Children's bedroom design for two and three children of the same sex - 240+ (Photo) Ideas for interior zoning


A common nursery for two heterosexual children will become a favorite room for a son and daughter. To equip a children's bedroom on their own without addressing the designers to the strength of each parent. It is necessary to carefully address the issues of planning, zoning and room design.


How to accommodate children with age difference?

The placement of children of different ages in the common room suggests one feature: you must take into account the needs of the child relative to his age. For example, the youngest child still goes to kindergarten, and his elder brother / sister is already finishing school. In this case, helps competent zoning.

At any age, the child must provide comfortable psychological conditions, and the situation in the room plays a huge role. Before planning the design of the room, talk with the children, find out their desires and preferences.

First of all, we estimate the floor space. Children at different ages have different needs, therefore it is not recommended to divide the room into common areas. Give each child your personal space, even a small one.

Children's for two heterosexual children

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Ways to divide the total space into zones

One of the options for dividing a spacious room would be a partition, arch, or curtain of thick fabric. For a small nursery we use open shelving, screens or different finishes of the two zones.

BoardMark the boundaries of personal space with different finishes or colors can be, if the age difference is small. Otherwise, it is necessary to separate at least sleeping places with a screen. Return to the menu ↑

For children with a big age difference

The big difference in age involves two main groups.

Group 1: kindergarten - primary / secondary school

In this case, we equip a common playing area, thereby saving space. Undoubtedly, we plan it taking into account the age and interests of children, so that they have the opportunity to play outdoor games with toys, as well as to engage in hobbies (drawing, appliqués, modeling, etc.)

Two working areas

For the schoolboy, we set up a working area for which a table, a comfortable chair and good lighting are needed. Large cabinets can be replaced with hinged open shelves or a common shelving unit. Thus, we can place in it textbooks and notebooks of the older child, fairy tales and coloring of the younger one.

The sleeping area can also be combined. We designate the bed of each child with additional elements to avoid conflicts, to pay attention to both. This can be a different bed linen, color or shape of the bed.

In a small room we can put a bunk bed or a loft bed. If this option is not considered, the space will be saved by drawers under the bed or folding structures that will free up a large part of the room during the daytime.

Symbolic septum

Such constructions may not be enough for small children. Then the youngest child can choose a bed, taking into account his height, and the older one will cope with the folding option, or will call for help from their parents.

Group 2: primary and high school student

We can significantly reduce the playing area or even eliminate it, since both children will be busy with lessons. The number of toys will significantly decrease with the start of classes at school, and the space freed from the playing area is quite suitable for outdoor games.

Be sure to think over the work area, we put a lot of emphasis on it. Each student will need a standard set of furniture:

  • table;
  • comfortable chair or chair;
  • lockers for storage of office, books, notebooks.

Option for small children

In order for children not to be distracted by each other during their studies, we place each table separately, at a distance. If this is not possible, choose tables with a partition-separator. Since the need for a game zone is almost eliminated, tables can be placed by the window.

BoardWe think in advance of the workplace lighting in order to install nearby sockets. The extra wires do not fit into the interior.

To save space, choose mounted open shelves or racks. You can make one common bookcase with books, but at the same time clearly delineate the space.

Beds are also recommended to be placed at a distance, especially for heterosexual children. We use already known elements to isolate the sleeping area:

  • partition;
  • arch;
  • cupboard;
  • screen;
  • curtain.

Enough space for friends.

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Joint or separate wardrobe?

Undoubtedly, each child will be pleased to get their own wardrobe or shelves to fold their belongings separately. In the conditions of limited area it is better to combine the dressing area.

To do this, we buy one large wardrobe or chest of drawers, and equally divide the shelves and lockers between the children, so that no one feels deprived.

Perhaps some of the children will want to designate their part of the dressing room, stick stickers or posters. We do not interfere with such impulses, because with the combined dressing area everyone will want to feel their possessions.

We think over the height of the cabinet so that children can independently reach all the shelves. In the uppermost lockers we fold things that are rarely used. Remember that furniture is more ergonomic.

Separate play area

It is difficult to divide a small space, and in order not to lose precious centimeters, use the following options:

  • hinged shelves, racks;
  • sliding shelves under the beds;
  • corner tables / cabinets;
  • folding beds / sofas;
  • folding worktops, etc.

Choose cabinets with mirrors on one or more doors. Thus, you will not have to allocate additional space for the mirror, in front of which children will gather, and the room will visually increase.

If there is free space, we arrange it for a recreation area. It is enough to put a small folding sofa, game console or a small table.

Lovely room in bright colors

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For school-age children: equip workspace

School - a new stage for children, which involves the preparation of the room. For study and classes will have to provide a working area, and ideally - two. There is a need to increase storage space for books, notebooks, school or sports uniforms.

