detergents with a rag, brush. Vandal resistant coating resistant to many external stimuli.

To avoid the need for special care, you need to place the picture in such a way that the stove and sink are at a distance.

Thus, the wallpaper in the kitchen can be chosen to any style and design of the room. Some people liked the embodied idea in the kitchen design so much that they decided to use wallpaper for the decor and other rooms.