Experimenting with tablecloths on the table: 265+ Photos of beautiful and modern options (silicone, transparent, openwork)


Improve the interior will help tablecloths on the table. They will be able to revive a boring interior, protect the countertop from scratches, muffle the clatter of dishes. It is a mistake to assume that a significant amount from the budget will have to be spent on beautiful products. We learn to economically manage the economy, we sew or knit the linen ourselves, decorate with laces and ribbons.

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  • Selection features
  • Handmade
  • Rags to deal
  • Crochet lace
  • We sew the cloth on the round tabletop
  • Playing with color
  • Choosing tablecloths
  • Fabric for sewing
  • Synthetics
  • Teflon impregnated fabrics
  • Oilcloth
  • Silicone tablecloths
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Sackcloth
  • Tablecloths and napkins
  • On the glass table
  • For wedding
  • With a white tablecloth
  • With a red tablecloth
  • With a turquoise tablecloth
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  • Selection features

    Before proceeding with the tailoring, we solve the questions:

    • we measure the size of the table top to pick up the desired fabric with a margin;
    • in which room we will use the cloth - the living room, kitchen, nursery or on the veranda;
    • combination with the general color of the room;
    • We try not to exceed the budget, because when ordering a handmade product, the price will be inflated.

    Enhance the interior will help tablecloths

    Concerning the functions:
    • Casual option. For sewing use inexpensive durable fabric. Kitchen countertop is covered with bright oilcloth, resistant to thermal effects. The cloth with teflon is also resistant to dirt, quickly cleared by household chemicals.
    • Travel option. Suitable durable fabric with a pattern in a cage or a strip. Cloths take with them for a picnic in the country, covered with wooden tables.
    • Festive option. We sew beautiful cloths of expensive light-colored fabric, decorate with golden or silver embroidery, decorate with ribbons and bows. Sheltered for holidays, wedding celebration.
    • Decorative option. Any material will do, we make colorful applications, sew beads, embroider funny pictures.
    BoardFor family dinners choose artificial fabrics with impregnation. They easily wash off stains, do not crumple. Beautifully look products from polyester with jacquard weave.

    Revive the boring interior

    The fabric should hang from the table, covering the side sections and closing the legs to a length, depending on the purpose:

    • for the everyday version - 20 cm;
    • holiday - 30 cm;
    • for weddings or receptions - 40 cm;
    • for the buffet table cover legs to the floor.

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    Purchased tablecloths do not always fit into the interior of the rooms. To decorate the table top we use knitted or sewn products, we supplement them with inserts and embroidery. We use the offers of hand-made - we make from the remnants of fabric and thread.

    Protects the tabletop from scratches

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    Rags to deal

    From the remnants of multi-colored fabric we make a colorful cloth in a rustic style:

    • we cut the material into squares of 20 by 20 cm, sew from the wrong side to the desired parameters;
    • you can first baste to see the result of the work, or sweep around the edges of the squares;
    • under the canvas we sew the flannel or calico liner from the bottom, we place its edges under the hem;
    • starting from the middle, we quilt;
    • on the edges we make edging, we steam out.

    You can sew together not only the squares of the fabric. We use triangular patches of contrasting colors, we combine any remnants of the fabric. Bright cloth suitable for serving tables for children's parties and picnics in nature.

    Muffles the sound of dishes

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    Crochet lace

    For training, we knit a napkin with a selected pattern to find out the desired thread thickness and number of balls. For work, you need a hook number 1 or 2 and thin cotton threads. You can knit an oval and round cloth or several napkins with the same pattern.


    • Craftswomen will be able to knit a coherent web, the work is troublesome, but it will not be necessary to sew parts of the product together
    • Beginners select a simple pattern of leaves and flowers, knit squares with the same motif, and sew them together from the wrong side.

    Knitwear will complement the rustic and romantic style, Provence and Landhouse. The patterned canvas stands out beautifully, covered with a fabric cut on top or contrasting in the color of oilcloth.

    Casual option

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    We sew the cloth on the round tabletop

    Option with a pattern:

    • measure the diameter of the tabletop;
    • add 0.5 cm when cutting;
    • additionally set aside by 2 cm on the hem;
    • on the draw paper draw a pattern in the form of a quarter of a circle along the radius of the product;
    • we fold the matter four times from the wrong side;
    • we apply a pattern to a matter, we fix with pins, we cut out;
    • we process edges, we strech, we decorate with a decor.