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How to create a separate workspace?

It is advisable to provide each child with their own table. This will help to avoid confusion in things and possible conflicts.

Depending on age, a set of accessories will be different. For example, a high school student may need a computer to study, and an appropriate desk for him. For children of preschool age will need more miniature furniture to feel comfortable.

In a minimalist style

If you place the workplaces of children at a remote distance, schoolchildren will more easily concentrate on work, they will be less distracted by each other.

The game zone in the room of schoolchildren can be given less attention, or completely eliminated. Drawing, modeling or other hobbies can be at the desk, and the extra space will make the room freer and suitable for active games.

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Bedroom and dressing room

We try to have a sleeping area away from windows and doors, so that children can sleep before classes, and the morning sun or noise does not disturb the sleep.

Beds can be placed nearby, dividing them with a screen or a chest of drawers. If the difference in the age of heterosexual children is significant, if possible we plan sleeping places at a distance.

Stylish room, in bright colors

Wardrobe area is best to combine, highlighting a large closet for children. But lockers or shelves for school supplies do each individually. It can be sliding shelves in the table, narrow single-section cabinets, wall-mounted shelves or racks.

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Is it possible to accommodate three children?

Placing three children in one room is not an easy task, especially with limited space.

You can equip a nursery for three with the following recommendations:

  • We try to free up as much space as possible. Compact furniture will help out, which accommodates a lot of things, while not taking up so much space.
  • Separate the child for his zone. It is necessary for normal development, recreation, games, activities.
  • Do not force the room - let every thing has its own purpose. The abundance of furniture, toys and unnecessary things will make the room look like a pantry.

In classic style

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Child zoning for three

To avoid conflict, it is very important to equally distribute the space. So children will live peacefully, not envying each other.

Consider the methods of zoning, which can be guided:

  • We provide each child with an individual space in which he will be comfortable. In this case, the separated area must satisfy all the needs of a son or daughter.
  • We plan the interior so that the room is conditionally divided into a sleeping, play, work, dressing area.

When dividing the bedroom we consider the following recommendations:

Place the sleeping area away from window and door openings.

  • The sleeping area is placed away from the window and door openings. Bright light or noise will interfere with rest.
  • We try to provide the playing area with everything you need: for outdoor games, you will need additional space, a wall of bars, and for activities on interests a table, additional lockers.
  • It is enough to provide a working or study area with tables, armchairs, hanging shelves for storing books, notebooks and additional lighting.
  • Wardrobe area equip the most ergonomic.

Dividing a bedroom into zones is an advantageous solution if space is limited. A large room is better divided into individual zones for each child.

Provide each child with an individual space.

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How to combine and combine different zones?

In most cases, some zones can be combined. This allows efficient use of space and not overload the interior.

The sleeping area can be combined with a dressing room. For this we use ergonomic options:

  • loft bed;
  • bunk bed with a wardrobe that supports the second tier;
  • three-tier bed, with built-in support cabinets for tiers. As a rule, the third bed in such beds is usually located perpendicularly.
  • bed with drawers for storage.

The play area can be combined with space for relaxation.. Also consider the option to exclude any zone. If all children are of school age, there is no need for a large play area. Preschool children do not need a working area for classes.

Separation using color

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What elements to use to divide the space?

To conveniently place children in the same room, it is necessary to divide the space. Zoning methods will directly depend on the size of the room.

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Architectural elements

The architectural elements include partitions, arches, podiums. Sharing a room with their help is possible only if the area of ​​the room is from 12 square meters. The bedroom layout and the location of the structures will have to be thought out even at the repair stage, since it is impossible to independently perform such elements.

Unauthorized redevelopment or modification of structures sometimes requires coordination in certain instances. Otherwise, the intervention may entail fines or difficulties in selling the apartment.

We think over small niches or through holes in the arch in order to facilitate the interior. They can put books, toys, other things. We equip the podium with drawers in which we put toys or things.

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Selection of finishing materials

General recommendations on the selection of materials:

  • Selecting materials for finishing the room, we think over their texture, color, drawing.
  • Optimal flooring in the nursery - linoleum, parquet, laminate. In small rooms we use light and natural shades of nature.
  • The ceiling is best done in bright colors. In a small room, you can simply paint it, because the design of the stretch ceiling takes precious centimeters.
  • We do not use many colors and shades in a small room, as it will be visually perceived even less.
  • Fresh natural colors are suitable for the working area, for the bedroom - calm and muffled. The game area is decorated with bright, sunny, energizing colors.
  • A small room can be made in one color, add color and delineate the space with the help of furniture, textiles, lighting.