    Festive option

    Option of a festive tablecloth with folds:

    • on the pattern we cut the base, leaving seam allowances;
    • round base to overlap;
    • we cut a strip of fabric at least 35 cm wide and 3 times as long as the circumference of the table top;
    • One side is bent and stitched, and the other is sewn to the base.
    According to the shape of the table

    Best looks tablecloth, repeating the shape of the tabletop. If there is no suitable size, it is better to use a long one, but not a short one.

    Select the shape of the table:

    For a square or rectangular tabletop, measure the length of the sides and add 50 cm on each side. If the table is 1 m by 1 m in length and width, then a cloth of 1.5 m by 1.5 m and an overhang of 25 cm on all sides is required.

    Beige color fits any interior.

    A practical choice for a rectangular tabletop is the tablecloth case. The product will extend the life of the old tables, and for sewing are used thick fabrics with polyester, which do not change shape after washing, do not fade and do not crease.

    A round or square tablecloth is suitable for a round tabletop. We measure the diameter of the base, we add 0.4 meters for the round shape, and for the square one - the diameter of the square must be longer than the diameter of the table top by 0.4 m too.BoardDesign solution for a round table - we lay one on top of the other two panels of a contrasting color. We spread a long tablecloth on the tabletop, and on top we supplement it with a square piece of fabric. The oval tabletop assumes an oval and rectangular form of a cloth. We begin to measure the base on the sides, not paying attention to the rounded edges. It remains to add 0.5 m on each side to find out the parameters of the product.

    Best looks tablecloth, repeating the shape of the tabletop

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    Playing with color

    From the choice of color depends on the impression of the room. It is impossible to combine a motley service with a bright cloth, on the perimeter of which rhinestones and fringe are sewn. Instead of a harmonious image, we get an extravaganza of colors, which gives the impression of frivolousness.

    Secrets of color combinations:

    • Matter in pastel colors are often used for festive tableware. On white, dairy, and beige fabrics, any devices stand out, especially in the national style, sets look in a motley floral pattern.
    • Products from light-colored fabric are suitable for the main coating of the tabletop. We cover the top with a short canvas in tone or in a contrasting color; we can put a path made of colored fabric in the center. The combination of white bottom and bright top tablecloth is suitable for corporate parties or youth parties.

    From the choice of color depends on the impression of the room

    Choose a color relative to the event:
    • New Year's Eve presupposes red, green, golden or silvery shades;
    • On Valentine's Day, we serve the table with a long cloth of pink or peach color, decoration with ruffles and bows is allowed;
    • by March 8, we use products of saturated cherry, plum or emerald color;
    • For Easter, the tabletop is covered with a cloth of white, milky or cream color. Cloth and napkins embroidered with floral and Christian motifs;
    • for a children's holiday we make short light tablecloths with funny drawings in the form of cartoon characters;
    • for a family celebration we choose coffee or beige fabrics, we supplement them with napkins in the same color range.

    For any holiday suitable natural light matter with patterns, repeating the pattern on the service. From the color perception depends on the mood of people at the table. Shades of warm gamut (red, orange) cause appetite, set up communication. Cold tones (blue, purple) muffle the feeling of hunger, restrained.

    For any holiday suitable natural light matter with patterns

    BoardWe use a hint from designers - in the pastel decoration of walls and light furniture, we select a canvas with large bright patterns to focus attention on the table. If the room is replete with the abundance of bright colors, the product will be balanced in soothing colors.

    There are two secrets how to transform a room:

    Choose curtains and tablecloth in one color, as a result we get a single composition. Although here, too, everything should be harmonious, if the patterns are large on bright fabric, the room will visually decrease. Best of all, the solution is suitable for textiles curtains in delicate colors with a discreet pattern along with a tablecloth in the same gamma. The time spent is worth creating a harmonious image of the room - a dinner table for family holidays with chairs in one range looks solemn and tasteful.

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    Choosing tablecloths

    • for everyday use need a material that does not remain stains and smudges, resistant to thermal effects. White canvas is better to postpone for the holidays. If you want to make a light note on weekdays, then use black and white cloth or beige fabric with a subtle pattern;
    • the kitchen fits beautifully with the interior in bright colors - red, yellow, blue, purple;
    • if the everyday tablecloth is tired, then several contrasting openwork napkins should be spread out on top to liven up the interior. Napkins are easy to wash; you can create a different style every day;
    • having several tablecloths, we learn to combine them with each other. Today, under the bottom we lay a long beige cloth, and on top is a heavy, short, wine-colored fabric. Tomorrow we put a handmade knitted product on the base. One or several narrow paths of emerald color can be laid on the main cover, complementing glass vases with flowers.

    In a beautiful, classic style

    An old natural fabric canvas will change if you decorate it with lace, sew around the edges of a golden or silver fringe. It is enough to embroider an iris flower or a bouquet of forget-me-nots in lilac tones in the corners of the tablecloth, repeating the pattern on napkins.

    Style match

    It is not enough to choose the cloth according to the shape of the tabletop, the color and texture of the fabric.

    We consider the combination with the style of the room:

    • vintage - A matter with a geometrical ornament, products from grandmother's chests will do. We make an aged chest or a cupboard with knitted napkins; we make a natural canvas with embroidery richelieu or floral motifs;
    • classic - white or pastel cloth embroidered with light threads, lace can be sewn around the perimeter;
    • English style - dense dark fabric with an almost imperceptible pattern. We select curtains, cushion covers and tablecloth in one color;
    • Empire or Baroque - damask canvas in pastel colors, embroidered with satin, gold and silver threads, a fringe sewn around the perimeter;
    • Mediterranean style - products from natural fabrics in warm colors. Sand, pistachio, olive and creamy shades will do;
    • country music - light yellow or straw fabrics with a bright floral pattern;
    • hi-tech and minimalism - black or steel fabrics.

    English style - dense dark fabrics with an almost imperceptible pattern

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    Fabric for sewing

    For everyday use, choose fabrics that are resistant to thermal effects, which are easy to clean from contamination. The material should be inexpensive and practical.

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    The advantages of synthetic material:

    • last longer than products made from natural fabrics;
    • almost do not absorb moisture;
    • stains from coffee, wine and juice are not eaten, easy to wash;
    • color does not fade from sunlight;
    • pollution clean with a damp cloth, without applying chemistry;
    • wide range of colors and patterns.

    The disadvantages include fire hazard, so we place hot dishes on a stand and do not use lighted candles.

    Selecting fabrics resistant to thermal effects

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    Teflon impregnated fabrics

    We take advantage of the innovation - Teflon impregnated tablecloths. The material does not fade in the sun, under the influence of water and moisture does not fade paint. It looks equally good on the kitchen countertop, and on a wooden table in the country. Pollution is removed with a spatula, then wipe with a damp sponge.


    • water-repellent impregnation, stains from colored liquids do not remain;
    • Teflon fabric is resistant to thermal effects;
    • choose fashionable items under the burlap, in the cell, strip or polka dot.


    • the range of colors is not too wide;
    • impregnation loses properties over time;
    • on dense fabric it is impossible to smooth out folds, as on linen or cotton fabric.

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    The solution is suitable for families with small children. Choose bright colors for the kitchen, as well as making tables on the balcony or cottage. The material is cheap, it will not spoil in the rain, we use bamboo stands for hot dishes.

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    Silicone tablecloths

    Silicone surfaces are suitable for use on weekdays. From afar, they resemble embroidered lace. Although it is possible to lay a panel without patterns to use hi-tech or minimalism in the interior.

    Side table option

    • Silicone cloth is suitable for a large family. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth soiling, there are no dirty stains and fat drops.
    • The material looks on glass and wooden countertops.
    • To avoid contamination, we stretch the silicone over the lace fabric.
    • Takes the shape of any countertop due to the elasticity of the material.
    • Does not spoil from thermal heating.

    Cotton products are quickly washed and ironed.

    Under the transparent material all defects are visible, especially cracks and chips. Before glazing the silicone fabric, process the tabletop from dirt and stains.

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    Cotton products are quickly washed and ironed, long retain their original appearance. When counting the amount of matter we take into account that when cotton is "sitting down", you need to add another 20 cm for stock. A significant drawback is that the fabric absorbs spilled liquid, and if the product is large, it is spilled on the knees of the guests sitting at the table.

    BoardIt is best to choose textiles with the addition of synthetics, that is, polyester or viscose. Natural fabrics can be boiled, but products from blended fabrics should not be boiled.

    It is best to choose textiles with synthetic additives.