Think over the texture, color, pattern for the room

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We make out with the help of lighting devices

With the help of light can also be achieved zoning room. A well-lit room visually looks more spacious. We supply the room with basic lighting, and for each zone we select additional lighting devices.

Beds are complemented by muted lamps or lamps with adjustable brightness of light. We always provide the training area with a bright light, for each child to study it is necessary to allocate a desk lamp.

The game zone can be decorated with LED tape. It comes in different colors and perfectly dilutes the interior.

Zoning with light

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We select furniture

The standard set of furniture for the nursery is:

  • table;
  • armchair;
  • bed;
  • cupboard.

It can be replenished with new items, however, it becomes problematic to fit a double set in the room for both children.

In the conditions of economy of space to furniture for a children's bedroom make special demands.

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Choose a bed

A very popular option is a bunk bed, and most often its counterpart with a perpendicular arrangement of lying places. A cupboard can serve as a support for the upper berth, which simultaneously supports the structure and saves space.

Consider the height, weight category of the child and the height of the ceiling when choosing a bed. When sitting in the upper tier of the bed, the distance from the head to the ceiling should be at least 10 cm.

For older children

Beds can also be arranged in a row along the wall, and between them arrange a small partition or purchase a bed with a finished partition at the headboard. As a rule, such partitions usually have a rounded shape.

We consider folding furniture:

  • sofa;
  • ottoman;
  • the beds.

Modern models and systems do not make it difficult for a school-age child to make their own bed. Thus, children are provided with their own sleeping place, which when folded does not take a significant area of ​​the room.

Also pull out shelves and drawers under the bed. They can be folded linens, pajamas, towels, etc.

Similar drawing makes the room more comfortable.

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Arranging for students

The following options will help to avoid conflict between students:

  • Separate work areas, that is, two different tables. Each young student in this situation has its own table, its own working space.
  • One large long table that will become a common work area. It can be divided by a small partition or using desktop organizers.
  • Transformed window sill. A very convenient option is to strengthen and expand the window sill, having equipped it as a table for classes. However, you should consider the size of the window - such a solution is feasible only for large dimensions.
  • A long table along the wall. He assumes a two full-fledged jobs. Comfortable working areas, a place for a computer, shelves for storing all accessories and the absence of conflicts are obvious advantages of a long surface for work.

The workspace must be carefully illuminated. Take care of additional artificial lighting for each student, especially if the tables are located away from the window. As a light source, use table lamps, lamps or spotlights.

Option for a large room

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Storage furniture: cabinets, racks, shelves

A separate advantage is to give ergonomic cabinets. We pay attention to the number of shelves and departments inside the cabinet, think over their number in advance.

The following items will help to ergonomically organize the space:

  • We use the corners in the room, this is the useful space in which the corner cabinets and shelves will fit.
  • Whenever possible we enter regiments, dressers or cases in a niche.
  • Hinged shelves are able to accommodate many necessary things, while they look stylish and do not overload the interior. This principle applies to shelving.
  • In a limited room rational use of the wardrobe. You won't have to leave a lot of space to open its doors, and the mirrors on the mobile profiles will visually expand the room.

Large comfortable beds that kids will definitely like.

For children, you can buy one large closet, but divide it into two parts. So each child will get his personal place, learn to take care of things on his own.

You can mark different halves with interesting stickers or stickers, which will vary in color, shape, or characters from your favorite cartoons.

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Selection of seats

For work perfectly suitable chair on wheels. It is convenient to move and adjust the height and angle of the backrest. If it turns out that the mobile chair is too large, you can choose a normal comfortable chair, taking into account the height and size of the child.

BoardStools without a back to buy is not worth it. It is convenient to push them under the table to save space, but an uncomfortable stool will only ruin the posture, disrupt the correct posture during work.

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Children in Khrushchev: how to place children in the bedroom 9-12 square meters. m?

Apartments Khrushchev characterized by a limited area, all rooms are small. This problem is particularly acute for families who need to equip a nursery for two children of different sexes. Even to accommodate a standard set of furniture is sorely lacking space, and for children I want to provide a comfortable environment for living.

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How to make?

Proper layout will visually enlarge the room. Use the following tips for registration:

Convenient storage boxes for toys or things

  • Do not use dark colors for walls, ceilings, floors.
  • To visually extend the room in height, select the wallpaper with a vertical strip to expand the room - with a horizontal strip.
  • In order to stretch a room along, we lay the floorboard or laminate parallel to the direction of the walls in order to expand the room — we stack it radially or perpendicularly to the long walls.
  • A ceiling with a 3D pattern will “lift” the room and add space. Drawing cloudy sky - a great option for younger children. For older people, a more stylish and discreet version will do, and you can use an LED strip around the ceiling perimeter.
  • It is not recommended to divide the space with the help of color or finish.
  • Do not forget about sufficient lighting. We promote daylight penetration: we use light tulle or blinds.
  • We select the most ergonomic and compact furniture, most often it is cabinet furniture.
  • Add more drawers, folding structures.
  • We use hinged shelves and only open racks.