    We serve a festive table with cotton cloth:
    • monochromatic fabrics will suit any celebration, they are complemented by contrasting color tablecloths, napkins or walkways;
    • it is interesting to use products in color repeating shades of precious stones;
    • For theme parties we lay a black canvas, white napkins stand out against its background. Snacks served on black cutlery;
    • for registration of a candy bar at a wedding or children's party. A separate table is covered with long cotton fabric in white, beige, soft pink or lavender color, flounces and lace are allowed.

    Cotton fabric in a cage, which is combined with bright tacks, appliqué and geometric pattern in the design, is suitable for modern style. For the kitchen, choose a beige, coffee or white-brown gamut for tablecloths and napkins, we sheathe a thin lace around the perimeter.

    In Provencal style

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    Linen tablecloths will last for decades if the table top is served only on holidays. The fabric does not slide on the table, washes away from stains, when ironing forms folds. The material quickly absorbs spilled liquid, but gets dirty and "sits down" after washing. Even high-quality dyes are washed out after 8 washes, and the canvas loses its original appearance.

    If the fabric is “sat down,” you can fix the situation by stitching a frill of the same material along the edge or sew handmade lace together.

    Linen cloth produced in bright colors, which loses on the background of the range of synthetic fabrics. But such products of white or beige color have different texture, decorated with lace or merezhka. Use during the holiday will give a sense of luxury, complement ethnic or romantic style.

    Linen tablecloths will last for decades

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    Silk tablecloths are covered with tables at weddings or gala events.

    Not suitable for use on weekdays. On the fabric immediately visible clues and bumps, she quickly crumpled.

    For a romantic evening, choose light gray, pink or lavender cloth with overhang to the floor. The table is decorated with candles, glass and floral bouquets.

    Beautifully look products with embroidery, which can be a contrasting color or repeating the shade of the canvas. Monochrome fabrics are in harmony with any interior, suitable for a wedding gift.

    For weddings or special occasions

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    Jute material with a pronounced texture is widely used for sewing festive tablecloths. The product will decorate the wedding in a nautical style, complement the style of country or shebbi-chic. Serving countertops in nature to have a picnic in a rustic style. The material is durable and durable, but for hot dishes need bamboo coasters.

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    Tablecloths and napkins

    For serving with tablecloths using napkins. They can be:

    • paper;
    • tissue;
    • non-woven.

    In size they are divided into table and tea rooms, that is 46 by 46 cm and 35 by 35 cm. It is necessary to choose napkins to match the main canvas. Products are in the sets of table set, but they can be easily stitched or knitted.

    For serving with tablecloths using napkins

    We decorate the table with napkins:
    • for everyday use paper napkins square or rectangular, which spread the cutlery;
    • It is unacceptable to use paper napkins at the celebration. At each personal place we lay the fabric products folded or folded. Festive option - napkins made of expensive fabric, tucked into porcelain or silver rings, complemented with flower buttonholes and artificial pearls;
    • Practical non-woven napkins are suitable for children's parties and home feasts. They will bring bright notes, complement the atmosphere of the holiday;
    • for gatherings with friends, small underlay pads are suitable, which are in harmony with the color of the main panel. Although you can decompose them directly on a wooden or glass tabletop. Plate with cutlery should be placed on a napkin.

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    On the glass table

    Glass tables are placed in small kitchens. Furniture visually expands the space, it seems weightless. The disadvantage is the unpleasant ringing of cutlery on the tabletop, so you want to cover it with soft cloth. But the panel will hide the beauty of the glass, it is better to use the coasters under the plates and the slider. A runner is a narrow fabric strip in the center or obliquely of the table. With the help of cloth, we close the places of the glass tabletop, which are more often exposed.

    In the basement is often located the bottom shelf. We place low vases with flowers, shells compositions, we lay a rug or a piece of bright cloth. Return to the menu

    For wedding

    Banquet tables, a table with boutonnieres and gifts decorate with wedding tablecloths. The shape of the cloth repeats the shape of the tabletop, that is, they are round, square or oval.

    With bright elements

    For weddings you need attributes:
    • Naperoni is the same tablecloth, only it is placed on top of the main panel. It is faster to replace it with another one if dirt or liquid has spilled, than to change the long bottom panel. A set of two panels muffles the sound of cutlery.
    • Banquet or stand-up skirts - used for decorating, falling from the tabletop, linen.
    • Muleton - covered as a substrate for the main panel to avoid slipping.
    • Runners, runners or paths - we set the table on top of the tablecloth, although you can do without it. It looks interesting the main canvas of coarse matter with tulle track. Allowed to use at the same time the tracks of different color, interlaced on the tabletop.

    For wedding tablecloths suitable linen or cotton fabric with the addition of synthetics. Silk cloths are used less often, and the price is higher.

    Napkins and naperons should be sewn from the same texture of fabric as the main canvas, and synthetics will be suitable for table skirts.

    For New Year's table

    Wedding Stylistics

    We make the table in the color scheme, which is combined with the style of the celebration:

    • The classic style is strict satin linen with the same paths. On the canvas should not be lace, ruff and shuttlecocks. We choose fabrics of white, milk or cream color. The color of napkins should match the tone that prevails in the design of the hall. Shade a bright palette of vases with flowers - roses and peonies.
    • Provence - the airiness of the style is expressed by the tablecloths of lilac, lavender, light blue, yellow, steel color. We supplement with ribbons, embroidery and lace. On the tables we set the decor - figures of angels, cells with pine branches and flowers.
    • Shebbi-chic - for a wedding in a floral style. Choose natural fabrics with floral motifs. The prevailing palette is white and light pink. Serve the tabletop with a long white tablecloth with large roses, complement it with lace paths, bows, lace.
    • Vintage - suitable for celebrations in nature. The abundance of bright details, flower bouquets, old sets and figurines. On the sets must be drawn large flowers. Tablecloths are made from expensive materials, decorated with flounces, rhinestones and beads. Instead of a white cloth, choose coral, pink or aloe.
    • Marine style involves a combination of two colors - white and blue. The design of the hall in bright colors is combined with white covers on the chairs and napkins. Worktops are covered with long blue cloths, in the center we place the tracks in white and blue stripes.

    Banquet option

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    With a white tablecloth

    White tablecloths will decorate any meal, although spots quickly appear on the fabric, it needs to be washed and bleached more often. As an option - to use fabrics from unbleached flax, to cover the white paths on top of the colored cloth.

    White lace panels made of natural fabrics look festive. Beautiful matter wears out, absorbs liquid and is poorly smoothed. If you choose a cloth for the feast with the inclusion of synthetic fibers, the care will be easier. Such products easily wash off stains, dry quickly, do not fade. Return to menu меню

    With a red tablecloth

    For New Year's feast, a red tablecloth of a rich red color will do. But the red should not be too much so as not to turn the room into a glowing stain.

    White tablecloths will decorate any meal

    Design Tips:
    • Choose a panel of any red hue - from scarlet to deep ruby. We will spread a narrow white or red-white path along the center, which will divide the table into zones, reduce the brightness of the composition.
    • From the top of a white long canvas we spread a lace red tablecloth, we need napkins of red fabric with white lace.
    • In the tone of red matter, you can sew covers on chairs from the same fabric, but there is an interesting idea - we supplement it with white covers, we tie it with red satin ribbons.
    • We lay a long white-red fabric on the base, and decorate the top with a short dense cherry-tone tablecloth.
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    With a turquoise tablecloth

    Turquoise shades are suitable not only on weekdays, but also for decoration of themed parties. Turquoise brings coolness, gives a feeling of calm, adjusts to the conversation:

    For a romantic dinner

    • We set the table for the birthday boy. We focus on the marine theme - tablecloths and napkins of turquoise color, we supplement with garlands of flags and balls of the same shade. Finishing the composition will give a fishing net, shells and pebbles in glass vases.
    • For a romantic dinner combine turquoise with gold. Serve the tabletop with an expensive cloth with a complex gold pattern on a turquoise background, we wrap a napkin with a string of beads with turquoise.
    • We make a table in country style for gatherings with friends. Combine chocolate brown with turquoise. We place turquoise dishes on a wooden tabletop, use wicker coasters for plates.

    Promotes the appearance of appetite combination of turquoise with orange tones. In the summertime, we supplement the serving with decorative pumpkins or vases with orange flowers; in the winter, we place wicker baskets with oranges.

    Suitable for the interior in the style of minimalism

    Cloth for weekdays and holidays can be sewn of natural fabric of light color. The canvas will emphasize any service - white or with a large floral pattern. If you want to have the product in the same palette with the dishes, then around the perimeter we sew a satin ribbon to match. For a coffee table, a non-striking lace trim is suitable. We update the old tablecloth by laying a transparent fabric or tulle on top.

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