Do not use dark colors for walls, ceilings, floors

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How to increase?

In houses with apartments Khrushchev most often there are no balconies, instead of them balconies are designed that do not stand out from the common facade.

When distributing rooms at the repair stage, we select a room with a loggia as a nursery. Having received permission to redevelop, we increase the space of the room due to the demolition of the wall.

If the wall is bearing, you can only get rid of it partially, so we will use one of the ways:

  • an arch in place of a wall that will free up space and will support the structure;
  • demolition of the window and door opening, the wall remains in place. Convenient and not expensive way;
  • the window sill will be refitted to the tabletop, we will add mounted shelves, and on the loggias we will make a play area for children.

Convenient to do homework

If we plan such a layout, we necessarily insulate the loggia and carry out repair work in full. One transverse wall can be used to store toys - it is enough to nail the wide open shelves.

For adult children on the loggia, you can organize a training area or a place to rest.

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How to rationally allocate space?

When arranging a room for heterosexual children, proper zoning is in the first place and is the main key to success. Zoning is determined by several parameters: layout, furniture arrangement, color scheme, lighting organization.

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With the help of additional facilities and furniture

An additional structure is a partition, screen or shelving. This is the best way to divide a room, however, it is not always realizable due to limited space.

Zoning using the rack

The position of the door and window openings determines the layout. If the entrance door is located opposite the window, there are two options for arranging furniture:

  • Beds and wardrobes go along loose walls.
  • The beds are lined up (perhaps with sufficient length of the room - a wall of 4-5 m).

Then the playing or working areas are located at the window, and the cabinets are located along the free wall or in the corners of the room.

You can separate the space with the help of the podium, most often it is used for playing or sleeping areas. The podium should not be too high to avoid injury.

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Additional lighting

Lighting actually plays a huge role, it can be used to highlight existing zones and transform the interior.

  • Equip the main lighting - it is a bright chandelier or lamp that will illuminate the entire room, or the playing area.
  • Provide desks and bedside tables with additional light sources.
  • Fashionable and modern option - point lighting. It is used in niches, podiums, hanging shelves, etc.

For creative children

A well-lit room always looks more spacious visually, and children need enough light so as not to harm their health or damage their eyesight. For girls and boys, you can choose different lamps of interesting shape and differing in color.

We think over the location of the light sources in advance in order to provide them with sockets.

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We divide space by color

Very popular option. Often boys are credited with blue, and girls are given pink color. A good solution if the children are still small.

BoardFor a son and an older daughter, other colors are needed, and it is better to proceed from their own preferences.

Use a bunk bed

Color division can be performed in almost any element:

  • paint the walls in each half of the room of the boy and girl in different colors, or glue the wallpaper;
  • divided by the color of the bed or bedding;
  • make the walls of the room in one color, and select each zone using different color elements;
  • pick up furniture from colored plastic, each child has his favorite color.

Despite the preferences of children, colors should not irritate the nervous system and have an overwhelming effect on the psyche. Choose light shades or bright, but not acid colors. We try not to use bright red in large quantities, as well as pink, black, dark blue.

Children's room should be bright and relax at the same time, as the bedroom involves a rest.

Take into account the preferences of children

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It is a great idea to divide the room into two parts with a curtain, since basically the curtain has some advantages:

  • practically does not take place;
  • easy to assemble and dismantle;
  • does not require significant material costs;
  • is a stylish element of the interior, which can always be removed.

The curtain can be separated as the personal space of each child, and any of the zones, for example, a bedroom or dressing room. For older children, choose a dense monochromatic fabric. For small children fit Japanese curtains, fabric blinds, cotton curtains, which can be with an interesting pattern.

Private space plus play area

Use curtains with a weighting agent at the bottom to give them the perfect shape.

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Wall mural

Wall mural are gaining increasing popularity, and children's bedrooms are no exception. This is a great option in conditions of limited space. If you choose a photo wallpaper, observe the following points:

  • We select a picture or image that will increase and expand the room. As a rule, these are images with a road leading into the distance or a landscape.
  • All other walls in the room should be monochromatic, as the wallpaper will be quite bright accent.
  • Near the wall with photo wallpapers we are planning a play or sleeping area. You should not force an image with cabinets or equip a study area: an interesting picture will distract children.

In the nursery, choose a denser base for the photo wallpaper, the image on thin paper will quickly become unusable. We think over in advance and discuss the image with the children. Due to age and different sexes, disagreements may arise, it is necessary to choose a wallpaper that both children will like.